KTL Fest 2015: Foreseen

Helsinki crossover maniacs, Foreseen has been doing big things in 2015. Their debut LP, Helsinki Savagery, has been the best record to emerge under file crossover for years and years. Fusing hardcore and crossover thrash into perfect form, Foreseen did also play This Is Hardcore in the summer and busted 2-week US tour. So you could say there is a lot going on with these guys!

Yo Foreseen, how’d its going in the swag slam camp at the moment?
We just wrapped the summers shows. After ktl we are taking a short break to finish writing new songs that we are going to record in december. The year has been mad busy this far so its good to slow down a bit cause we still have a one tour left to do.
You played your first US tour in the summer, that was kicked off by show in This Is Hardcore, not bad at all, what kinda experience was that tour overall?

America was really great for us and we are definitely going back. First it was pretty surreal to even be touring the states but it felt pretty natural after couple of shows. TIHC was the biggest show we ever played and everyone was pretty nervous before we went to the stage but we played a good Solid show and got some good feedback. Great experience overall. Joe hardcore gave us some encouraging words in the backstage: if you can swim in the lake you can swim in the ocean, if you can play a small stage you can also play the big stage.

All of your hard work touring DIY and playing countless shows paid off pretty well, cause its pretty rare that euro or Finnish bands get to go to play in the US, i understood the US tour was also partly self booked, with help from stateside too, was that a hard job too?

Well we worked together with the power trip guys to book the first week of the tour and we also got help from Henry from electric assault records to book the second one. It was wasn’t that hard to book but still took a lot of work.

Your first LP, Helsinki Savagery has been on the lips of everyone who listens punk, hardcore and metal ever since it came out, did it come out as you expected, you must be pretty pleased on how all scenes have received it?

LP was received better than we could have hoped for so we were really happy. Of course there are things that we would do a bit differently now but nothing major. We play all types of shows these days and the record have been received really good by all crowds from punk to hardcore to metal.

Going from hardcore more into crossover on the LP, where you think Foreseen’s sound will be going in the future, you got a new 7″ on the works i hear?

We think that we have found our sound so there wont be any big changes in the new songs, obviously we dont want to repeat the LP but i dont think thats going to be a problem. We have a really good feeling about the songs that we are working on now and we want to exceed ourselfs with the next record which will indeed be a 7″.

Will there be new shit heard on KTL Fest Saturday? 

We are going to feature a one new song from the 7″ in the set at ktl. Pretty exited about that!

Thanks a lot!

Foreseen -Bandcamp

Foreseen -Facebook

Foreseen -Bigcartel


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