Victory Demands Sacrifice


One of the records i was most excited about last year, was the return album by quite obscure band known as; War-Time Manner, straight out of Troy, NY. I wrote about them back in 2011; Wartime Manner (fuck, that’s already some time ago!) and fortunately got in contact with people who knew guys from the band and eventually the band itself. This lead to fill in a lot of questions i had and it was figured out that Scorched Earth Policy (in the previous post) was their demo tape. Lots of those songs were featured also on several compilation cd’s (We The People -comp and Capital Punishment -comp) and War-Time Manner & Two By Four – Split 7″ on infamously legendary Back Ta Basics Records. Roughly few years back War-Time Manner emerged suddenly and ever since i was waiting that they would release something. I’m extremely pleased on what they are offering with the new cd titled; Victory Demands Sacrifice.

Quick recap if you aint’t too keen on reading through the whole 2011 post; 

“Wartime Manner isn’t your typical tough guy hardcore band, but they deliver spectacular variety of styles under hardcore in their music. First off you’ll hear some downright heavy, metallic hardcore, but it’s backed with lots of tempo changes, solos, chugging old school beatdown riffs, hip-hop influences and “clean” vocals too, so this is definitely NOT your average metallic hardcore band.”

We are talking here about one of the least known and most underappreciated bands that i’ve ever known. War-Time Manner is just heavier and more full of surprises than most of the bands that exist today, since WTM songs can have just absolutely anything in them, you’ll never kkow what to expect. They maintain their music absolutely crushing and this has to be one of the most ignorant sounding bands out there who have ever existed, pure thugcore in it’s finest form. Their hometown Troy has always been known from supreme heavy hardcore bands, that all have been pretty under radar: Dying Breed, Brick By BrickPolitics Of Contraband, Burning Human, Execution Style and of course the allmighty; Stigmata.

Victory Demands Sacrifice cd was released by the band itself and it gathers up a almost everything that WTM has ever recorded. New and old songs walk together perfectly and unless you are familiar with the old classics, you couldn’t say which one is older track and which new. That’s pretty damn impressive for a band, whose last recorded output came out years and years ago, maybe 1994 or something like that. I believe other of the compilations that WTM was featured on, either Capital Punisment or We The People -compilations came out around that time. It took some time for War-Time Manner to get back on track with recording, but for real i have to say it, what a fucking comeback it really is! This record is also released all diy by the band themselves, recording is excellent sounding and the whole package portrays WTM’s style and image very clearly, there is lots of guns and violence, but so there is in their music. I really think that i don’t even need to go to the music that much, cause i’ve said all about this band in this and the previous post about them (link is up there in first chapter)All that needs to be said is that War-Time Manner is fucking ignorant, hard, heavy hardcore band, that will do whatever the fuck they want and has deliver the most crushing thugcore record in many years. This was on my top records of 2015 and if you dig heavy, rugged, hard shit, you will love War-Time Manner. I will leave you with some videos and tracks off Victory Demands Sacrifice.

Victory Demands Sacrifice CD / digital is available at and from the band via their Facebook page. 

War-Time Manner -Facebook

War-Time Manner -Website


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