Witness A Rebirth

It’s kind of weird to see old bands get from “the playing couple re-union shows time to time” to back into stage of full-blown bands, that write new music. In some cases it has worked out perfectly, probably best example being one and only Earth Crisis. Years back, they disbanded for a while, but soon continued, writing excellent new music to this date. LA’s Strife is in same category as EC, being one of the biggest straight edge hardcore bands of the 90’s, but as we know they stopped claiming to be a straight edge band, long time ago when they first broke up. After coming back and writing (by my opinion) not very good album (Angermeans), Strife was around a short time and quit again, playing couple re-union shows during years. Since their last leg of time to time reunion shows, the band seemed to get more serious, so they started writing new music. I’ve been a huge fan of all early Strife records, so while i knew Angermeans was pretty bad record, i thought that they wouldn’t probably anymore go into that direction with their new material, so i was very interested to hear how they would sound. Earth Crisis did the same thing with Slither, otherwise perfect discography was off shot with horrible album, but they as well returned to glory and triumphed after their break-up and so has done Strife. I don’t give a fuck if they aren’t sxe anymore (even it was a big part of the band’s history) and i respect that if they play those songs that distinctly touchs subject of the straight edge, they have some friend who is edge to sing that song (i.e. Force Of Change) and after listening to Witness A Rebirth, the new album, it feels just like it what should have been happening after In This Defiance. They have managed to keep the spirit and direction of their original style very alive with this new album. I really was kinda surprised that Witness A Rebirth really sounded so damn good, cause even interested, i didn’t have any expectations how it would maybe sound. Classic hardcore only how Strife know how to do it.

I strongly courage everyone to check out the new album, it’s best thing (with newer Earth Crisis records and Vision Of Disorder‘s new LP) that an older band, that has made a comeback, has done. Rick Rodney sounds as fierce as ever and everything else is soundwise and songwise in it’s place, it’s classic Strife in it’s finest form. Pick it up if you like it, i’m definitely dropping an order for this sucker right now.

Listen Witness A Rebirth as whole here.


Strife -Facebook

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