Songs Of Immortality

A record that took it’s time to come out and was on top of my wait list last year, was very anticipated and to many surprising collective vinyl re-release of Grimlock‘s Songs Of Self cd and their first 7″; Thirst For Immortality. Songs Of Self was originally released only on cd and as all of Gridlock records are a hell to find anywhere, this new edition is called Songs Of Immortality. It brings Grimlock’s pure crushing metallic violence to another generation of hardcore heads. Knives Out Records has again dropped a real gem for all those, who like their records looking as good as they sound, besides also making an huge favor to the hardcore scene by re-releasing Grimlock material after a long, long time. Wait for this 12″ was quite long, as last year’s record store day fucked most of smaller record plant’s schedules and diy run label’s orders were pushed back in timetables. Big business labels put out all kinds of craphole records, as they’ve realized people buy RSD stuff like apeshit. This only of course makes small business labels suffer as their pressing times are becoming lengthy and unpredictable. Songs Of Immortality took it’s time to come out, but the wait, it was again well worth it.

For those who have never heard of Grimlock, the band originated from Boston, Massachusetts area back in 1994. Musically Grimlock were on their own level even back then as “brutality, heavy as possible” -would be the terms i’d use to describe their music. Grimlock put out relatively good amount of releases during their lifespan. First demo tape came out in 1995 and after it, they steadily toured and put out a release almost early. Thirst Of Immortality 7″ was released also in ’95 and the first album, Songs Of Self cd in 1997. Follow up record, Crusade Of Reality cd/10″ was released also in Europe, it came out in 1998. Year after that in 1999, they did a split 7″ with japanese band Rebirth, after of which, they shortly went into hiatus. Final Grimlock opus, mcd Crusher arrived in 2002, when the band returned to stages to tour. That unfortunately lasted only a year, since in 2003 Grimlock called it quits.

First time i heard Grimlock, was few years after Crusher was released and it hit me right away. Metallic fury combined with one of the angriest voices in hardcore hooked me right away to Grimlock’s sound and it didn’t hurt, that their name was taken from one of the most boss Transformers chracters ever. Staying largely under the surface of larger hardcore audiences, at least in Europe, during years for many Grimlock has become very sought after band, that i totally can understand (i’m missing only the Rebirth Split 7″ and the demo tape from my collection…). Grimlock is truly an amazing band, whose heaviness was in their own level  and that put out extremely great records, still they feel today like a hidden gem in the world of hardcore. Few years back LA’s Ruckus put out their appreciation for Grimlock on the map, as they recorded a cover of Mountain Of Power (off Thirst For Immortality 7″) on a limited Split 10″ with, (their other band) Twitching Tongues. Other than that, i haven’t heard many people even mention Grimlock and was super surprised and happy when i heard from Tonr (Knives Out Records & Providence) that he’s going to release something from them.

If you have read my previous reviews of Knives Out releases, you’ll know that they put special effort in what they do. Grimlock layout features lots of live shots and poster / flyer artwork. Two different versions were available during pre-order process, deluxe and classic. Now already sold out deluxe (that my review is based on) features iconic “24” cut in layout, digital download card, patches, pins and an art book titled; Visuals Of Immortality. The book contains lots of never before seem live photos, in which the records artwork is based on mostly and includes as well a story compiling together Grimlock’s walk as a band. So called normal, the classic version comes with same glorious picture vinyl that deluxe, but with a simpler version of the layout and download card is of course included too. I could go on forever how amazing this package is, i can only say that if Knives Out Records is still a new accointance to you, correct that shit out right now and order some of the most amazing looking records you’ll ever own (hint; Arkangel 10″  is available now)!

