KTL Fest 2015: Alley Gods


Alley Gods 2015 (Oskari 2004).

Alley Gods are the guest of honor for this year’s KTL Fest, they have been laying low for a while but while talking breeze with them guys at Oskari’s (AG vocalist) wedding, we kinda made up the idea that they need to do some kinda special show. They realized that Alley Gods is turning 10 years this year, so what the fuck, and they were booked! For those who have not heard of AG before, they are straight up hardcore punk rock band, that used to play a lot shows and put out more records than any of our other bands almost combined, haha (they still put out only few). Poolside Records was as well tightly involved with the band, as they pretty much put the label together to release first Alley Gods 7″. It’s gonna be really fucking something to see Alley Gods back on track on KTL Friday, it’s gonna be like, well, pure mortal combat? Here’s their catch-up’s. 

It’s been a while dudes, good to see you guys back on stage soon, what’s up Alley Gods, how are things in 2015?

It’s quiet mainly with Alley Gods overall, but this show is something we’ve been looking for some time. We’ve had so much fun playing the old songs again in the rehearsals and the songs also bring us lot of great memories from the past also.

Alley Gods is turning 10 -years this year and you are now playing special show to celebrate that, does this also mean that ”hiatus” you have been now for a while will end or is this just a special one off show?

This is a special show to celebrate what we started as dumb kids 10 years ago. We don’t have anything planned in the future so far. We are not going to quit the band, but other bands are taking the time from this. When we feel like it, we wanna do some new songs and play shows again. But we can’t say for sure when it’s gonna happen. So maybe see you again at the 15 years anniversary show with the same songs? Hehe.

You guys are active in other bands, notably Väistä! (Teemu and Lauri) and .45 Stainless (Topi), has Alley Gods’s break been caused by your other bands or have you just taken it easy with AG by choice?

First we took it easy with Alley Gods and then VÄISTÄ! started to take all of Teemu’s and Lauri’s time. .45 Stainless is also active, so it’s a vice versa situation. Mainly we don’t have clear path of Alley Gods now and that is causing the hiatus. Lauri is taking almost all the responsibility now for our song writing process and he hasn’t been active writing songs recently.

10 years is actually quite a long time to be still together as same band in Finland, you pretty much are the oldest Turku hardcore band that is still active out of our generation’s bands (Reckless Crew, Unloyal, Ill Omen, Get Stitches etc.), share some best memories from along the way?

YES! that is amazingly long time for a hardcore punk band, maybe we’re just too dumb to quit? We believe that it’s partly caused by the fact that we were best friends before even starting this band and we still are. Many of the bands that quit have been gathering musicians who are friends or not so well known to each other from the start and the bands are image of a certain time period. If a key member wants to leave the band, you either quit or find a replacement. The Turku scene is not so huge so sometimes it feels best to just quit the band.

But the memories! AH! So many good memories with this band, as well as few bad ones also. We started in Teemu’s parents garage as a punk rock band. When Oskari joined, things got more towards hardcore punk. We moved to one school bomb shelter and from there to Orighetto. Along the way we have been playing mostly in Turku, but also the main cities in whole Finland and two shows in Russia also. The best shows we’ve done are probably in Lohja. Just in a crazy venues like summer cottage or rehearsal room where anything could happen. Alley Gods has always been a real party band. We are not the tightest playing band or the most sober one, but we’ve always had lots of fun. The memories of playing in old TVO venue are of course the best ones also, but it’s hard to point out a specific show. We’ve played there like 1000 times and sometimes even two times a week so you could imagine it’s our home base.

So as expected, AG 10-years show will be something special, can you give us any hints about what will happen when you get back on stage? Thanks a lot guys!

This is something special! We gonna play songs throughout our whole career and from all of our albums: Demo (2006), S/T 7” EP (2009), Correcting wrong opinions-CD (2010) and North state of mind 10” (2011). Also expect some great covers we’ve done along the road! Let’s have some fun in TVO and party like it’s 2000 and motherfuckin 8!!! Thank you and see you soon!!!

Alley Gods -bandcamp

Alley Gods -homepage


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