Upright “Outside Looking In” video

Off their soon to be released new 12″ Here To Disappear on Ratel Records & Collision Records. Remember to check out the other new song “Drowning” from ther bandcamp here:



KTL Fest 2015: Paska Sakki

I’m sorry, but interview with Paska Sakki (free translation: shitty bunch?) has to be presented in Finnish, translating it wouldnt make much sense to anyone, because this is really not your regular interview (photos and handwritten answers included). But in the other hand,  Paska Sakki isn’t just your regular hardcore band either. Here we go…

Paska Sakki on siis Mike, Hannu, Turo ja Häkki. Tämä selvennyksenä koska vaan, että kaikki tietää kuka puhuu, katotaan mitä tästä tulee, täysin uusi formaatti haastatteluiden suhteen on otettu juuri meinaan käyttöön. 

Tässä kysymykset:

(1) Jou jou Paska Sakki, kertokaas ketä bändissä on mukana ja kuka soittaa mitä?

(2) Olette soittanut nyt jo muutaman vuoden, mistä alunperin tuli idea soittaa raaempaa ja punkimpaa hardcorea?

(3)Suurin osa teistä on soittanu enimkseen metallisemmissa hardcore bändeissä ennen paska sakkia, onko tää bändi vaihtelua siihen raskaampaa meininkiin?

(4) Teiltä tuli eka 7″ alkuvuodesta, onko siitä tullut palautetta ja miten se on otettu vastaan?

(5) Millasia tulevaisuuden suunnitelmia Paska Sakilla on, Häkki ja Turo vaikuttaa ainakin muissa bändeissä?

(6) Ette oo vielä kerennyt Turussa tällä bändillä soittamaan keikkaa, mutta löytyiskö joku stoori joltain jonkun teidän aikaisemmalta reissulta tänne?
Jos niitä kysymyksiä oli lisää, bändi vissii itse keksi ne? Sitten vastauksiin / itse haastikseen.

Häkki: kaikki kuvat julkassaa.

Turo: Seiskoi ja paitoi on mukana turus mut en tiä muistetaanko myydä!


Turo: Paska sakki kertoo : kivaa on ollut salee!! Kitaristin välikommentti: kiitos jo etukäteen tästä haastattelusta!! Tämä haastattelu tehtiin saunan, börren ja vodkan voimalla. PSPSPS.



Häkki: Tätä on tehty koko ilta, kohta tulee vastaukset kuvina.








Mike: laitettiin enemmän kysymyksiä kun oli niin huonoja.


Turo: Aow 99 original paita, ei myynnissä.

Turo: Noni, haastis melkee valmis. 

Paska Sakki -Facebook

KTL Fest 2015: Foreseen

Helsinki crossover maniacs, Foreseen has been doing big things in 2015. Their debut LP, Helsinki Savagery, has been the best record to emerge under file crossover for years and years. Fusing hardcore and crossover thrash into perfect form, Foreseen did also play This Is Hardcore in the summer and busted 2-week US tour. So you could say there is a lot going on with these guys!

Yo Foreseen, how’d its going in the swag slam camp at the moment?
We just wrapped the summers shows. After ktl we are taking a short break to finish writing new songs that we are going to record in december. The year has been mad busy this far so its good to slow down a bit cause we still have a one tour left to do.
You played your first US tour in the summer, that was kicked off by show in This Is Hardcore, not bad at all, what kinda experience was that tour overall?

America was really great for us and we are definitely going back. First it was pretty surreal to even be touring the states but it felt pretty natural after couple of shows. TIHC was the biggest show we ever played and everyone was pretty nervous before we went to the stage but we played a good Solid show and got some good feedback. Great experience overall. Joe hardcore gave us some encouraging words in the backstage: if you can swim in the lake you can swim in the ocean, if you can play a small stage you can also play the big stage.

All of your hard work touring DIY and playing countless shows paid off pretty well, cause its pretty rare that euro or Finnish bands get to go to play in the US, i understood the US tour was also partly self booked, with help from stateside too, was that a hard job too?