Song Of Immortality starts with tracks on Songs Of Self and then goes into Thirst For Immortality. The record kicks in with one of the most vicious songs in Grimlock arsenal, My Sins and it’s right here, where you hear why this band is called brutal, the intensity of this metallic mayhem is unparalled; “World’s closing in, don’t know where to begin. I am angry all the time. I hate, i hate all the time”. Cry Of The Dead, builds up with hard and menacing guitar wall, that continues just by turning into slower and heavier as the song processes on. Eye Of The World, follows up, throwing some speed into gear, but it’s again filled with raging breakdowns, the kind of most of today’s heavy bands unfortunately can just dream about writing of. Processed thrusts again into pure, fierce heaviness and it’s all nothing but crushing riffs after another, ’till the mosh part at the end takes over; “FAKE”. Life (After Silence) is almost of an instrumental mosh factory and as the lyrics comprise pretty much as of the song title only, this song has always had like a intro/interlude feel to me in a way. One of the most well known Grimlock songs ever is probably, 24, it is all pure chugging mayhem and tells about legendary hockey fighting champion Bob Probert; “A gladiator primed for battle. A notch above the rest. Drop of the gloves, never backs down. Made to be the best.”.

Originally released back in 1995 by Pin Drop Records (as Songs Of Self cd is too), Thirst For Immortality tracks portray mosh ridden, heavy jams, that aren’t yet as metal influenced than Songs Of Self. Bring The Pain, Feed My Rage and Mountain Of Power –all still represent very powerful and violent hardcore songs, there’s so many part full of face crushing heaviness. These songs remain as few of my favourite Grimlock tracks, even though this whole record is full of pure fucking excellence. Last track, Thirst For Immortality, acts an outro for the record, originally it appeared on Songs Of Self cd as final track, with all three songs from the 7″ as bonus tracks. Songs Of Immortality brings together Grimlock to many new hardcore enthuastics, or so i can hope at least!

If you haven’t ever heard of this band before, i strongly advise you to let Grimlock take you into it’s jaws and crush you in to pieces, most likely you will enjoy it. For any fans of hokest, agressive and brutal hardcore such as Cold As Life, Shattered Realm, Overcast, (early) Harebreed and such bands. Note, that Songs Of Immortality is very limited pressing on picture vinyl and i’m not even sure how many copies Knives Out has in stock at the moment, so check out their store right away.

Here you can stream through the entire album.

Grimlock -Knives Out Records / Knives Out Records -Website / Store / Knives Out Records -Facebook

Grimlock – Mad Titan -video (from 2002 Crusher mcd)

Victory Demands Sacrifice


One of the records i was most excited about last year, was the return album by quite obscure band known as; War-Time Manner, straight out of Troy, NY. I wrote about them back in 2011; Wartime Manner (fuck, that’s already some time ago!) and fortunately got in contact with people who knew guys from the band and eventually the band itself. This lead to fill in a lot of questions i had and it was figured out that Scorched Earth Policy (in the previous post) was their demo tape. Lots of those songs were featured also on several compilation cd’s (We The People -comp and Capital Punishment -comp) and War-Time Manner & Two By Four – Split 7″ on infamously legendary Back Ta Basics Records. Roughly few years back War-Time Manner emerged suddenly and ever since i was waiting that they would release something. I’m extremely pleased on what they are offering with the new cd titled; Victory Demands Sacrifice.

Quick recap if you aint’t too keen on reading through the whole 2011 post; 

“Wartime Manner isn’t your typical tough guy hardcore band, but they deliver spectacular variety of styles under hardcore in their music. First off you’ll hear some downright heavy, metallic hardcore, but it’s backed with lots of tempo changes, solos, chugging old school beatdown riffs, hip-hop influences and “clean” vocals too, so this is definitely NOT your average metallic hardcore band.”

We are talking here about one of the least known and most underappreciated bands that i’ve ever known. War-Time Manner is just heavier and more full of surprises than most of the bands that exist today, since WTM songs can have just absolutely anything in them, you’ll never kkow what to expect. They maintain their music absolutely crushing and this has to be one of the most ignorant sounding bands out there who have ever existed, pure thugcore in it’s finest form. Their hometown Troy has always been known from supreme heavy hardcore bands, that all have been pretty under radar: Dying Breed, Brick By BrickPolitics Of Contraband, Burning Human, Execution Style and of course the allmighty; Stigmata.

