KTL Fest 2015: M.O.R.A.


Veera Uutinen / Uura Photography

M.O.R.A. have been doing their thing for a while already and are well liked in both punk and hardcore scenes. They were on a short break, but have again activated and put out a new cd/7″, went to tour and have been playing local shows, all this in short time after line-up changes! Suvi fills us in on what’s currently happening in their camp! They will be hitting the stage on Friday at KTL Fest!

Yo! What’s up M.O.R.A., you have gone through a few line-up changes lately, how did they go and how it has affected the band?

The first lineup change concerning our vocalist didn’t go all that smoothly but by going through needless shit we ended up scoring Ulla in the band which is by far the best thing that could have happened! Of course there’s always an “orientation period” when you recruit new family members (well at least I consider the band extended family) but we’re getting there for sure. There’s a lot of good energy going around now and I can’t wait for us to have the time to make some new songs. So all in all it was worth the trouble ‘cause now we’re solid as fuck man!

You released a new cd / 7″ also a while ago called Halveksunnan Aika, how has it been received and do you think does it differ from your first record?

Well actually I’m not all that sure how the new record has been received by “the public”, but according to reviews I’m inclined to think its not a complete piece of shit…I think this EP is even more metal oriented compared to our first CD and believe the lyrics and arrangements have gone up a notch as well. But in the end what do I know…

As well you hit the road again little while back, how was that trip, it was your second or third tour by far?

This was our third trip abroad so far. Being on tour is by far the best way to spend your time so for me every trip is a big ass success, no matter what goes on…and by god we did have the reality TV style “drama” thing going on (courtesy of our late singer) at times but that didn’t stop the rest of us from having a great time. It was cool meeting new like-minded people…never mind the free beer, fuck yes! I actually just wrote a tour report for Kancer Country and if Antti deems it printable you can read more about our times on the road from the next issue.

What you are up to currently as a band, any release plans already or are you just hitting the stage as much as often you can at the moment?

We had quite a busy summer so we’re thinking about pacing ourselves for a while, we’ll see how that goes hahah. The goal is to make some fresh songs with our current lineup so Amel and Ulla won’t have to spend all their time doing songs they had no part in making. That’s gotta suck in the long run hahah
So if all doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket we’ll have something new released next year…which we probably won’t since my motto for the band is “doing fuck all since whenever”…but a girl can dream, right?

Thanks a lot!

M.O.R.A. -Bandcamp

M.O.R.A. -Facebook

M.O.R.A. -Bigcartel


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