KTL Fest 2015: Sattalite & Metakolibri

It’s certainly not easy to describe what happens when this trio hits the stage, Sattalite & Metakolibri are a three man band that forges together everything from rap, hip-hop, noise, punk and between. They are pretty much performance act as they are intense and loud live performers, little bit odd bird on otherwise punk/hardcore oriented show, they are still definitely one of the most interesting acts to witness on KTL weekend.

Sup sup, Sattalite & Metakolibri, short introduction who are you, who does what and what the fuck is up?

Sattalite: Im music enthusiast who mostly loves 80’s music, travelling and be around the nature.
Metakolibri: Man who loves different masks, fan of Stevie Nicks, The Unthanks and Kool G Rap.
No strangers in local rap/hip-hop scene, you have been around for a while, but how does this project differ from the previous groups you have been in(Vieläki Lepposaa, Martinmäki etc.)?

This project feels more spiritual and less commercially compromised. We go there where music leads us.

How would you try to describe how Sattalite & Metakolibri sounds and what is that you want to achieve with this band?
Music sounds like disco with blood. We want to sound progressive while having fun on the stage.
You guys have some connections to hardcore / punk scene with Sattalite working with Ronskibiitti, who have played lots of hc/punk shows, but do any of you have any playing background in this kind of music?

S: I had a punk band with my friends back in 2004. We made two songs, one with music video and second song ended up in to our skatevideo. Band was called “The Spirits”.
MK: In the mid 90’s I remember screaming my guts out in highschool band just to piss teachers off. After all these years I still dislike the “safetynets” in musical expression.
What can we wait out of Sattalite & Metakolibri, when you will hit the stage at KTL Fest? 

Due to our twisted sense of humor, we try to challenge the usual perception what people usually might expect from us.
Our drummer is on honeymoon, so we have hooked up with a local guitarist who is more known in underground metal scene.


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