Victory Demands Sacrifice cd was released by the band itself and it gathers up a almost everything that WTM has ever recorded. New and old songs walk together perfectly and unless you are familiar with the old classics, you couldn’t say which one is older track and which new. That’s pretty damn impressive for a band, whose last recorded output came out years and years ago, maybe 1994 or something like that. I believe other of the compilations that WTM was featured on, either Capital Punisment or We The People -compilations came out around that time. It took some time for War-Time Manner to get back on track with recording, but for real i have to say it, what a fucking comeback it really is! This record is also released all diy by the band themselves, recording is excellent sounding and the whole package portrays WTM’s style and image very clearly, there is lots of guns and violence, but so there is in their music. I really think that i don’t even need to go to the music that much, cause i’ve said all about this band in this and the previous post about them (link is up there in first chapter)All that needs to be said is that War-Time Manner is fucking ignorant, hard, heavy hardcore band, that will do whatever the fuck they want and has deliver the most crushing thugcore record in many years. This was on my top records of 2015 and if you dig heavy, rugged, hard shit, you will love War-Time Manner. I will leave you with some videos and tracks off Victory Demands Sacrifice.

Victory Demands Sacrifice CD / digital is available at and from the band via their Facebook page. 

War-Time Manner -Facebook

War-Time Manner -Website

Bloodlands / Cross To Bear – Split 7″


I’m lagging behind a lot, when it comes to great hardcore released in Finland in 2015, so here’s one of those records. Bloodlands is familiar to some of you from their full-length last year called Nihilistic Dimension, if not, you can read more of it here; Bloodlands – Nihilistic Dimension. They are one of those rare bands in our scene today to combine more of death and even black -metal influences into their metallic hardcore, that flirts heavily also with beatdown influences. This time Bloodlands, who are from Helsinki, have coupled together with Pori’s own real metalcore heroes, Cross To Bear. CTB might not ring a bell instantly, but be aware that this is a band that has had majority of it’s members in older finnish hardcore heavyweighs such as; Carpe Diem and Breamgod. Cross To Bear had bit of bad luck regarding their demo / untitled first release, as i understood they lost the original masters of this recording by computer glitch, so they couldn’t release it physically. This Split 7″ is the first official Cross To Bear release, they do fortunately have all songs available from that “lost demo” on their bandcamp. If you’re a fan of real proper metalcore like All Out War, Merauder or dig that mid-european vegan / edge metal like Congress or Arkangel, you should seriously take a notice. You should know to expect some skull crushing heaviness on both sides of this Split 7″, that is second release of Helsinki based punk / hardcore label Aggressive Sportwear Records (first being Paska Sakki 7″ EP).

Both bands on this split offer us two new songs and Bloodlands sets things off with Assault and you could say that the title tells all about this track here, it’s pretty straight forward with faster, even black metal influenced parts into riffing of chugging mosh, with vicious lyrics of violent assault (hence the title, get it?). Experience In Flesh continues into horror / gore-esque themes and starts another round of that death metal mosh, with some samples and nice instrumental parts to give aa break to the devastation. All in all Bloodlands have two solid tracks here, that continue the themes and style portrayed on their full-length. It’s going to be interesting to see and hear how this band comes out on their next releases, as they are already very metal -genres influenced, which direction they are going musicwise. Bloodlands are there on the board on both, metal and hardcore, so this could be recommended also to fans of Misery Index and Dying Fetus (who are obvious influences to their music).

