Reserving Dirtnaps


Straight outta Memphis, USA comes Reserving Dirtnaps, who approached me a while ago with their 5-track mcd. It’s awesome that in these days of the inter nerd, some people still bother to promote their bands personally and not just spam links on facebook etc, even just with email, but still. So with the fact that, Reserving Dirtnaps sounded pretty damn good, heavy as fuck hardcore that isn’t exactly all beatdown, but maintains chugging heaviness on pretty crazy level, i decided to do a review for them.

As said the band comes from Memphis, Tennessee and features also members from older Memphis band, Clenched Fist. Their sound though, isn’t exactly same with CF, but if you like them, you probably like Reserving Dirtnaps too. For what i hear in their music could be bands such as; Cold As Life, Bulldoze, Stout and Next Step Up. They are delivering punishing heaviness, but still sound like proper heavy hardcore, not like those bands, that sound like their every song is just one endless bad moshpart. You could compare them also in a way with some newer bands that are right now delivering their shit far more heavier than most like: Lifeless, Bottomfeeder and Xibalba.

No Consent is the first track on Reserving Dirtnaps S/T Cd and the rough, mostly slow tempo filled chugging is bound to blow shit up. Commune continues straight off with similar heavy straightforward brutality and by far here you should also have noticed vocalist Brandon’s voice, he sounds seriously pissed and menacing. Don’t be afraid that they are just pummeling riffs down slow and low, cause they are throwing in time to time some faster parts like you can hear in Commune and in couple songs there is a bit of death metal influences to be heard too, maybe it’s the vocals, which are really brutal, but what do i know, all i do is that this stuff is working pretty damn well. Dim Passage is another no punches pulling juggernaut and i really like that RD has got a sound as heavy and hard as their songs are, it’s a tidal wave of crushing sound coming straight at you, i actually got stuck listening into this song and snapped awake just only when it ended, you could say that’s heavy. Fourth track Scars Of The Eye, throws in some almost melodic riffs, that don’t last very long, but give in variety of what this band are able to put in their songs. Fate’s Messenger blows out with full on pedal attack, then slows down into mosh frenzy, again hitting that fucking freight train mode, pillaging everything. This five track mcd is pretty hard starter for this young band and i for one am really excited to hear more of these guys, if you are into heavy hardcore at all, please give these guys a minute of your time, you can listen the whole cd right here, right now.

They just got the cd’s in some time ago for the S/T, so hit ’em up and order one if you like this stuff.


Reserving Dirtnaps -Facebook



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