Well we worked together with the power trip guys to book the first week of the tour and we also got help from Henry from electric assault records to book the second one. It was wasn’t that hard to book but still took a lot of work.

Your first LP, Helsinki Savagery has been on the lips of everyone who listens punk, hardcore and metal ever since it came out, did it come out as you expected, you must be pretty pleased on how all scenes have received it?

LP was received better than we could have hoped for so we were really happy. Of course there are things that we would do a bit differently now but nothing major. We play all types of shows these days and the record have been received really good by all crowds from punk to hardcore to metal.

Going from hardcore more into crossover on the LP, where you think Foreseen’s sound will be going in the future, you got a new 7″ on the works i hear?

We think that we have found our sound so there wont be any big changes in the new songs, obviously we dont want to repeat the LP but i dont think thats going to be a problem. We have a really good feeling about the songs that we are working on now and we want to exceed ourselfs with the next record which will indeed be a 7″.

Will there be new shit heard on KTL Fest Saturday? 

We are going to feature a one new song from the 7″ in the set at ktl. Pretty exited about that!

Thanks a lot!

Foreseen -Bandcamp

Foreseen -Facebook

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KTL Fest 2015: Upright


Originally from Jyväskylä, now residing in Helsinki, comes Upright. These guys are delivering fearless NYC influenced grooves, that are mixed with sick ass riffing, that reminds a lot like bands like Crown Of Thronz, Breakdown and such. Upright is one of the hardest “newer” bands from Finland, so be sure not to miss them!

Straight from the Upright concrete, what’s up guys?

Yoo, we took a summer break after the studio and just took care of all the hassle that goes into making a new record. We didn’t play at all during the summer, now we’re back at it and excited to play a show in Turku.

You are just readying to put out a new 12″, Here To Disappear, care to tell a bit more about it?

Yeah should be out in a few months, but i’m not holding my breath with pressing plants, i think everyone in hc/punk is annoyed that vinyl is so popular nowadays. It’s coming out on Ratel Records from Poland, who I think is the coolest label in europe and on our good friends Collision Records from Helsinki. 12″ six-song EP with a good variety of songs, not one song sounds the same, but as a whole it still sounds like Upright.

What about the new material musically, do you see your music evolved a lot from your last 7″ Losing Touch?

Of course there’s been evolvement from our last release, but the basic idea have stayed the same through the years. On every record there are maybe some spices that come along by the music you’ve listened that time the songs are made, but in the end it’s just metallic hardcore punk. The most important evolution in the new 12″ EP is that it’s better than any of our earlier releases.

Where Upright at the start took it’s influences, i mean NYC is obvious, but what kinda sound you sought after for?

At the beginning we just wanted to do a band that we saw that Finland was lacking, late 80’s and early 90’s NYHC as main influences, i mean Finland always had good heavy hc bands and good punk bands and we were neither. We are four guys who all love different type of heavy music and we’ve hardly had any limits when it comes to writing music, which is always been a strenght for us. It’s a fine line when you wanna sound different but still the same, you know? You could easily go over the edge, but we have a good sense of what we are doing.

You must have lots of shit happening in near future with record coming out etc, tour plans?

We just wanna hold the record in our hands first before making any big plans, but yeah we wanna tour with it and spread the record all over, because it’s so good i can’t believe it myself. But first we just want to make it to Poland.

JKL cats and TKU guys seem to click pretty well, which is mad cool and Niko was on upcoming Väistä! record dropping some feats (i dont know if this is a big secret?) too, can you tell about that?

I like Turku as a city alot and I used to listen bands like The Stakeout and Hate Unit when I was a teenager. So when you and others booked us to Turku for the first time i was excited straight away. Too bad I never got to visit the original TVO. Väistä! is the best band coming from Turku from recent years and Roippe is one of the best dudes in Finnish hc. When he asked to be a part of the record, of course i was in. Our voices are very different so it sounds good!

Upright – for those who are about to pit, we salute you, see you on next Saturday!


