Killing The Legacy was found in 2007. I wanted to spread the word and music of hardcore bands, that i felt didn’t get recognition they deserved. Based in Finland, was a firm aim to include a lot of my country’s hardcore scene, as it is, like it or not, the finest among the world. I used to play in couple bands called, Ill Omen (rip), .45 Stainless and Brain Rot, have been Straight Edge since ’02 and have been involved into hardcore around same time. We arrange annual Killing The Legacy Fest with together with my wife and Killing The Legacy Records has been putting out few records time to time. These days i also jam with a new band in making, VILE FATE.

Influences and shout outs to all those people, sites and bands, that made want to do this, find my way and helped me cope:

Andrew of Aversionline, EMS of Coregasm, Henrik of Bring Honour Or Walk Away -who all made me want to write and expose all obscure and rare bands i ever loved. Most of them anymore write actively, but even so, they all did amazing job doing their thing. You should check out amazing new site that Andrew Aversionline has been co-founding; No Echo.

All in all, i’ve ever only written any post of a band, to make more people familiar with the band, to buy their records and merchandise. That is the real deal, real hardcore kids do support their scene, support the bands, even the old and forgotten ones, if you can in any way possible.

Hardcore is not a commodity, it’s community and some of us value it for life, some of us live by it, day by day.

Markus / Killing The Legacy – 2016


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