The Foundation of Business City: Morning After -discography

UPDATE 16/05/11:
HD Antti, who is a friend of Morning After approached me and provided the missing link of MA discography, Face The Hate Promo. So go on and check ‘n download the lost chapter, there is 7-songs on the promo and it features four Morning After songs, that haven’t appeared on any of their “real” releases! With this promo added, the discography is pretty much complete, i doubt we’ll ever get to hear the first demo.

This time we got something a bit of special going on, i’m going to concentrate on one of Finland’s most seminal (heavier) hardcore bands, through their whole career, that started already in the mid 90’s. Morning After were a Lahti based unit that lasted with almost solid same line-up through their whole existence, only couple guitarists went and one came to replace them, but that’s still pretty good for a band that was active from 1994 to 2006. Morning After was founded in Lahti a.k.a. the “Business City”, in 1994 with members previously from a Finnish singing punkrock band, Melankolia, that drew their influences from finnish punk rock such as:Klamydia, Dun Delion and Lama, they played for couple years and did two demo tapes (1992 and 1993).

(Morning After: Heikki – guitar, AV – vocals, Sirvo – drums, Artsi – bass)

Morning After started originally when Melankolia changed it’s language to English, but it was still different from the start, with totally different influences. All the band’s members listened lots of different kind of music, but they all shared love for bands like:Madball, Biohazard and Life Of Agony, they decided to make music with really different standpoints, than Melankolia did. With Morning After it was right from the start clear that they wanted to play hardcore, instead of just playing hardcore punk. Now with little history of Morning After -covered, we’re going to continue, with a brief insight on every Morning After release, with additional comments by MA’s vocalist, Antti “AV” Vedenpää, on each release.

(No cover art) Hell Yeah Demo Tape (never released)//5 Copies//1994//D.I.Y.

AV: This is the first recorded stuff by Morning After and it really sucked ass! Nothing good to say about this recording. Just glad it’s dead and buried.

Drawn As Human Demo Tape//200 Copies, sold out//1995//D.I.Y. 

Taken from my original KTL post on this demo here:”Mid 90’s heavier hardcore emerged there and there in Finland and Morning After, was starting to hit it hard and play real heavy hardcore in Lahti. Morning After has been noted as Finland’s Madball, that i agree to be true on their later albums, where you can definitely hear huge influence from those NYHC legends. In 1995 Morning After composed their second demo, that is was titled Drawn As Human. There’s some real damn classic tracks on this tape, when it comes to Morning After -catalogue,Superhero and Beauty Of The Beast -to mention few. I was really pretty surprised, when i listened this tape first time, i expected lots of more punkrock sound on it, but theres definitely a real hardcore sound through and through.”

AV: This was the time when hardcore started to really kick in, but we still had a long way to go to get where we wanted. A good start none the less and alot of good memories, couple of these songs ended up on Two Words.

Two Words CD//500 copies, sold out//1996//D.I.Y. 

First full-lenght that these guys did came out already in 1996, so the boys we’re working hard and fast putting their music out. Two Words Cd was produced by the band and released by themselves, making stuff happen in real – do it yourself style. 12-track albumfeatured two songs from Drawn As Humandemo, album’s final track; Final Exit andSuperhero. Musically Morning After continue in pretty solid pace, the sound that demo already provided, mid-tempo hardcore, very influenced by classic New York hardcore bands. There are also some songs, where this album was influenced by more metallic sound, such as Life Of Agony’s River Runs Red LP. Lyrics centered furiously against racism, meaning of friendship, politics and also even heavier topics such as abused children. They also cover very popular topics in hardcore lyrics, about media’s corruption and friends who aren’t there for you and so on. There’s some real Morning After classics on this album; Friendship, White Is The Colour Of Hate, A Letter To The Editor, 1-2-3-4 and of course the tracks off the demo. Metal meeting hardcore and punk works pretty well on Two Words, but even it has it’s very strong moments, isn’t not the best MA album altogether. But what Two Words marks well is that, it’s a start and a declaration that these guys were serious on doing their music and putting shit out, no matter the cost. You can definitely hear what i mean about the developement and evolution of their sound, when you continue to read and listen through the discography.

