First, this writing is fucking late, haha. Sorry guys & girls, i’m doing my best here (for the band).

One Finnish band that i missed big time, when they first came around, was M.O.R.A., straight ‘outta Helsinki city. I had heard couple songs from their Myspace, rehearsal recordings and thought that it sounded promising. Still i missed many chances to see their shows. One time we drove from one show to other same night, from Helsinki to Hyvinkää and M.O.R.A. played there, but we arrived just when they had already played their set. I actually think that there was at least 3 or 4 times when i didn’t have any money, to buy their cd and one point when i tried to trade it at one show with some .45 cd’s, they had already done that some time ago, so no CD again. So it was damn hard to get the cd! After finally seeing them live couple times and playing also a show with them, it was clear that i really liked their shit, so we booked them to play KTL Fest last year (2013). To the point, what we are talking about here is a five-piece, who play pretty damn solid heavy hardcore, very much in vein of New Jersey thugs, Clubber Lang, Helsinki’s own alleyway gauntlet kings Cutdown and legendary, loved and feared Lappeenranta unit Black Betsy.

Having members from very different musical backgrounds (only just even inside punk / hardcore -spectre) brings a lot to this band, their members have played in various very different styled bands; Aurinkokerho, Creepy Crawlie, Confusa and Black Betsy. Then again, what makes M.O.R.A. any different than the bands, who i mentioned what they sound alike? I guess i didn’t tell you, that they got two gals singing for them and that they sing their metallic hardcore with our native language, Finnish. M.O.R.A.’s S/T CD is their first release and has been put out by the band themselves. When i first heard M.O.R.A., training tape rips on myspace didnt really give accurate picture how they would really come to sound, can’t remember the year of that, but its already years back, when they were just starting out. I was really impressed how heavy they sounded on the album, guitar tone is crazy, just as heavy and chugging as you can hope for this kind of hardcore, without sounding too clean. Rurik’s got some dope ass riffs and there’s lots of very “clubber langish” moshparts (anyone who knows how i love CL understands, that it’s just fucking awesome, so lots of parts to wreck shit up to)! Real hardcore always needs to have some roughness in there, to even up sometimes very real clean production, or that’s how i like it at least. These Helsinki guys & girls got a good thing going on and their cd is full of non-stop action. Introduced politely by one and only Handsome Strangler, M.O.R.A.’s intro hits up into Feikki (Fake). There’s no empty or boring moment, it’s straight up in your face all the time, Suvi & Piia deliver distinct voices, other going bit deeper and rasper tone as other puts out just straight, bit higher screaming. Vocal arrangements are great, lots of backups, to almost simultaneously switching singers, great use of two vocalists. Lyrically it’s more about fucked up things in life; fucking up, being betrayed, trying from worse to better, into criticizing modern day “fast-credit loan lifestyles” and being brutalized by security guards, by just looking certain way, lots of very good stuff, shit most of our kind can certainly relate to. I think that i don’t need to explain anything more, since as always, the music will speak for itself.

M.O.R.A. is actually in turning point of their band, since other singer Piia and bass player Katja, are leaving the band. They are playing handful of shows and have recorded some new material with the original lineup, that’ll see light of the day this year. Band will continue, but is seeking new members. More distinct info about all this go to their FB.

M.O.R.A. Facebook

M.O.R.A. Bigcartel



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