Upright -Facebook

Upright -Bandcamp

KTL Fest 2015: Cutdown


Cutdown stands amongst the few of currently longest standing, still active hardcore bands in Helsinki. They were also pretty much the first band to introduce heavy chugging New Jersey, NY and PA -influenced hardcore here in Finland, that wasn’t very big thing back then. Cutdown has always had their own style and they can easily be matched with bands such as; Down My Throat, Bolt, Morning After and St. Hood, who all are, names in heavier Finnish hardcore, that you just need to know. 

What’s up guys, if i remember one of your first (second or third?) shows was actually in Turku at Beatdown By The Laituri, any recollections of that?

-Hey what’s up! You’re absolutely right, Beatdown By The Laituri (2002) was our first show ever and it still feels like yesterday. That was really a trip to remember. We went through everything from searching our drummer from basements and garages after his hard partying the previous night to sleeping on Kupittaa football stadiums field the night after the show. Good memories!

Cutdown has been around for years already and you haven’t had many line-up changes in the band. Guess that kind of great group dynamics can easily also then be projected into making music too, your new release, Undefeated, was released while ago, was it easy effort to put together?

-There’s been only minor lineup changes during the 14 years of existence. Häkki joined Cutdown to play guitar immediately after that very first show and we’ve had two drummers before Arttu. However, Arttu has been playing drums on all of our releases, so in a way he’s been there all the way since the beginning as well. Jude took over bass duties maybe 5 years (?) ago, when Kalle had to leave the band to take care of top priorities in life. So yeah, the lineup’s been quite solid and it definitely makes some things easier, even in song writing process. Then again, we’ve never been a band that comes up with 20 new songs each year so it always takes time to get anything new recorded and released. If we sometimes managed to come up with a new song in one or two practices back in the beginning, nowadays you probably couldn’t even recognize a song from our album if you compared it to the first version of it. Those just tend to change a lot in the process… But at least most of times during the process, all of us feels pretty same way about which parts and riffs should be changed and which ones are definite keepers. So back to the actual question, Undefeated was definitely not an easy process, as some of the songs took a long time before we were satisfied in them, but the problem wasn’t that we couldn’t come up with new riffs and ideas. It was only that we wanted to come up with better ones. If we used 25% of the riffs and different parts, that were written for these songs at some point, we could easily release two full lengths right away.

In hardcore so to speak, style wise, you have always stayed true to your game, Cutdown just sounds like Cutdown, but do you see the band taking a lot more of different influences, than you took back then when the band started?

-Not really, I wouldn’t say that. Of course we still listen to hardcore and you get to hear new good bands and songs all the time, which might give you some new ideas too, but it’s never been about wanting to sound like this or that band. All we really want to do is sound like Cutdown. There might be some small flavours in the sound, that might change on every record, but Cutdown must sound like Cutdown or it wouldn’t be us anymore you know. I’d even say we take less influences from other bands nowadays than in the beginning, after getting better in playing and songwriting and therefore coming up with our own sound. I mean, we really aren’t reinventing the wheel or anything and in hardcore you always sound a bit like that some other band. But also it’s important you have your own little twist in it, so that people can still recognize a band when listening to a song.

Release of the new record in only digital format was still rare, at least in Finland where most of the people are used to picking the cd or LP, will there be any physical release and how you came to the conclusion that digital release was the best way?

-The idea just kind of matured during the songwriting process. There were some plans about maybe doing a split record with some other band and some of those plans almost went through. Also we thought about coming up with more songs for a full length. But we’ve already released two full length cd’s and one 7” vinyl, so maybe this was just the next step? We felt like we just want to record the new stuff as soon as we think the material is ready for it and then to get it released as soon as possible. With a label it always takes months to get something released and you just find yourself sitting and waiting on top of recorded and mastered material, so this was just the easiest and fastest way for us to get it out for everyone. Other reason is, Finnish hardcore has always been a bit difficult to get your hands on, if you’re not from Finland. At least now that obstacle is taken out of the way. Money is not an issue either, as anyone can download it for free. This record is ultimately made for listening, not to be a collectors item that gets dusted on a bookshelf. Will there be any physical release later on? I have no idea, but highly doubt it. If some label wants to put it out, of course we can discuss about it. But even if that happens, Undefeated ep can always be downloaded for free by anyone interested.