AV: This was a really big deal for us! At this time alot of bands were releasing demotapes, but i think this was the first ever cd-release by a finnish hardcoreband (and by hardcore i mean the kind of stuff we are concentrating on here,not the old school punk stuff, which is great too) with this cd we started to do alot of shows all over finland and basicly had a fuckin blast with friends and played some kick ass shows.

“Combined” Disploited / Morning After – Split CD//1000 copies//1997//D.I.Y.

Year forward from their first full-length, Morning After delivered a split cd with local punkrock band, Disploited. This 24-song cd featured 10 MA tracks, including a reprise version of Why from Two Words and a cover track from Disploited’s song Protected By Law, titled as Protected By Disploited. Eight new Morning After tracks provided us more of the familiar sound of NY influences hardcore, but this time bit faster and maybe even more punkrock influenced. Morning After starts their “side” with Apart, that hits off with pretty weird riffing, but builds up quickly into a solid song. There’s strong Cro-Mags styled riffing going on in Violent L and Jail, which both also continues this faster style. Reveal Yourself, builds up slowly and delivers again some of that, even melodic vocal style that Morning After has used in couple songs in the past to give some diversity to the vocal sound, such in A Letter To The Editor (off Two Words).Parasite again hits it straight forward hardcore, so as you hear, there’s lots of different influences still raging in MA’s material on this record. Disploited / Morning After – Split, would be the last album where guitarist, Jukka would play and you can say that after this cd they found the sound, that the band took their own and continued with, ’till their end in 2006. There’s also a video from this album to the song Apart, where you can see drummer Sirvo, looking pretty much alike with young Alle (of Raised Fist), that’s pretty funny.

AV: This was a kinda buddy release! Released by a friend of ours, done with a friend-band and that’s that. Sirvo and Jukka started to get really into swedish hardcore and i think you can hear that on this record. There is also alot of influences from Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All on this record. This is too an end of an era record, as Jukka left the band and i basicly started to bury the openly political Morning After in my lyrics and started to write more from within.

Inherit The Aftermath CD//500 copies, sold out//1998//D.I.Y. 

Most important change in MA’s line-up, would happen when follow up to Disploited -Split, came out in 1998. As i mentioned perviously,Jukka (2nd guitar) had left the band and a new man, Heikki, would step in to fill his shoes. Also in this record their songwriting changed, since with, Inherit The AftermathMCD, brought their bass player, Artsi and the new guitarist Heikki, writing the songs together. Inherit The Aftermath was a 7-song mini album, that certainly solified Morning After’s sound, at least i think so. This time there was really much more metallic, darker sound, that was still mainly influenced still by NYHC, such as Madball, who i think are MA’s biggest influence overall. There is moer of heavy metal sound on this record than any other, but it’s still pure hardcore. Listen to the tracks like: Support Your Scene, Seven Years Of Pain or H8Ball, there’s lots of heavier riffing compared to the past recordings and everything overall has just gotten better, tighter and better sounding. BCHC boys deliver also some heavy metal on this record with a cover of Celtic Frost’sCircle Of The Tyrants. With Inherit The Aftermath, Morning After we’re definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with in finnish hardcore. This record was the last cd where MA’s other original guitarist, Jyri(Jyffe), played on, he left the band after this cd. So Morning After’s most solid line-up withAV on vocals, Sirvo on drums, Heikki on guitar and Artsi on bass was born. This is where MA was very near perfecting their style of heavy NY-influenced hardcore and continued on their path on becoming Finland’s very own Madball, with their two last records still to come.

