Archives: Bolt / Eye For All – Split 7″

There had been talk about this split 7″ for couple years already and it seemed, that it almost became a project lost and forgotten, fortunately, it did not. I had heard from both camps, Bolt and Eye For All, something like six months ago, that they had written new stuff and we’re ready to record (or even already in recording maybe?) shit for their split. Last week, coming straight unexpected, i found out that Eye For All carried, Bolt / Eye For All – Split 7″, with them, when they played a show in Turku. But as you might know, Finnish bands seem to be relatively slow on releasing new stuff, so maybe that the reason why it’s all so damn good.

For those not familiar, Bolt is currently the longest standing hardcore band (of  “heavier”, “modern” hardcore, going back to mid 90’s) from Helsinki city, who are influenced mostly by New York hardcore, heavy stuff with hell of a groove in it. They’ve released 2 full-lengths, a mcd and couple 7″ recordings and some compilation appearances.

Eye For All, is a lot newer unit, compared to Bolt and they reside in Helsinki as well. Being around couple years already, they have released a killer demo, that was followed by a 7″ around a year later. After laying low for a while this year, they had written new songs long after the 7″ came out, but ’till now we hadn’t heard any of those songs recorded, since Bolt / EFA Split contains two songs from that material. They are also one of very few finnish Straight Edge hardcore bands.

Released by The Hood Took Us Under Records, Bolt / Eye For All – Split 7″ features two songs by both bands. Bolt starts off the record and delivers one new number and one revamped version of old classic, Waiting For The Rain (found originally on Building The Legacy -compilation), appearing here as, Still Waiting For The Rain. Bolt’s new track is titled; All Will Fall -it’s starting with killer solos and overall the track has very similar feel as they had on their material on their second full-length, Behind Obstacles Lies Truth. This is very good direction, they’ve included more sort-of-melodic riffing, that works for them perfectly and Tane’s vocals are hard as always and he is definitely on the top of what he’s doing in this band. Bolt’s new guitarist, Jukka need to be mentioned, since the man has played in classic Turku hardcore bands suchs as; TKU Blindside and Back Against The Wall, he’s doing time in, Become A Threat, currently, as well shredding the guitar with Bolt. I’ve always liked Bolt a lot so i’m pretty excited about this “new/old” song with Still Waiting For The Rain, since it’s fucking killer song and people really deserve to hear it, so here’s your chance to check out this Bolt classic, with a new groove.

Eye For All continue on the other side, delivering two brand new tracks on this wax. Musically EFA keeping it pretty straight forward and heavy, 90’s influenced vegan-metal-mosh, you know what i’m talking about here. So it’s heavy, metal influenced, straight edge hardcore that’s haunted by influences ranging from classic Revelation bands, from Burn to Judge and to the New Age Records -roster as well, so fans of their bands should check EFA out. Eye For All 7″ delivered great quality heavy, moshable hardcore and if you liked that, new stuff is right in your alley too for sure. Day In Day Out, starts off EFA side and rugged, heavy chugging riffs instantly slam your face and this is sort of short, fast and heavy -song, i’d say. Juho’s vocals sound better than ever too, so he’s progressed since their demo days really lot. Drawn In Sand, continues the same vein, but with even more chugging mosh parts, that always of course rule and there’s a great solo on later part of the song. Eye For All delivers two solid tracks, they sound a little bit alike, but that doesn’t matter, since both are still excellent tracks. There’s not that many band playing this styled hardcore in Finland, so i’d recommend everyone who have missed them, to check ’em out now. They’re currently playing shows with Wayfarer (UK) in Sweden and Norway on their tour with the UK cats.

You can listen Eye For All’s Drawn In Sand from their Myspace and Bolt has some of their older material on their Myspace, check these bands out if you haven’t yet, for some quality Finnish hardcore! This split 7″ is available from the bands, at shows and will soon probably be available on various different stores and distributions. Contact the label or bands for a copy.

Bolt -Myspace
Eye For All -Myspace
The Hood Took Us Under -Myspace


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