Cross To Bear delivers us first into Mind Control, that offers nothing but pure metallic hardcore, in it’s finest form. These guys know what’s up, they know what they are doing and are doing it extremely well, Mind Control builds up crushing riffage walls, adding in some solos and harmonies. Vocalist Ville also delivers perfectly his trademark screaming and the song is all bound together into tight as nails playing. Worst Case Scenario is the second Cross To Bear track and it continues the barrage of heavy riffs and thick, solid beats that drive throughout the song, ending with brutal breakdown to offer you some serious mosh time. Cross To Bear is your answer in search of real metalcore, how it used to sound way before the whole word became more like a curse word. Below you can check out Experience In Flesh from Bloodlands off the split and Mind Control from Cross To Bear (plus their demo).

If you like what you hear and want to pick up this slab of wax, head over to:
Aggressive Sportswear Records

Bloodlands -Facebook
Cross To Bear -Facebook
Aggressive Sportswear Records -Facebook

Swan Song – Coming Up Short 7″


UKHC scene is fucking booming at the moment, there are shitloads of hands down amazing bands and the more i hear, the more i seem to find. London’s LBU (and related)-bands  were always something to me that i really enjoyed. Today things are going full on forward and vibrant all over UK, as new bands seem to come up all the time and it’s not just London bands who are putting out quality stuff constantly. Sidetracked, it’s my every time fault with writing, but fuck it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing and hearing from bands like The Flex, Violent Reaction, XRepentanceX, Unholy Majesty, Day Of Rights and more (these few bands are merely a scratch on the surface), there’s really a lot of really diverse and interesting hardcore happening at UK at the moment and i’m pretty stoked about that. 

One of the newer bands i came across lately, found out to be a new band featuring Honor Amongst Thieves frontman Sheep, who i met first time back in 2006 or 2007 (if memory serves right) back in Sweden at Deadfest (annual hardcore festival in Linköping). Knowing that he knows what is good hardcore, i checked out his new band Swan Song and was very pleased of how they sounded and the key word here is – heavy. They site their influences as Dark Throne, Kickback and Merauder for this band and i can definitely hear them all in there. Usually if someone is playing hardcore influenced by Kickback (and knows anything about anything, regarding hardcore), it can’t go wrong and Swan Song are definitley doing their shit properly. This four song title features churning, heavy riffing with Sheep’s intense screaming, it’s quite a lot different than you might remember him singin in HAT, but the whole game is different here. Deceit kicks off the 7″ titled Coming Up Short and it’s all on brutal and unforgiving, while the influences they sited, i hear bands like Indecision there too riff wise, but they do have very French touch on this one. Consecration follows up with pummeling riffing and chants of desecration, with little of that black metal-esque sound in there too combined into heavy as fuck breakdown. Two other tracks, Control and Dissolution are crafted in similar vein, it’s all quality heavy hardcore for those who enjoy really hard stuff. I’m really stoked about this record, it’s great to hear Sheep doing a new band and the fact that UK is putting out so much amazing stuff is just great! I’m very interested to hear recommendations what i would need to check out!  

You can buy the 7″ & some sweet shirts here; Swan Song -Bigcartel

Swan Song -Facebook

Editorial 1/2016: The Return of new blood

What’s up peoples, from long dormant sleep we’re waking up again, cause it seems to be a neccessity. From laziness and “lack of time” i’ve succumbed back and it’s about fucking time to. 2016 starts up with an editorial and then we’ll get back in to normal weekly rotation. 

For what i’ve seen, there is a new rising in the scene. Finland has always been relatively small, when thinking about hardcore, there have always been vibrant centres in several bigger cities throughout the whole country like; Helsinki and Lahti (cities from where the whole metallic and “harder dancing” -inspired hardcore sprung up during the 90’s) to other early active spots of Turku, Pori, Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta. Back in early 2000’s hardcore was hard and heavy, kids were into really rugged and hard shit. It took a turn into more melodic stuff mid 2000’s and soon again into heavy NYHC worship, towards the 2010. More heavy metal / trash -influenced bands came beyond that and as we’re talking, beatdown seems to be in rise, at least amongst the younger crowd.  