What plans you got future regarding Cutdown, new full-length, touring?

-Rock hard and stay young till we die! We really have no actual plans. We’ll just see what comes our way. Extensive touring is anyhow out of all plans as we have too many obligations back home with work, families and kids. Weekend trips are still a definite go and hopefully we’ll get to do a few of those somewhere. Full length… Only time will tell! Surely we’ll start writing new stuff soon again but no one knows when it will come out and in which form. This has been a good way for us of doing the band for 14 years, so why change good habits anymore at this stage.

Any hints what kinda set we’ll be witnessing at KTL Fest, some old classics maybe?

-It’s been almost a year since the last time we played a show, so we’re really looking forward to it! Don’t expect any big surprises, it will be Cutdown on stage instead of some trendy hipsters playing their positive progressive funk pop techno hiphop tunes. You’ll definitely be hearing a bunch of new tracks from Undefeated, as well as some older classics from previous albums. See you all soon!

Cutdown -Facebook

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KTL Fest: You Can’t Keep Me Down

You Can’t Keep Me Down (short YCKMD) have been one of the best bands in Finland for a good while now, they started as a heavy hardcore juggernaut, but have ventured into far beyond all genre obstacles ever since in their music. Having been following them almost right since they started, it’s been great to see these guys become something else, as they have progressed so much with each release. YCKMD has delivered every time they play and they have been frequent guest on KTL Fest in the past and this year we are again thrilled to have them play! Here’s their latests;

You guys have been laying a bit low lately, aside playing sine shows there and there (like that one with MADBALL, which was sick!), what are you guys planning on, is there a new release coming up or something?

We like to slow things down for the summers. Less rehearsing – more relaxing!
But yeah, we’ve got a few songs ready. We have played some of them live on gigs, too. There will be a release once we have enough material and we feel ready to do it.

Cold Dark Mind is one of the hardest records that has come out from Finland for a long time, how people have received the LP and has it affected to the band anyhow, more shows etc.?
Thanks! When the record came out we were just so relieved that we managed to pull it off. It took such a long time to craft it, you know? Songwriting, recording, pressing, all that stuff… All the time and effort put into it was definitely worth it – we are very pleased how it turned out. It’s far from being sold out, so get it if you don’t have it yet!

We guess the record has been received quite well? At least we’ve had more gigs than before. We haven’t really got that much comments on it. Silent approval? (haha)

Apparently we’re big in Russia, because the record was distributed through various MP3-forums just days after it was released. That was weird!

What’s up with Lohja these days by the way, regarding hardcore & punk, is anything happening there aside you guys?

Nope. Very few bands overall around here these days. Or if there is, we don’t know about them! Except for, of course, VÄSSYKÄT!! It’s a wuss punk/pop punk/pussy punk band, same guys as in the old YCKMD, minus Jere. Lineup is: Jukka (loyal chauffeur, merch dude, friend, jack of all trades) on drums+vox, Oskari & Tomi on guitars+vox and Allu on bass.

Do you have any plans for touring in near future, any hints what is the direction the band will be going musically in future?

There has always been talks about touring, but we haven’t really planned anything. It would be quite a feat to arrange everything – and we really suck at arranging things!

TKU-LOHJA for life! Can’t wait to see you smash it up at KTL!

Alright!! Just one more week and it’s ON!

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KTL Fest 2015: Alley Gods


Alley Gods 2015 (Oskari 2004).

Alley Gods are the guest of honor for this year’s KTL Fest, they have been laying low for a while but while talking breeze with them guys at Oskari’s (AG vocalist) wedding, we kinda made up the idea that they need to do some kinda special show. They realized that Alley Gods is turning 10 years this year, so what the fuck, and they were booked! For those who have not heard of AG before, they are straight up hardcore punk rock band, that used to play a lot shows and put out more records than any of our other bands almost combined, haha (they still put out only few). Poolside Records was as well tightly involved with the band, as they pretty much put the label together to release first Alley Gods 7″. It’s gonna be really fucking something to see Alley Gods back on track on KTL Friday, it’s gonna be like, well, pure mortal combat? Here’s their catch-up’s. 

