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It seems that there’s a good bunch of bands that go by the name, Bitter. Recently there came a new band in here Finland too, that goes by that very name, but i’m not talking about them, this is way more old school than it. This Bitter we have here is an old Boston based band, that came into being through band members of such groups as: Wrecking CrewFormicideWargasm and Slapshot. You could say or think that, that’s one all-star group right there, and if you like to think so, it kinda was. There is not very much information to be found about Boston’s Bitter, but for what i’ve managed to scrape together was found on Slapshot’s website;

“The band (Slapshot) started working on a new album but to Chris Lauria it all sounded like the previous album. So he decided to start his own band and they would be the opener on the next tour. The band was to be called Bitter and since the singer and drummer were roadies for Slapshot so it would only be one extra person on the tour bus. Jack Kelly was listening to some of Bitter’s material and was apparently so impressed that the band scrapped just about all the material they had, moved into a new rehearsal space and started collaborating. Jack Kelly and Chris Lauria collaborated on the music while Jack Kelly wrote the lyrics.”.

So while the band featured many members of legendary Boston hardcore bands, the cause of Bitter ever being started, came from Chris Lauria and Slapshot. It was also obvious that because Bitter came to be, it influenced on how Slapshot would later sound, but probably due Slapshot, Bitter didn’t last that long. Even they we’re quite short lived, but still produced an album and one 7″ single. Both of their records, Bitter S/T CD (1995) and No Miracle / Hunt For The Glory 7″ (1995), were released through infamous European label,Lost And Found Records, who at that time we’re also putting out Slapshot’s records too. There was also one track from Bitter featuring on L & F compilation 7″ called: Back To Back, it featured Slapshot, Backfire!Right DirectionRyker’s and Damnation(a.k.a. Damnation A.D. -later) alongside Bitter’s track Vatican, that would be found on their S/T CD.

Bitter S/T is an 12-track full-length featuring raging straight forward hardcore, that draws equally influences from hardcore punk and heavier hardcore, with little metal influences there and there. They kind of sound like Cro-Mags, but there’s definitely influences ranging from the Boston sound such as Wrecking Crew to The F.U.’s and alikes. Bitter is definitely another band that has been mostly forgotten and would have deserved a lot more attention, since the whole S/T Cd is really good stuff, solid songwriting combined into great riffs, that are heavy enough, but still keep it from going totally into metal. They also do an cover of The F.U.’s song, Young Fast Iranians on the Cd. I’m not going to blabber that more about this, since it’s always best for you to listen this stuff yourselves and make your own impressions. To my opinion Bitter rules hard and if you happen to like what you hear, track this CD and their 7″ down, i picked both only around 15€ (including postages), so you can probably get ’em on really good price too. I’d recommend to go after this via Discogs or Ebay, you’ll find it really cheap for sure.

UPDATE 13/11/2011:

Download link removed, i will add sample tracks later.


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