KTL Fest 2015: Long Gone


Long Gone are (originally) from Hämeenlinna, they have been around for fews years already, but have been waiting slowly in silence for the right moment to come. Their demo tape got noticed by A389 Recordings head Dom Romero and i actually first time heard about Long Gone that time too, if a man who’s favourite hardcore band in the world is Integrity, says that these dudes do pretty well in playing “integritian hardcore”, how can he be wrong? Here’s a quick check out what these local holy terrorists are up to currently and what you can expect from them in few weeks when they kick it off as the first band on KTL Fest 2015 Friday.

Hey, what’s up Long Gone, quick introduction to the band who’s playing and brief history? 

Riku -vox, Juha -guitar, Kari -bass and Lassi -drums. We have been playing few years getting things ahead slowly. Early days we used to have second guitar player Tatu, but he left the band after moving away from Hämeenlinna. Last year we made a demo tape. It is sold out here in Finland but you can still get it’s American version from Bezerker records.

Where the band has gotten it’s influences and what you guys are up to currently? 

Obvious musical main influenses are old Integrity and Ringworm. We are preparing to record some new songs during this fall. Ep should be out in early next year.

You are coming from Hämeenlinna, city that hasn’t been THAT known for it’s hardcore and punk bands (i know there is a few; Left ColdHorros etc.), is it hard to be a hardcore band in a city like yours? 

We don’t all live in Hämeenlinna, but it is base of our actions. Scene is small here, but there has been some good shows in local Suisto club (mostly). Now the scene has been less active but we are starting to organise some shows now when there is less personal hurry in our lives. –

You have not played in Turku before, have you been here to see shows before, or do you got any relations on any bands from this city? 

Some of us have seen few good shows in Turku but we haven’t made close connections with Turku bands yet, aside from making a few internet friends and meeting people in shows. Beautiful city with interesting and diverse musical scene.

Anything to tell us regarding your show at KTL Fest?

We are honoured to play at KTL fest. It is going to be quite short and intense gig. We are also waiting to see other bands play.

Thanks a lot guys, see you at the fest! 

Thank you.

Order LONG GONE demo tape from here: Bezerker Records 


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