It’s been a while dudes, good to see you guys back on stage soon, what’s up Alley Gods, how are things in 2015?

It’s quiet mainly with Alley Gods overall, but this show is something we’ve been looking for some time. We’ve had so much fun playing the old songs again in the rehearsals and the songs also bring us lot of great memories from the past also.

Alley Gods is turning 10 -years this year and you are now playing special show to celebrate that, does this also mean that ”hiatus” you have been now for a while will end or is this just a special one off show?

This is a special show to celebrate what we started as dumb kids 10 years ago. We don’t have anything planned in the future so far. We are not going to quit the band, but other bands are taking the time from this. When we feel like it, we wanna do some new songs and play shows again. But we can’t say for sure when it’s gonna happen. So maybe see you again at the 15 years anniversary show with the same songs? Hehe.

You guys are active in other bands, notably Väistä! (Teemu and Lauri) and .45 Stainless (Topi), has Alley Gods’s break been caused by your other bands or have you just taken it easy with AG by choice?

First we took it easy with Alley Gods and then VÄISTÄ! started to take all of Teemu’s and Lauri’s time. .45 Stainless is also active, so it’s a vice versa situation. Mainly we don’t have clear path of Alley Gods now and that is causing the hiatus. Lauri is taking almost all the responsibility now for our song writing process and he hasn’t been active writing songs recently.

10 years is actually quite a long time to be still together as same band in Finland, you pretty much are the oldest Turku hardcore band that is still active out of our generation’s bands (Reckless Crew, Unloyal, Ill Omen, Get Stitches etc.), share some best memories from along the way?

YES! that is amazingly long time for a hardcore punk band, maybe we’re just too dumb to quit? We believe that it’s partly caused by the fact that we were best friends before even starting this band and we still are. Many of the bands that quit have been gathering musicians who are friends or not so well known to each other from the start and the bands are image of a certain time period. If a key member wants to leave the band, you either quit or find a replacement. The Turku scene is not so huge so sometimes it feels best to just quit the band.

But the memories! AH! So many good memories with this band, as well as few bad ones also. We started in Teemu’s parents garage as a punk rock band. When Oskari joined, things got more towards hardcore punk. We moved to one school bomb shelter and from there to Orighetto. Along the way we have been playing mostly in Turku, but also the main cities in whole Finland and two shows in Russia also. The best shows we’ve done are probably in Lohja. Just in a crazy venues like summer cottage or rehearsal room where anything could happen. Alley Gods has always been a real party band. We are not the tightest playing band or the most sober one, but we’ve always had lots of fun. The memories of playing in old TVO venue are of course the best ones also, but it’s hard to point out a specific show. We’ve played there like 1000 times and sometimes even two times a week so you could imagine it’s our home base.

So as expected, AG 10-years show will be something special, can you give us any hints about what will happen when you get back on stage? Thanks a lot guys!

This is something special! We gonna play songs throughout our whole career and from all of our albums: Demo (2006), S/T 7” EP (2009), Correcting wrong opinions-CD (2010) and North state of mind 10” (2011). Also expect some great covers we’ve done along the road! Let’s have some fun in TVO and party like it’s 2000 and motherfuckin 8!!! Thank you and see you soon!!!

Alley Gods -bandcamp

Alley Gods -homepage

KTL Fest 2015: Väistä!


Väistä! stands as command for dodging, or standing aside. That’s how their music sounds like, it comes with full blown volume full of all that good punk rock ‘n roll mixed with hardcore backbone. From known to play drum in Alley Gods and Ill Omen, Teemu, the man behind Väistä!, went and became one of the best frontmen in Finnish hardcore today. Now he sheds a light on what’s up with Väistä!, who have just finished recording their much anticipated full-length!

