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Sweden’s most hated, Lose The Life toured in Finland for couple shows last December (2010), with bands i’m in, Ill Omen and .45 Stainless. During those dates we became friends, while i had talked with their singer, my boy Jaan Lockjaw, already earlier in 2010 at Fat Fest in Sweden. I also saw Lose The Life on stage there and i liked what i saw, music was fast, heavy and raw. Their sound is influenced mostly by classic Cleveland hardcore, such as the almighty One Life CrewConfront and Pitboss 2000. Lose The Life also put out lot of output in their lyrics criticizing sexism, tough-guy attitudes and unity amongst other things and of course they are also all-out straight edge band. Politics and issues they speak about aren’t always that obvious topics, even they should be and people should know about these things, seemingly some forget or just don’t care. So it’s nice to shake things up a bit, when you see Lose The Life on stage, you will definitely hear what they want to say, straight and honest.

LTL delivered Unity Can Suck It! Demo last year and it was a clear example what kind of hardcore they are out to play (the bands mentioned before). After laying low pretty much after those shows they played in Finland, LTL focused on writing new shit and it’s very obvious that they are more determined than ever, some time ago the outing was revealed via Lose The Life’s bandcamp page, titled album titled as; Fuck You!. This 8-song record was released only digitally and i don’t know if it will be pressed on vinyl or cd, but i sure hope that it will. What’s new with the new shit, first off there’s really much better sound quality than on Unity Can Suck It! Demo, it’s much heavier and sharper, nothing too polished or clear, you know what i mean. There is six new songs and two old ones from previous demo. Unity Stomper and What Do You Want?, are old numbers, but kick in with a whole new force with new recording and heavier sound of the whole album. Wake-up Call hits the first notes and makes their style very clear, it’s fast and angry, but still heavy too, what you’d imagine of from band so influenced by One Life Crew. Pat On The Back, delivers some critique on lots of many kids who praise each and every their friends bands, even they wouldn’t really like the band at all as, Unity Stomper draws clear line about being friends;

“I’m sick of all these guys, just here to measure cocks 
And I don’t want no unity with drug abusing jocks 
Hardcore’s more than music not a scene like any other 
You’re just a consumer and you’ll never be my brother”

Lose The Life keep their song lengths very old school hardcore, the working recipe, short, fast and sweet. So many songs clock in less than minute, but it’s all solid stuff so i’m not complaining, just listen to it more, hahaha. Addict, is yet another fast tempo crusher, nothing unlike LTL’s Cleveland counterparts. Last song of the album is Seasons In The Scene and it’s lyrically very strong and important song, you can check out the lyrics right below, you’ll understand what they mean to say, that kind of shit happens a lot in the hardcore scene.

“Mosh warriors gone flannel jocks 
Show tough guys now wussy fucks 
Turning your coats over and over again 
If it was just clothes I would’nt bother 
But opinions and morals are thrown out 
Most of you douche bags dropped the fuck out 
Used to be vegan, used to be edge 
Now drug rehab is what’s next 

Stay fucking true 

Don’t jock the edge (and) don’t jock the ‘core 
Coat turning is such a fucking bore 
Trends in this scene is just another poison 
Stop hammering nails in its coffin”

Sweden’s most hated and you might maybe understand little bit more why now, these guys have strong opinions and they aren’t afraid to address ’em. Lose The Life is getting all the time better and Fuck You! delivers their finest material to the date, i’m really looking forward to pick this on a 7″ or cd, it’s hard as fuck! Even if they’d be Sweden’s most hated, they indeed are also Sweden’s finest when it comes to harcore. Get into this shit and go see my boys if they come into your area, i think they are actually planning a tour into europe later this year, so book them a show or something. Listen the whole album from link below.

Lose The Life – Fuck You! //Digital//2011//D.I.Y.@Bandcamp


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