AV: This is kind of the darkest as it gets-record for us. It was the last one with Jyffe and also presented Heikki as our new guitarplayer. The topics were darker and lacked hope. We were a bit more into the earlier metalcore stuff, as well as straight up heavy metal stuff and i think it shows! This is still a pretty solid record from us and personally i like it. And the Celtic Frost cover sticked with us till the end! Which was as cool as it gets.

(No cover art)

Face The Hate 7-song Promo (never sold) CD//25 Copies, only few exist//2000-circa//D.I.Y.

Really cool is that this promo was also found after i released this post, as i mentioned there’s 4 brand new MA tracks, that don’t appear on any of their prior recordings;Burning, Scumbag, Heartbroken & Betrayedand Monument Of Destruction. The three other songs are earlier versions of songs that would later appear on, Through The Eyes Of The Enemy, Full Contact Hardcore, Face The Hate and Showdown. There’s not that huge differences on these songs on the promo and the album, but some vocal arrangements sound bit different and overall soundscape is little bit rougher on the promo. Neverthless this is amazing find, since it’s providing us three “new” MA tracks. Huge thanks to HD Antti for this!

AV: We just recorded an 7 song promo before we did the next full length. Even i don’t have a workin copy of this, so if somebody can help me out it would be nice! This record featured Lars BCHC from Denmark (vocalist of Jaded) on one song dueting with me and a couple of other songs, that never made it to the next cd. Would be great to hear them though!

Through The Eyes Of The Enemy CD//1000 copies//2001//Rooster Records

For me this is quite a special record, since it was the second Finnish hardcore record i ever purchased (alongside Bolt’s Collision Course MCD), ordered from Full House Record’s -distro. It’s clear that many people i know think that second full-length, Through The Eyes Of The Enemy -is the very best Morning After album, with sounds better than ever and musically harder and more determined. This ten track album provided us again their trademark sound, but now perfected into the pure NYHC rage. Full Contact Hardcore, kicks the record on and reminds you, that these guys aren’t joking, they are here to unleash heavy assault of pissed off, angry hardcore in your face. Same heavy, slightly metallic barrage continues throughout whole record and even Through The Eyes Of The Enemy is full-length album, it’s clocking little over 20 minutes, which is cool with hardcore records, it’s not too long or too short. Unconditional, Face The Hate andB.T.Y. -all deliver perfectly Morning After’s vision of hardcore and the last track of the record, Back 2 Basics, crowns the whole record, as a great anthem and a dedication to hardcore. They did video of Back 2 Basics and you can find it justy there below. As said, this was my first MA -album and still to this day it’s my favourite record from them. This was released by Rooster Records, which was done by the drummer, Sirvo.

AV: This was it man. At least in my opinion as good as it gets with Morning After. As a whole, a very solid record with no low points, in my opinion at least. With this record, we got to play in European Hardcore Party, that headlined Madball so it was a really big thing for us. Just gotta love this record and the times we had after the release. I still do “Back 2 Basics” live with my new band Enemyblood.

True Drama CD//1000 copies//2003//Full House Records 

The last Morning After album, came out in 2003 and is titled; True Drama. Musically the guys continue right where, Through The Eyes Of The Enemy -left off, still making heavy, groovy hardcore, BCHC style. In this point since their last recording, Rooster Records, that released the last record (Sirvo’s label, that in AV joined later, after starting a Rooster Records -store), went un-active and Full House Records stepped up and took Morning After under their already very impressive roster. So it meant, that MA would put out True Drama through Full House and their third full-length proved out to be a very excellent piece of finnish hardcore history. True Drama was very well made from the recording to the artwork, which included in it’s lyricbook, a photo with every song, that had something to say about the lyrics. On this album their songs also had came together into hard, heavy and fast tracks with traditional hardcore song lengths, around two minutes. In Vein Of Death and The Remaining Two, show that Morning After had matured their material even more from the last record, making their stuff sound fresh and interesting. It’s all good solid, basic straight forward, heavy hardcore again, but what the fuck, who complains, cause isn’t this the stuff most of us are into! Good Times is awesome song that tells just what hardcore is about, hanging out with your friends and having fun, travelling to shows, dancing (no matter the styles), being straight edge or drinkin (no matter which) , forgetting the shit of normal life and demonstrating their thing. Lyrics are really diverse, again from basic hardcore stuff to many another personal topics, from religion to hard times of abusing drugs, to failing in suicide, so there’s lots of interesting lyrics on True Drama as the album’s name notes. Couple of the best MA tracks i know are also on this record, i like Good Times alot and the two last songs are both really fucking good, Cast Aside andSwansong. Morning After’s final album showed out to be a book example of solid, good traditional hardcore.