Väistä! -started as a solo project of Alley Gods drummer Teemu, who did pretty much everything for this band at start, then it turned into a full band, let us know who’s who and what’s up with Väistä?

That’s correct. I started making songs for the new band first in late 2012. The idea was to do straight forward groovy rocking hardcore punk and sing in Finnish. I had the first batch of songs ready in 2013 January. We recorded Demo out of those with Late, but it never got released. After a while I did 5 new songs and I wanted really to make a 7” EP out of those and gather a real band around this. During the fall of 2013 the line-up was ready: I (Teemu) am doing the Vocals, Late is grooving the Bass, Mr. Bango Rickman doing magic on the Drums and mystical Finnish-English Frenchman Frans Clézio is shredding away his Guitar.

You put out two 7”, where from you originally took influences when writing those records and did it affect a lot that the full band was present when writing the 2:nd 7”?

I always have this idea in my head what would the finished song sound like. What would drums do in specific part of the song, where would guitar solo fit etc. I can’t really say what my main influences are in writing songs for VÄISTÄ!. I’ve always listened a lot of different music, mainly Rock n roll, Pop, Heavy Metal, Rap and lot of different punk and hardcore also. We always work the songs in specific way. I bring the finished song to the rehearsals. I play it through with guitar and tell what are my ideas about the drums, guitar bass, guitar solos etc. Then I start singing to the song and the guys just make the song alive with their playing: They add their own spices to it and make it little by little the final version that it’s going to be. So it did affect in a good way that all the guys were present in making the second 7” and you can clearly hear it. Bango can do all kind of things with drums that I can’t even imagine, Late were first time focused on doing great Bass lines and Frans is basically one of the best solo guitarist I have ever heard.

You have also recorded your first full-length record during the summer, what kinda material will it contain, is the direction similar with your previous 7” ’s?

The direction is quite similar yes, but we all agreed that these song are the best we have ever done. Now it’s a full-length album so there is little more variability within the songs than in the previous EP’s: Some songs are more heavy, some are more rocking etc. We are also so excited about the whole process. The album is recorded via analog tape recorder and by far it seems that it is the best sounding record anyone of us have ever done. So expect it to be released late 2015 / early 2016 and expect it to be a BLAST!!!

Väistä is pretty much the hottest punk rock / hardcore band from Turku for some while if you don’t count bands (also fucking exellent) like Kylmä Sota and Kieltolaki, things have worked out pretty well with you regarding shows and all, in the past Turku bands (specially more ”metallic” hardcore) never got that much shows out of town?

Well first of all thanks for this honour. VÄISTÄ! has been very active from the start and somehow people have really found us. Since the first rehearsals with the whole band, we all felt some kind of ”magic”. Things really worked out and the songs really came alive. I think that people in the audience can feel this as well. Also with a catchy name, Finnish language and our live performances, we have gained the reputation we have now. Some Turku bands in the past have been very active and some not so active. You need the right contacts of course and I think that this has helped us a lot also. We all have been in the hardcore scene for about 10 – 15 years and now when we have a new interesting band, people want to see us live as well. We want to thank all for the support and we want to play more and more so don’t hesitate to ask us to play at your venue!

Do you guys have anything special planned up for the show on Saturday, or is it just gonna be pure hardcore punk ’n roll fuck you!? (You should play Blood For Blood -covers, ok?) Thanks!

Hmm that’s an interesting suggestion. Have to keep that in mind for the future. We gonna play a lot of new songs and couple of songs from the previous EP’s also of course. Expect a in-your-face groovy hardcore punk rock n roll show with a feat from one of the best band in Finnish hardcore scene! We are so thrilled to play again in the best event of Turku: KTL-FEST! Thank you!

Väistä! -bandcamp

Väistä -facebook

KTL Fest 2015: Sattalite & Metakolibri

It’s certainly not easy to describe what happens when this trio hits the stage, Sattalite & Metakolibri are a three man band that forges together everything from rap, hip-hop, noise, punk and between. They are pretty much performance act as they are intense and loud live performers, little bit odd bird on otherwise punk/hardcore oriented show, they are still definitely one of the most interesting acts to witness on KTL weekend.

