No Rest No Peace

Worth The Pain are one of the best i know, when it comes to hardcore music from city of Lappeenranta. I’ve been following the doings of these guys ever since ’02, when i witnessed them on stage for their third(?) show ever. That same show being my first hardcore show that i went to see. I got WTP’s first demo No Regrets from them and it featured their early incarnation of 2-vocalists and a handful of metallic hardcore. Guys we’re of course a lot younger then, but it was firm start and i really liked that demo. As the years have passed, WTP forged themselves into the shape they are today, leaving one vocalist behind and a lot of band members switching instruments, inside the band. I could say they revealed their full blown force with Sacrifices mcd, that came out in 2005. After that the band went on, toured and focused on writing even better stuff than before, later they unleashed another chapter with To The Bitter End Cd/Lp, their first full-length and also their hardest record to the date, of course. Lately (’round couple years back) they also dropped a split 7″ with Dutch holy terrorists, Human Demise, marking that record also departure of one of their original founding members, Olli. With 2:nd full-length coming up, i was very intrigued to hear how their material would sound with a new man on 2:nd guitar.

So long for history lessons and remembering back, No Rest No Peace titles the new WTP album and it hits definitely hard, harder than Worth The Pain has ever before managed to hit. As i’ve said, they’ve gotten better all the time, but taking time and concentrating on putting all their craftmanship into the new album, they really have outdone themselves. Yes it’s plain  good old, metallic hardcore, but it just is that damn good. Worth The Pain has always had influences from really heavy hardcore bands, that we’re big influence to many kids in Lappeenranta late 90’s and early 2000’s, but as well more mid-tempo, groovy, straight forward hardcore, i’m talking about bands ranging from Earth Crisis, All Out War, Cold As Life, Merauder, 25 Ta Life to Madball, Death Threat, Death Before Dishonor & Strife, they sound heavy, but still very, very traditionally hardcore and balance between is perfect. You should be impressed when the album kicks in, since Take My Side, Conquer It All and title track, No Rest, No Peace deliver quite a rush right away, at the start for the album. With loss of Olli on guitar, Worth The Pain found very good replacement in Juide (from Another One Dead) and his addition will certainly bring something new to WTP’s sound in the future. With great recording on their side, WTP continue intensively, dropping real deal hardcore, with their own distinctive sound. Joonas is screaming as distinctive as always, but i don’t know if it is the mix or recording of WTP’s newer records, but his vocals have evolved a bit after Sacrifices mcd, making his screaming even more personal sounding and better than ever. Pekka (guitar) is also dropping some “clean”-ish backup vocals on select songs, nothing cheesy or corny, trust me, it’s all bringing variety to the songs, they know what they are doing. Songs like; For The Young, Under The Concrete Skies and show well that WTP isn’t sounding much like their influences, but crafting well done hardcore of their own. No Rest No Peace is really tight package, with only 8 tracks, but it’s the quality that counts, isn’t it? There is no filler tracks and they carry on well their musical direction from To The Bitter End LP and Human Demise -Split 7″, which is just great. No Rest No Peace is hard as hell album and i truly hope everyone will pick it.  CD-version has been released by my boys at Poolside Records together with Turn & Run Records (LP version will come out later this year), so support your local and independent hardcore labels. Listen Conquer It All, No Rest No Peace and Final Bell at WTP’s Stereokiller site.

Worth The Pain – Stereokiller


Worth The Pain -Facebook

Poolside Records -Facebook


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