New blood: Broken Ribs

Broken Ribs – Photo by Niko Kallio

KTL Fest 2012 happened last weekend and it was absolutely amazing, everything went well and altogether it was spectacular weekend. Always trying to add some new blood in the mix, this year we featured Out For Justice from Hyvinkää and particulary interesting case, a new band from our hometown Turku. Broken Ribs, who actually did get their name from the band’s mastermind and songwriter’s physical condition last summer, features familiar faces from long time running scene faces of the Turku hardcore. Having paid time in Anvils Drop and several other bands, Broken Ribs drummer Lari was caught in the mix by man of the riffs, Aku and together they started to make songs and work out a bass player and vocalist. After a while of training and trying out members, they picked local a madman, but generally really good guy, Mikko to play bass.  Vocal front was taken over by Pirkka, known from his work in Poolside Records and vocals for Reckless Crew & .45 Stainless, to name couple projects. This completed Broken Ribs’s quantet and what about the music, yes we’ll get into that in a minute.

Broken Ribs Demo 2012 dropped out just before KTL Fest went on and even i didn’t get a whole hear of the demo, only couple tracks, i kinda wanted that the first (and often best) impression would be to see them live. They played their first show on Saturday of KTL Fest and i have to say that i was impressed, the music those guys played was kinda matching on the stuff i’ve been hearing Aku and Pirkka talk ages and ages about, it’s all good shit; Mental, Guns Up!, The Wrong Side and Lockinout and Boston stuff in general, yeah there’s also a lot of classic NYHC influence, cause you just have to have some of that in this kind of hardcore. Broken Ribs adds a bit heavier touch on their stuff than classic Boston hardcore, that probably coming from direction of Cleveland, many of the bands guys being avid fans of Ringworm, Integrity, One Life Crew and so on. Also Aku used to play in Get Stitches!, who were fairly metal influenced hardcore band as well.

These guys recorded the demo themselves, with Lari and our common friend Lauri (of Alley Gods -fame) at helm, intheir training place. It turned out to be pretty good sounding and only minus, that’s really nothing, is weird echo in the vocals. When you think that this is their first demo, it’s really good quality overall and four songs is well good arsenal to demonstrate what their style really is. First track, Losing My Mind kicks in from heavy riffing into fast-paced verse, that slows up into a classic moshpart and it’s cool when right before the song ends and guitar hits those melodic chords. Next off, Weight Of The World, is little bit slower, but offers up some nice mid-tempo action and i’m all over this kind of stuff, i like my hardcore most as heavy and straight forward. Two remaining songs Thin Ice and No Compromise prove quite well that these songs are written in good time and rehearsed well and i have to say that there hasn’t been any traditional hardcore bands in vein of late Reckless Crew, Back Against The Wall and TKU Blindside, in Turku for some time, most bands have very metallic approach on their music, so Broken Ribs are bringing some fresh winds to our city. But coolest thing about this is that if you know anything out of Finnish hardcore, you should know by listening from which city Broken Ribs are and this is some real Turku City HardCore for you, my friends. I gotta say that this demo is pretty good and what comes on them performing live, they kicked ass and i’m looking forward to seeing them again. You can download the whole demo below (with permission from the band), or listen it through their Stereokiller -site.

You can listen the Broken Ribs demo at their site here;

Broken Ribs -Stereokiller

Broken Ribs – Demo 2012

For all contact regarding anything;



  1. Sorry about the track names, here are the correct ones;

    1. Losing My Ming
    2. Weight Of The World
    3. Thin Ice
    4. No Compromise

    I also updated the stereokiller site. Cheers Markus!

    Pirkka Poolside

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