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Sweden’s most recent (that i’ve found out) gift to the world of hardcore is a new-“ish” band called Bitter Taste Of Life. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live at Fat Fest early this year and i liked what i saw. I was also assured that they definitely will rule hard, when they get a release out. While ago i got into contact with BTOL guys and they were kind enough to hit me an advance copy of their new, soon to be released mcd, Trapped In Lies. So here you go, probably the very first review and insight of the upcoming Bitter Taste Of Life debut album. These guys have been around for some time in the swedish scene and as far i’ve understood BTOL ain’t really even that new band, they’ve been together for some time, but just haven’t released anything yet. They started in 2008 and played some live shows, but never got anything recorded and called it quits momentarily in 2009, because their other guitarist Niklas left for studies. Forth to summer 2010, the band got back together with new guitarist Simon(ex Orson Sparks & Depths) and also having Niklas back, doing the bass this time. Since then, they have played shows and are ready to release their new mcd album: Trapped In Lies, through World Vs. Cometh Records in 2011.

Trapped In Lies features six songs of rough, metallic hardcore, they got a sort of style, that hasn’t been really that well made in Sweden for some time. I remember when Under The Hood(pre-Path Of No Return) used to be hard shit (and when PONR used to be band you could label hardcore) and heavy hardcore was still cool in Sweden. Seems that beatdown or really heavy hardcore hasn’t been really big thing in Scandinavia for couple last years, so it’s always cool thing that there is kids who do their thing no matter what anyone thinks or says. So BTOL are going their own path by delivering us brickloads of heavy hardcore and they do it really well. When i listen to this record more, there is something that makes it sound really familiar and the reason for that is that it’s been mixed by none other than finnish hardcore scene’s top notch recording maestro, Antti Malinen (Down My Throat, St. Hood, Become A Threat), who’s done a good majority of all great sounding Finnish records of late years. Bitter Taste Of Life guys really have dug sounds on many latest finnish hardcore records, so they decided to have Antti handle the mixing stage, with great results, of course. Trapped In Lies starts off with title track, bringing right away it straight in your face, chugging guitars are backed with steady beat and two vocalists, Rickardand Olle, both deliver agressive screaming with two distinctive different singing styles. I’m always down for two vocalists, it sounds really good when it’s used well, doubling lines and changing on fast pace singer after singer etc, is always great to listen and even better when both vocalists have different styles on their voices. Cold, is the second track, shorter one and little bit faster verse is slowing down into nice moshpart, this song is making me think of early Hatebreed with a little bit newer material of Pound For Pound, as well.A Decent Life is another killer track, makes me think like the old Death Before Dishonor stuff when it comes to riffs, great influence for sure, the song itself is an mid-tempo crusher than has really good riffing and groove going on all through and a massive breakdown ending it is great as well!What Will Remain? tells an cold story of a victim of addiction; “Stick that needle into your arm, Feel the rush as your soul is gone, I cannot see the point in your acts, Your fucking soul is dead, Nothing left all is gone, Yeah that’s a fact”. Last track Wrong Turn is also the heaviest track on the album, delivering good amount of chugging beatdown towards the end of song, it’s enough to make your dancemoves on without a doubt. Bitter Taste Of Life have crafted a really balanced first outing when it comes to hardcore record, they got loads of different elements, combined into concrete heavy hardcore, that has delivers for fans of more traditional stuff as for those who like their hardcore, HARD.

Trapped In Lies will no doubt be my favourite releases from Sweden this year, there’s lot going in Swedish hardcore currently, which is really a great thing, but i personally am not that into to most of the hardcore bands that come from there. Excluding of course some great OLD bands, Bitter Taste Of Life and our other swedish brothers,Lose The Life. Both of these two bands are great guys, making good hardcore, simple as that. So keep your eyes peeled for Trapped In Lies and make a order to good people at World Vs. Cometh to pre-order the mcd & shirt combination.

Listen to Lessons Learned and What Will Remain? at Stereokiller.

Bitter Taste Of Life -Facebook
Bitter Taste Of Life -Stereokiller
World Vs. Cometh
UPDATE: 13/11/2011

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    1. Yo, thanks a lot! I actually did two or three posts about Two By Four back in the days, their demo, Aint’s Ta Be Fucked With 7″ and Wartime Manner / Two By Four -Split 7″. I’ll maybe do something Two By Four -related in the future thought, in link with Cartel Records.

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