Sup sup, Sattalite & Metakolibri, short introduction who are you, who does what and what the fuck is up?

Sattalite: Im music enthusiast who mostly loves 80’s music, travelling and be around the nature.
Metakolibri: Man who loves different masks, fan of Stevie Nicks, The Unthanks and Kool G Rap.
No strangers in local rap/hip-hop scene, you have been around for a while, but how does this project differ from the previous groups you have been in(Vieläki Lepposaa, Martinmäki etc.)?

This project feels more spiritual and less commercially compromised. We go there where music leads us.

How would you try to describe how Sattalite & Metakolibri sounds and what is that you want to achieve with this band?
Music sounds like disco with blood. We want to sound progressive while having fun on the stage.
You guys have some connections to hardcore / punk scene with Sattalite working with Ronskibiitti, who have played lots of hc/punk shows, but do any of you have any playing background in this kind of music?

S: I had a punk band with my friends back in 2004. We made two songs, one with music video and second song ended up in to our skatevideo. Band was called “The Spirits”.
MK: In the mid 90’s I remember screaming my guts out in highschool band just to piss teachers off. After all these years I still dislike the “safetynets” in musical expression.
What can we wait out of Sattalite & Metakolibri, when you will hit the stage at KTL Fest? 

Due to our twisted sense of humor, we try to challenge the usual perception what people usually might expect from us.
Our drummer is on honeymoon, so we have hooked up with a local guitarist who is more known in underground metal scene.

KTL Fest 2015: M.O.R.A.


Veera Uutinen / Uura Photography

M.O.R.A. have been doing their thing for a while already and are well liked in both punk and hardcore scenes. They were on a short break, but have again activated and put out a new cd/7″, went to tour and have been playing local shows, all this in short time after line-up changes! Suvi fills us in on what’s currently happening in their camp! They will be hitting the stage on Friday at KTL Fest!

Yo! What’s up M.O.R.A., you have gone through a few line-up changes lately, how did they go and how it has affected the band?

The first lineup change concerning our vocalist didn’t go all that smoothly but by going through needless shit we ended up scoring Ulla in the band which is by far the best thing that could have happened! Of course there’s always an “orientation period” when you recruit new family members (well at least I consider the band extended family) but we’re getting there for sure. There’s a lot of good energy going around now and I can’t wait for us to have the time to make some new songs. So all in all it was worth the trouble ‘cause now we’re solid as fuck man!

You released a new cd / 7″ also a while ago called Halveksunnan Aika, how has it been received and do you think does it differ from your first record?

Well actually I’m not all that sure how the new record has been received by “the public”, but according to reviews I’m inclined to think its not a complete piece of shit…I think this EP is even more metal oriented compared to our first CD and believe the lyrics and arrangements have gone up a notch as well. But in the end what do I know…

As well you hit the road again little while back, how was that trip, it was your second or third tour by far?

This was our third trip abroad so far. Being on tour is by far the best way to spend your time so for me every trip is a big ass success, no matter what goes on…and by god we did have the reality TV style “drama” thing going on (courtesy of our late singer) at times but that didn’t stop the rest of us from having a great time. It was cool meeting new like-minded people…never mind the free beer, fuck yes! I actually just wrote a tour report for Kancer Country and if Antti deems it printable you can read more about our times on the road from the next issue.

What you are up to currently as a band, any release plans already or are you just hitting the stage as much as often you can at the moment?

We had quite a busy summer so we’re thinking about pacing ourselves for a while, we’ll see how that goes hahah. The goal is to make some fresh songs with our current lineup so Amel and Ulla won’t have to spend all their time doing songs they had no part in making. That’s gotta suck in the long run hahah
So if all doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket we’ll have something new released next year…which we probably won’t since my motto for the band is “doing fuck all since whenever”…but a girl can dream, right?

Thanks a lot!

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