Trends never affected all of us in the scene, but the fact is that many kids came and went along the tides among the years. Still at the same time there always have been a core of people, who remained true. These people always come to shows and set ’em up, no matter what was the “cool thing” in the scene at the moment. As a quick comprasion, in how big scale it has affected Finland, i have to mention that even Finland has had trends inside hardcore, it still is pretty small here. If we look over the pond to Sweden (no pun intended, much love to our swedish friends!) and their scene during the years i’ve been traveling there (this is from my point of view, but friends who’ve been going there way longer have seen it happen as well), trends have had much bigger impact in their scene. It seemed crazy, every time we went over to see shows there, kids who were last year “political vegan straight edge” were next time “beatdown thugs” or something similar, faces seemed to have quite big changing rate in few year cycles. Sweden of course has had much bigger scene, as hardcore over there has been in a way more mainstream of an youth culture over there, that may explain the amount of kids who have been victims to the trends. As i have some friends over there too, i can also say that there are lot of people who have stayed true to what they represent and never went along with trends. I never really cared about if someone drops out or changes their whole style, outlook and even way of life with trends or something else, but times it just feels a bit ridiculous. Just that, if hardcore has been such a big thing to a person, how can you suddenly abandon it totally?

After this sidetracking, let’s get into what i really wanted to talk about, as from 2002 when i first started to go to shows, thinking now it felt like that more people have left, than found their way into this scene. You have to remember, that there is a good majority of the people who were there originally back in early / mid 90’s, they ARE still here today, a fact that i find absolutely amazing. People who build this scene, are mostly still there to maintain it even they’re older, have families etc. In 2015 there were numerous new faces coming to shows, younger generation that in this volume i’ve never seen coming into hardcore,ever since i’ve been involved. This scene of course needs new blood, as the scene needs people who are willing to make things happen, put up shows, release records and so on. Without it all there would be no hardcore scene. It’s great to see that new kids are getting into this, but one thing i’ve always thought to be one of the most important aspects in this, so i ask this; is it missing today?

History has always been essential part of everything that i’ve been interested in and for hardcore if you ask me, it’s definitely crucial thing. Again this may be just me, but if you start to listen hardcore from standpoint of metalcore (not the original metallic hardcore) and beatdown, there is so much behind and beyond it- if so you are only interested. I guess Bulldoze (the originators of beatdown hardcore) sounds like skate punk, when compared to “beatdown of today” and it might just be that kids today don’t give a fuck, i really don’t know. Anyhow what i’m really happy about is that in Finland things seem to be going forward strong, kids are putting up shows and things are happening, hopefully it all will be in a positive note and this all will help this scene to grow.

Hardcore has always been for me an amazing board of diversity where so different styles can all be put under one title. And yeah, i fucking love beatdown, but not really that what late few years define it to sound as. Here’s another real classic.

Killing The Legacy “beatdown” recommendations from back in the days till today;

Irate – 11:34 CD

Shattered Realm – Broken Ties, Spoken Lies CD

Next Step Up – Fall From Grace CD/LP

Neglect – Four Years Of Hate 2xLP/2xCD (or Complete Don Fury Sessions CD)

Five Minute Major – When It Ends CD

Fury Of Five – Taste The Steel mCD/7″

Burnside – Visions Of Serenity mCD

Krutch – Our Thing: The Mafia Years CD

Gut Instinct – Disturbing The Peace 7″

Two By Four – Aint’s Ta Be Fucked With 7″

Lifeless – D.R.E.A.M. CD/LP

World Of Pain – Improvise & Survive CD

Xibalba – Hasta La Muerte CD/LP

War-Time Manner – Sacrifice Demands Victory CD

There ya go, not all of these aren’t strictly even beatdown, but you’ll get the picture.