AV: Kind of a swansong of Morning After, although we did not know it at the time. This was also a very personal record for me and almost every song has a person behind it so it’s kind of a diary in a way. A good record but in all, we weren’t very pleased with how the sounds turned out in the end, but you get what you give i guess.

“2 final” Morning After Tracks on “Hometown Pride” CD//??? copies//2006//Pekka Productions 

Two final tracks from Morning After’s last recording sessions ended up on Lahti hardcore compilation titled Hometown Pride. This was a compilation gathering new and old Business City bands into one cd, it featured great bands of which i’ve written in the past such as: Pitfiend, Camorra, St. Hood, End Begins and 7th Legion (amongst some others). Commercialized Warfare and Thorn In My Side, we’re the last Morning After tracks pressed on a record, the band broken up in 2006, but they wanted to put out their last recordings out.

AV: These were actually really good songs and with Commersialised… i started to get a bit political again. What goes around, comes around. But by this time you could really feel the end of Morning After behind the door. It wasn’t fun anymore, so we had to call it a day.

Cherish The Memory //2006//

Luckily i can offer you all another gem, a final taste from Morning After’s final recording sessions.
Cherish The Memory, is the final track MA ever recorded and now you check it out exclusively here.

AV: This is a rehearsal room recording of the final whole track done by Morning After, a cool song that we played live many times.

So what happened to Morning After since 2006, when the band broke up. During their career they played around 300 shows, including touring in Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Spain, but mostly playing in Finland. Their last show was at Bar Torvi (local legendary Lahti venue) 40-year show, that happened after MA was already broke up, but there they played 5 songs for the last time as Morning After. MA’s members had other bands during the band’s existence, such as 7th Legion and after the band broke up, they disbanded, starting and playing in many bands. Nowdays you can find guitaristHeikki playing guitar in St. Hood and Dark Filth Fraternity, vocalist AV is doing his death ‘n roll band Damngod and has a new hardcore band, Enemyblood. Drummer Sirvoplays drums for Fat Fuck and has been involved running Full House Records for a good while now, but bass player Artsi isn’t currently playing in any bands. I have no clue what became of ex-guitarist Jyri/Jyffe, but i know that another ex-guitarist, Jukka has been working as a tattoo artist in Rauma atNeedlepoint Tattoo for good amount of years. As you might have noticed, you can download all the releases, unincluded are the first (never released) demo and Face The Hate -promo (that any of the band members don’t have themselves). I hope lots of kids find out of Morning After and spread the word, they we’re truly a great band and still very underrated. They we’re one of the most defining bands ever come out of Lahti in hardcore and certainly one of the best as well. Hardcore in Lahti is alive and well and the Business City continues to provide a great amount of excellent hardcore bands still to this day!

If you are interested on buying any Morning After records, you should check these places out: True Drama, Through The Eyes Of The Enemy -are still in print and available on bargain price at Full House Records Storeand via Record Store X -both delivering worldwide. Hometown Pride -compilation is available through Pekka Productions (site only in Finnish). Also the bandmembers might have some copies, AV has a bunch of Inherit The Aftermath CD’s, that are long gone out-of-print, you can contact him through e-mail here:

Morning After -Myspace
Morning After -Homepage
Full House Records

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