Alley Gods – North State Of Mind 10″

Welcome back to new and improved Killing The Legacy website. I’m gonna start the new era of KTL with some hometown colours. Alley Gods, who’ve of i’ve written in couple occasions in past years, are again back with a bang. After their start, years back, they pulled off a great a demo, that had following “S/T” 7″ and a full-lenght album couple years back, titled; “Correcting Wrong Opinions”. Our mutual bro’s in Poolside Records have been standing hard on Alley Gods’s side and the brand new 10″, North State Of Mind is also released through PSR and this time they got Räkälevyt (Snot Records, as a free translation) helping them to release the vinyl. Strictly available on black 10″ vinyl + download code -package, North State Of Mind is indeed very different, yet still familiar outing from the AG’s.

With roots hard in hardcore punk, skate punk and hardcore in general, Alley Gods have, how’d i put it, oh yes, matured in a sense. Their main inspirations in the start were bands such as Minor Threat, Pitboss 2000 and alikes, but now there’s new winds blowing. Do not be afraid i’m not saying they have gone pop ‘n punk or anything, but there’s more diversity in song structures and different elements tested. Artwork for first is giving off very japanese-sort-of-feel, the logo, the photo and there’s similar styled photo on back cover as well, luckily there’s the North State -ripoff logo, that turns everything over american, haha. All in all artwork is pretty nice and i really really like the new logo, it makes me thing old japanese hardcore bands and crust bands etc. it’s almost death/black metal, but what i talked about it with Lauri (AG axe-wielder), he told me that it’s something about roots. Musically Alley Gods have been ambitious on their last few records, Correcting Wrong Opinions continued in many way the S/T 7″ ‘s style, but had more guitar solos, instrumental track and all kinds of new shit all over it.

North State Of Mind provides a good handful of nine songs and as things kick in with Shell, you’ll no doubt hear the solo’s and melodic riffing, i think they should keep doing solo’s cause these, even quite simple, are really nice and bring variety to the songs. Next song Under Pressure, sounds with so melodic youth-crew riff, that it could be a Champion song or something, haha. On the other hand Oskari’s vocals aren’t really what you’d expect from a posi-hardcore singer, so it’s not sounding that much really like it, but the riff is melodic and it’s pretty good. For what i’ve noticed when listening to the album, it has that feel on it, that it’s a quite well knit set of songs, everything seems to be well in place. I know these guys used to have mad fun and play crazy as hell shows, with half of the band crawling on the floor, too drunk to play, so it’s nice too see them (well they started to get serious already years ago, of course) mature with the music, they are serious about this stuff and it’s great.  Lyrically they have also gone more and more into serious topics, not totally forgetting humor, but to me this is the most serious record they have done, it’s about real world’s problems and things that bother them. Top Of The World kicks in as one of the best songs off the 10″, there’s all in place, good groove and they even throw a solo at the end of song. Other favourite of mine is Think You Got 9 Lives?, it starts with slow, but heavy riff with the groove, just to skip up the tempo into steady pace and it features some backup screams by my man Teemu (also from Ill Omen), behind the drumset. Then it’s time for their regular guest spot with Information Asphyxiation, that has Juuso (of Get Stitches!, Unloyal) dropping in and he’s almost doing the lead vocals here, cause i think Oskari’s singing a lot less than him, but it’s all good, dualing vocal ending here is pretty awesome. As the final track Alley Gods present their 10″:s title track North State Of Mind and it’s a curious song because it feels like the song is cut half, it starts up normally and when coming into the gangvocs part, that sounds somehow really weird in there, it’s like Bro Hymn, sorta and then the song just ends, what the fuck? But there’s a final track (i wish it would have been Lauri singing Katri Ylander -cover songs), it’s untitled and acoustic, kinda makes me think of The Phoenix Foundation, for real.

All in all Alley Gods have done a well good record with North State Of Mind, it’s certainly their most professional sounding album. And while i love my boys in the band and support them in as many ways i can, i recommend for all you punk / hardcore punk enthuastics to pick the 10″ and don’t say you ain’t got a vinyl player. Support your scene and check out Alley Gods if you haven’t yet. Here’s couple songs, as exclusive song we’re putting one track here for you that hasn’t been available anywhere online before (Top Of The World). Contact the band through their website to pick a copy or find a distributer.

Information Asphyxiationg (Feat. Juuso GS!)

Top Of The World

Alley Gods @ Stereokiller

Alley Gods -Homepage

Poolside Records

All music is posted with artists and labels permission.


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