KTL Fest 2015: Paska Sakki

I’m sorry, but interview with Paska Sakki (free translation: shitty bunch?) has to be presented in Finnish, translating it wouldnt make much sense to anyone, because this is really not your regular interview (photos and handwritten answers included). But in the other hand,  Paska Sakki isn’t just your regular hardcore band either. Here we go…

Paska Sakki on siis Mike, Hannu, Turo ja Häkki. Tämä selvennyksenä koska vaan, että kaikki tietää kuka puhuu, katotaan mitä tästä tulee, täysin uusi formaatti haastatteluiden suhteen on otettu juuri meinaan käyttöön. 

Tässä kysymykset:

(1) Jou jou Paska Sakki, kertokaas ketä bändissä on mukana ja kuka soittaa mitä?

(2) Olette soittanut nyt jo muutaman vuoden, mistä alunperin tuli idea soittaa raaempaa ja punkimpaa hardcorea?

(3)Suurin osa teistä on soittanu enimkseen metallisemmissa hardcore bändeissä ennen paska sakkia, onko tää bändi vaihtelua siihen raskaampaa meininkiin?

(4) Teiltä tuli eka 7″ alkuvuodesta, onko siitä tullut palautetta ja miten se on otettu vastaan?

(5) Millasia tulevaisuuden suunnitelmia Paska Sakilla on, Häkki ja Turo vaikuttaa ainakin muissa bändeissä?

(6) Ette oo vielä kerennyt Turussa tällä bändillä soittamaan keikkaa, mutta löytyiskö joku stoori joltain jonkun teidän aikaisemmalta reissulta tänne?
Jos niitä kysymyksiä oli lisää, bändi vissii itse keksi ne? Sitten vastauksiin / itse haastikseen.

Häkki: kaikki kuvat julkassaa.

Turo: Seiskoi ja paitoi on mukana turus mut en tiä muistetaanko myydä!


Turo: Paska sakki kertoo : kivaa on ollut salee!! Kitaristin välikommentti: kiitos jo etukäteen tästä haastattelusta!! Tämä haastattelu tehtiin saunan, börren ja vodkan voimalla. PSPSPS.



Häkki: Tätä on tehty koko ilta, kohta tulee vastaukset kuvina.








Mike: laitettiin enemmän kysymyksiä kun oli niin huonoja.


Turo: Aow 99 original paita, ei myynnissä.

Turo: Noni, haastis melkee valmis. 

Paska Sakki -Facebook

KTL Fest 2015: Foreseen

Helsinki crossover maniacs, Foreseen has been doing big things in 2015. Their debut LP, Helsinki Savagery, has been the best record to emerge under file crossover for years and years. Fusing hardcore and crossover thrash into perfect form, Foreseen did also play This Is Hardcore in the summer and busted 2-week US tour. So you could say there is a lot going on with these guys!

Yo Foreseen, how’d its going in the swag slam camp at the moment?
We just wrapped the summers shows. After ktl we are taking a short break to finish writing new songs that we are going to record in december. The year has been mad busy this far so its good to slow down a bit cause we still have a one tour left to do.
You played your first US tour in the summer, that was kicked off by show in This Is Hardcore, not bad at all, what kinda experience was that tour overall?

America was really great for us and we are definitely going back. First it was pretty surreal to even be touring the states but it felt pretty natural after couple of shows. TIHC was the biggest show we ever played and everyone was pretty nervous before we went to the stage but we played a good Solid show and got some good feedback. Great experience overall. Joe hardcore gave us some encouraging words in the backstage: if you can swim in the lake you can swim in the ocean, if you can play a small stage you can also play the big stage.

All of your hard work touring DIY and playing countless shows paid off pretty well, cause its pretty rare that euro or Finnish bands get to go to play in the US, i understood the US tour was also partly self booked, with help from stateside too, was that a hard job too?

Well we worked together with the power trip guys to book the first week of the tour and we also got help from Henry from electric assault records to book the second one. It was wasn’t that hard to book but still took a lot of work.

