Symptoms Of Our Time 7″

Second time i cross my path with this relatively young band, from Hämeenlinna, Left Cold, was when one of the labels, of their new 7″, contacted me and asked for a review. I’m really sorry, that it took so long, but here it is! So with that said, i’ll fill you in bit more about Left Cold, since many of you probably haven’t heard of them before. I picked their From The Ashes -tape, maybe couple years ago from some distro at a show. Not 100% sure, but i think it was their first demo or something, anyhow i thought that it showed some promise, they played dark and heavy sounding hardcore, that sounded to be very influenced by bands such as Integrity, Cursed and their alikes. I think Left Cold has been playing some shows there and there, but until this year, they hadn’t gotten that much attention. Their newly released first 7″, Symptoms Of Our Time, on Johnny Park Avenue Records and Face Your Gods, on the other hand, has gotten them some  buzz.

Hämeenlinna isn’t exactly well know from it’s hardcore / punk bands, so it is even weird to hear band of this style to come out from that city. Left Cold’s first vinyl release, Symptoms Of Our Time is a 4-track 7″, that’s pretty much easily summed as short, dark and heavy. They have four songs on the record and all tracks have been titled with roman numerics. This way to name your tracks is apparently becoming popular, since i’ve gotten two records in a short period of time, that both have done this (see Pigeon Hunt -review). This being only a minor distraction, cause music comes first, as usual and Left Cold have stepped up their game, that’s for sure. I, well defines their new sound, it’s totally different, at least in soundwise, than on the demo tape. They sound so much heavier and darker than before and the same tone is all over all of these songs. They aren’t singing about happy shit either, it’s darkness and chaos, shit gone wrong etc, you know what young men like to scream about in hardcore songs and it’s working out just fine here too. Crossing between atmoshpheric heaviness and raw “holy-terrorian” influenced hardcore, Left Cold have really got their pieces well fit on Symptoms Of Our Time. I haven’t seen these guys live ever before, but will be going to see them actually tonight in my hometown with local hardcore heroes; Broken Ribs, The Reality Show and couple Helsinki based bands, Pigeon Hunt and Lighthouse Project. Hopefully it’ll turn out a good show, we’ll just see how Left Cold will turn out, since the 7″ is pretty short and still leaves a feeling for “something more”, i hope that they will deliver that “more” with their future releases. Fans of all holy terror -related or influenced hardcore and dark crust (His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise etc.), should check out Left Cold.

Left Cold -Facebook

Johnny Park Avenue Records

Face Your Gods



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