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Kings of Pennsylvania (a.k.a. PA) hardcore, Krutch, are by my opinion very underrated band amongst lots of kids. I think that they had a solid, but never too huge, following in their days and seems that lots of Europe had and still has alot of love for Krutch too, even to these days. Years back in Finland people we’re into them a lot more too, a finnish label, Cartel Records even released their early days compiling CD: Our Thing – The Mafia Years ’89-’99. As far what i think is that, Krutch has always been “a book” example of how to play really heavy and hard streetwise hardcore, that still hasn’t forgotten it’s roots. These guys have been playing for years and after Krutch was done, the guys have continued to play in various BFL -related bands such as Wisdom In Chains, Out To Win / Mushmouth and Boxcutter. Krutch’s origins go way back ’89 as the band did record a demo back then and from those demo tracks there’s one included on Our Thing cd.

I’ll See You In Hell is actually the second Krutch full-length album and also second to be released on Rick Ta Life’s Back Ta Basics Records. This cd came out in 2000 and was their first album that featured intrumental & acoustic songs between the actual hardcore stuff. This has never bothered me, but for some it’s too much and i can sort of understand that. I’ll See You In Hell delivers a heavy 18 tracks of headfirst, concrete heavy hardcore that only Krutch can do and time to time they kick it back and get some emotional acoustic tracks to lighten the atmosphere. Musicwise, Krutch has always kept their thing going on pretty damn solid and their hardcore material hasn’t strayed off into anything too weird and you really can’t count the acoustic stuff into this, since they don’t really combine these two in their songs (unincluded the melodic vocals). Earliest recorded stuff i’ve heard (and own two first of ’em) from this band are Brotherhood Sisterhood mcd, Krutch / Surrounded – Split 7″ and their Whereuat ’95 Demo (2nd demo ever) and you can hear the same style of heavy, chunky guitar riffing and fast to mid-tempo changing song structures, present there as well. Krutch do their brand of hardcore real and keep it simple, agressive and utmost heavy, even till their newest recordings (Whatever It Takes, 2002). I’ll See You In Hell delivers still bit new Krutch, cause there’s maybe little bit more hip-hop influence and variety of vocal delivery in their hardcore material and it’s obvious, because in later stuff, most notably the last cd Whatever It Takes, has more of rap/hip-hop influence, specially on the vocals. But more from the album we’re talking about here, with tracks hard as nails like; You Or Me, B*F*L, Working Class Slave, Takin’ What’s Our, Pressures Of The World and a old classic like My Way are everything you would want to hear from Krutch, there’s everything you need for a recipe to an excellent hardcore band. Wide influeces range from punkrock to oi! to hip-hop to old school beatdown (i.e. Bulldoze, Next Step Up etc.) and right back to modern sound of heavy, chugging and definitely moshable, hard hardcore, plus all the classic samples they’ve throw in to the mix. Krutch are at the top of their game on this and pretty much every other recording they have ever made, even their style and amount of number of vocalists varies on almost record after Brotherhood, Sisterhood CD, it’s still all good. Check out I’ll See You In Hell cd and get into this band suckers and recognize this shit!

If any of you guys (who already know and got love for Krutch) has a copy of ridiculously rare first full-length, Now The Tables Turn, i need a copy of that one and i’m also very interested on the original Krutch Demo tapes or a original Krutch shirt. Here’s also a Krutch discography (originally from Cartel Records website):

Stand Strong, Stand Alone 1st Demo – 1994 (DIY)
Wheruat 2nd Demo – 1995 (DIY)
V/A: Our Blood, Our Brotherhood 7″ (Prophecy)
Krutch /Surrounded Split 7″ – 1995 (Back Ta Basics)
Brotherhood, Sisterhood CD – 1996 (RPP)
Now The Tables Turn CD – 1997 (Back Ta Basics)
Krutch /Stormcore – Split 7″ – 1997 (Inner Rage)
Krutch /Feeble – Split 7″ – 1998 (Back Ta Basics)
Our Thing – The Mafia Years 89-99 CD – 1999 (Cartel Records)
I’ll See You In Hell CD – 2000 (Back Ta Basics)
Krutch /No Retreat – Split CD – 2000 (Thorns Records)
Whatever It Takes CD – 2002 (I Scream Records)

The BFL Bands -Myspace

UPDATE: 13/11/2011

I’m posting these old KTL-site archives, that were saved, but i won’t be posting the music anymore even on these old posts, maybe a couple sample tracks later, but we’re not going to post full albums anymore, excluding records that are posted with artist’s or label’s permission. You can listen to Krutch at the BFL-bands myspace.



  1. One of the most real DIY Hardcore bands i ever hear. love their music since i was around 16 -17 years old(almost 10 years back)Roots of the BFL crew.Still one of my favourite bands today:)Unfotunely there is no bands like this one these days.
    Respect to these guys which gives me a big part of my basic lesson about what means Hardcore!!!
    Brothers For Life-Our Family,Blood Faith Loyalty-Our Brotherhood!!!
    Greetings from Bulgaria:)Keep it Real!!!

  2. Word, Vasil. Krutch is defintiely one of the most hardest and unique bands in hardcore history. Heavy as fuck, but also streetwise and real. Inspired by this, i’m gonna spread some more word about Krutch soon!

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