The Phoenix Foundation – No Love Lost


The Phoenix Foundation is yet another band from the punkrock & hardcore scene of Turku city. These guys have been around for years and many of Phoenix’s members have played in local hardcore bands, over and through the years, such as Kieltolaki, Avoid Eye Contact, TKU Blindside and many others. TPF put out their first 7″ back in early 2000’s, around ’02 to ’03, so they’ve already been around for a good time. This unit has also been very productive one, they have put out on various different labels a good number of 7″, Split 7″ ‘s and already done three full-lenghts, that’s maybe even the most productive, as it comes to bands from our city.

No Love Lost is the third The Phoenix Foundation LP and it continues well the band’s die hard DIY ethics, most of the stuff music and merch-wise is done, designed and handled by the band themselves. This record is available on very fair price of 7€ hand to hand and 10€ shipped from Stonehenge Records, who’ve released the LP with Passing Bells (Jallu, vocals/guitar from the band). This kind of dedication to keep the prices low and the quality high, is very admirable thing, or at least that’s what i think. Musically The Phoenix Foundation has a home in punkrock, with wide influences (at least i think they sound like) from The Clash to Leatherface to Hot Water Music, they could be compared to many, but their sound is their own and it’s very unique in Finland too, there’s no band like them here, somewhat close i still could reference them on “local” bands such as, Manifesto Jukebox and maybe more even “hardcorer” version of Phoenix would be always excellent Presley Bastards, as well. TPF’s sound on the other hand, was crafted slowly into perfection, maybe, but it’s a sound very matured. On their earlier day they had rougher sound and more rawer, bit more straight forward sound, but still very melodic and emotional. I regard their second full lenght, “S/T” LP as my personal all time favourite of punkrock records out of Finland, it’s perfect, but No Love Lost doesn’t stay far behind. Ten song LP that The Phoenix Foundation has outed is opus of well crafted melodic punkrock, there’s so many catchy hooks, amazing melodic riffs and to top it, lyrics that fit for it all perfectly. While you could really easily drop this music, specially regarding lyrics, into category of “emo”, but i’ve always thought that this is more of heartfelt storyteller -styled, that a emo kid crying about losing girlfriends and mourning for the loves lost. In reality Phoenix Foundation sings just about those things and many others, but lyrics (written by Jallu) are very well written and don’t feel cheesy at all. Real life produces problems and their stories come out of it. Musically they have written a very strong album and while it flirts a lot too with even pop-like melodies, it’s still punk rock to me and with background that these guys have, it can’t be anything else than punk rock. For every single fan of melodic punk rock, i’m very strongly advising you to check out The Phoenix Foundation. There’s a good bunch of tracks from most of their releases in their myspace -site, even it might not be that often updated, you can check the songs and then pick up the records.

The Phoenix Foundation -Myspace

Stonehenge Records Mailorder (available; Falling LP (their 1st), No Love Lost and couple older EP’s as well)


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