Your first LP, Helsinki Savagery has been on the lips of everyone who listens punk, hardcore and metal ever since it came out, did it come out as you expected, you must be pretty pleased on how all scenes have received it?

LP was received better than we could have hoped for so we were really happy. Of course there are things that we would do a bit differently now but nothing major. We play all types of shows these days and the record have been received really good by all crowds from punk to hardcore to metal.

Going from hardcore more into crossover on the LP, where you think Foreseen’s sound will be going in the future, you got a new 7″ on the works i hear?

We think that we have found our sound so there wont be any big changes in the new songs, obviously we dont want to repeat the LP but i dont think thats going to be a problem. We have a really good feeling about the songs that we are working on now and we want to exceed ourselfs with the next record which will indeed be a 7″.

Will there be new shit heard on KTL Fest Saturday? 

We are going to feature a one new song from the 7″ in the set at ktl. Pretty exited about that!

Thanks a lot!

Foreseen -Bandcamp

Foreseen -Facebook

Foreseen -Bigcartel

KTL Fest 2015: Upright


Originally from Jyväskylä, now residing in Helsinki, comes Upright. These guys are delivering fearless NYC influenced grooves, that are mixed with sick ass riffing, that reminds a lot like bands like Crown Of Thronz, Breakdown and such. Upright is one of the hardest “newer” bands from Finland, so be sure not to miss them!

Straight from the Upright concrete, what’s up guys?

Yoo, we took a summer break after the studio and just took care of all the hassle that goes into making a new record. We didn’t play at all during the summer, now we’re back at it and excited to play a show in Turku.

You are just readying to put out a new 12″, Here To Disappear, care to tell a bit more about it?

Yeah should be out in a few months, but i’m not holding my breath with pressing plants, i think everyone in hc/punk is annoyed that vinyl is so popular nowadays. It’s coming out on Ratel Records from Poland, who I think is the coolest label in europe and on our good friends Collision Records from Helsinki. 12″ six-song EP with a good variety of songs, not one song sounds the same, but as a whole it still sounds like Upright.

What about the new material musically, do you see your music evolved a lot from your last 7″ Losing Touch?

Of course there’s been evolvement from our last release, but the basic idea have stayed the same through the years. On every record there are maybe some spices that come along by the music you’ve listened that time the songs are made, but in the end it’s just metallic hardcore punk. The most important evolution in the new 12″ EP is that it’s better than any of our earlier releases.

Where Upright at the start took it’s influences, i mean NYC is obvious, but what kinda sound you sought after for?

At the beginning we just wanted to do a band that we saw that Finland was lacking, late 80’s and early 90’s NYHC as main influences, i mean Finland always had good heavy hc bands and good punk bands and we were neither. We are four guys who all love different type of heavy music and we’ve hardly had any limits when it comes to writing music, which is always been a strenght for us. It’s a fine line when you wanna sound different but still the same, you know? You could easily go over the edge, but we have a good sense of what we are doing.

You must have lots of shit happening in near future with record coming out etc, tour plans?

We just wanna hold the record in our hands first before making any big plans, but yeah we wanna tour with it and spread the record all over, because it’s so good i can’t believe it myself. But first we just want to make it to Poland.

JKL cats and TKU guys seem to click pretty well, which is mad cool and Niko was on upcoming Väistä! record dropping some feats (i dont know if this is a big secret?) too, can you tell about that?

I like Turku as a city alot and I used to listen bands like The Stakeout and Hate Unit when I was a teenager. So when you and others booked us to Turku for the first time i was excited straight away. Too bad I never got to visit the original TVO. Väistä! is the best band coming from Turku from recent years and Roippe is one of the best dudes in Finnish hc. When he asked to be a part of the record, of course i was in. Our voices are very different so it sounds good!

Upright – for those who are about to pit, we salute you, see you on next Saturday!


Upright -Facebook

Upright -Bandcamp