Kukaan ei ole turvassa!

It’s been already a good handful of years, since i last time wrote about (originally) Lappeenranta based No One Is Safe, who nowdays reside in cities of Lappeenranta and Helsinki. These guys dropped one hell of a demo some years ago and i’ve been into them ever since i first time heard of ’em. Hardcore, with HARD very strongly intact in every possible area of their music, is very much present and is the name of NO1S’s game. Now they’re taking the scene by storm with their LONG awaited full-length album; Strike First Strike Hard. While Finnish bands tend really take their time to finish their records, specially full-lengths sometimes seem to take quite a lot time, still again with No One Is Safe’s LP+CD -combination, i’m not complaining at all. Since NO1S demo back in 2006, much hasn’t changed, couple minor line-up changes have happened during the years, but after six years, the guys are stronger and more determined than ever. No One Is Safe is not to fuck with, these guys aren’t playing, when it comes to heavy, pounding metallic hardcore, i’m talking about stuff that punches holes through concrete wall.

Strike First Strike Hard is a eleven track LP, that comes together with CD-version of the record, so anyone who hasn’t got a turntable, should not be whining and crying, that they can’t buy the “cd” version. Isn’t it the fucking same, if you want to support the band, even you wouldn’t like vinyls at all, you still get the CD version too, on a same price. They drop here all new songs and couple oldies from the 2006 Demo, them being of course compeletely re-recorded and sound really awesome. Overall if you think the sounds on the record, it’s fucking mint, heavy as heavy can really sound and i really really love that guitar sound, it’s insane, i can’t even tell how hard it sounds. Intro / Luulot Pois, kicks in Strike First Strike Hard with driving, hard intro and short burst of what’s to come. Brand new banger, Dead In A Second, follows and it’s really great start to the new material, you can expect some crushing, heavy riffs and trademark dual vocals of Timo and Jouko. NO1S has always made their mark for me, for using two vocalists who work together really well, Jouko’s deep growls and Timo’s sharper screaming mix in perfectly in the songs. Hated For The Truth and Loyalty Takes It’s Toll, are both new song, but sound familiar since i remember hearing these live already before the record was out. This material continues in similar vein with what they did on their demo and also making appearance on the LP is Family First, really great track, that was featured originally on Full House Record’s compilation Building The Legacy II. No One Is Safe plays in very traditional field, when you think of hardcore, they are nothing close to a what you call today a “beatdown hardcore band”, they have good deal of very fucking heavy riffs, but still have also a lot of faster parts, that way making more sense in the music itself, making it also sound really traditional style way hardcore, but not forgetting that crushing heaviness and i have to say that this record has certainly few of the sickest breakdowns and moshparts, that i’ve heard for a while. You could think NO1S being influenced by bands such as Bulldoze, Next Step Up, All Out War, Death Threat, Cold As Life, Two By Four, (old) Hatebreed -you know, all that classic good stuff.

They have couple very interesting guest spots on the record, with old Nummela (it’s near Helsinki) band called Bleeding Heart‘s vocalist Sakke is laying off some nice screams on the album’s title track, Strike First Strike Hard. Aside that there’s re-done “classic” track (it’s so old that i’m counting it as NO1S classic, haha), Prevail with AJ of Worth The Pain, just like he was doing his part on the original demo recording too. It’s cool that they got Prevail and their title track, No One Is Safe, re-recorded on the LP, since those two are being my favourite songs off the demo, it’s really great! To make the guest list even more interesting, Resist Forever, has a whole bunch of guys from many great bands; Ville of Breamgod is doing his thing with Matti of Cutdown (who plays guitar and does backup vocals in Cutdown), Abu from Third Man Down (playing guitar for TMD) and Eme, who is a Finnish hip-hop artist with many various different aliases and projects and he’s doing his thing in Finnish too, if you have heard Cutdown’s Rise & Fall, you know what’s up with the rap thing. No One Is Safe’s Strike First Strike Hard LP is certainly upping the bar for Finnish hardcore this year, i’m anxious to hear what’s to come from many bands, but with already records such as this and Worth The Pain’s new LP, it’s gonna bea tough competition for the best album in 2012. I’m just glad to see that Finnish hardcore lives and breathes well, there’s so many amazing bands that just need to get heard more and need to get their asses outside our borders to play shows too!

No One Is Safe – Strike First Strike Hard LP+CD is already available with worldwide shipping through Recordstore X, the label (glad to see my dudes helping on making this release into reality) Poolside Records or the band. You can check out songs from the LP through their Stereokiller site (link below). Catch No One Is Safe’s record release show this Saturday 25.2. at Hyvinkää, they are playing with our favourite French heavyweights, Providence, who are currently touring Finland.

No One Is Safe -Stereokiller

No One Is Safe -Facebook

No One Is Safe -Website

Poolside Records

Recordstore X


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