We Are Thee Vile Fate


Vile Fate – Demonstration Of Maleficium 2016 CS tape is now available in from KTL store. This is a new band that i’m involved in with friends from bands such as Bad Rep and You Can’t Keep Me Down. Recommended for fans of things all occult, dark and heavy metallic hardcore such as; Neglect, Kickback, Death Threat and Harms Way . Order a copy of interested;

Stream the whole demo in it’s entity here;


New blood: Broken Ribs

Broken Ribs – Photo by Niko Kallio

KTL Fest 2012 happened last weekend and it was absolutely amazing, everything went well and altogether it was spectacular weekend. Always trying to add some new blood in the mix, this year we featured Out For Justice from Hyvinkää and particulary interesting case, a new band from our hometown Turku. Broken Ribs, who actually did get their name from the band’s mastermind and songwriter’s physical condition last summer, features familiar faces from long time running scene faces of the Turku hardcore. Having paid time in Anvils Drop and several other bands, Broken Ribs drummer Lari was caught in the mix by man of the riffs, Aku and together they started to make songs and work out a bass player and vocalist. After a while of training and trying out members, they picked local a madman, but generally really good guy, Mikko to play bass.  Vocal front was taken over by Pirkka, known from his work in Poolside Records and vocals for Reckless Crew & .45 Stainless, to name couple projects. This completed Broken Ribs’s quantet and what about the music, yes we’ll get into that in a minute.

Broken Ribs Demo 2012 dropped out just before KTL Fest went on and even i didn’t get a whole hear of the demo, only couple tracks, i kinda wanted that the first (and often best) impression would be to see them live. They played their first show on Saturday of KTL Fest and i have to say that i was impressed, the music those guys played was kinda matching on the stuff i’ve been hearing Aku and Pirkka talk ages and ages about, it’s all good shit; Mental, Guns Up!, The Wrong Side and Lockinout and Boston stuff in general, yeah there’s also a lot of classic NYHC influence, cause you just have to have some of that in this kind of hardcore. Broken Ribs adds a bit heavier touch on their stuff than classic Boston hardcore, that probably coming from direction of Cleveland, many of the bands guys being avid fans of Ringworm, Integrity, One Life Crew and so on. Also Aku used to play in Get Stitches!, who were fairly metal influenced hardcore band as well.

These guys recorded the demo themselves, with Lari and our common friend Lauri (of Alley Gods -fame) at helm, intheir training place. It turned out to be pretty good sounding and only minus, that’s really nothing, is weird echo in the vocals. When you think that this is their first demo, it’s really good quality overall and four songs is well good arsenal to demonstrate what their style really is. First track, Losing My Mind kicks in from heavy riffing into fast-paced verse, that slows up into a classic moshpart and it’s cool when right before the song ends and guitar hits those melodic chords. Next off, Weight Of The World, is little bit slower, but offers up some nice mid-tempo action and i’m all over this kind of stuff, i like my hardcore most as heavy and straight forward. Two remaining songs Thin Ice and No Compromise prove quite well that these songs are written in good time and rehearsed well and i have to say that there hasn’t been any traditional hardcore bands in vein of late Reckless Crew, Back Against The Wall and TKU Blindside, in Turku for some time, most bands have very metallic approach on their music, so Broken Ribs are bringing some fresh winds to our city. But coolest thing about this is that if you know anything out of Finnish hardcore, you should know by listening from which city Broken Ribs are and this is some real Turku City HardCore for you, my friends. I gotta say that this demo is pretty good and what comes on them performing live, they kicked ass and i’m looking forward to seeing them again. You can download the whole demo below (with permission from the band), or listen it through their Stereokiller -site.

You can listen the Broken Ribs demo at their site here;

Broken Ribs -Stereokiller

Broken Ribs – Demo 2012

For all contact regarding anything;

At War With The Hound

It’s about time to check out again some of the newer bands, that i’ve been into lately. Most of you who even remotely try to keep up with what’s happening in the world of hardcore currently, have probably heard the name of War Hound. If not about their music, you’ve been mentioned about this band, who’s ripping off Biohazard’s classic Urban Discipline -artwork. I’m not trying to go here to rant on about how most of the new, specially these “hardstyle” -styled bands want to sound like Biohazard and all, but still end up sounding like Trapped Under Ice, which is not certainly a bad thing either. But what i’m saying here, after TUI “got big” aroundSecrets Of The World LP, there started to spawn a lot bands, who tried to play music from same influences with them, but only to ended sounding exactly same. But enough of this, since War Hound, maybe even surprisingly, did pull off the hardstyle thing, very well. They not only went and started to play heavy hardcore, but they did it with right influences, right at the start, when you are digging bands like; Crown Of Thornz, Fury Of Five, Biohazard, Bulldoze, E-Town Concrete and want to play music like them, if you know what you’re doing, you can’t go wrong. War Hound has already been very productive and has released a demo last year, Demo 2010 and their first EP, Return Of The Hardstyle -tape. Since then they have inked a deal with I Scream Records on their upcoming full-length, so things are rolling very righteous for this young band.

Return Of The Hardstyle EP -features solid runthrough on who are War Hound and what makes them thick. With obvious love for Brooklyn legends, War Hound has titled the EP to honor them and hence the artwork is loaned off Urban Discipline, as mentioned earlier. You can hear a lot of heavier hardcore influences on the EP, Intro – Return Of The Hardstyle is as ‘haz as it can be, sirens, chaotic noise in the background, backed with groovy, HEAVY riffs and a hard gangshout welcoming ya’ll to the hardside.Reality Check, unveils their very hip-hop-esque vocal arrangements, nice use of backup vocs, in vein very true to their idols, while dropping chugging heavy riffs all the way down to end of song. If you haven’t listened that much of older metallic hardcore and old school shit like Dmize, Biohazard, (old) Life Of Agony, Merauder and such, you’ll probably just think War Hound really sounds only like Trapped Under Ice, but as they do know, they definitely were’nt the first band to play this style of heavy hardcore. The Path Of The Wicked, drops the next song with very similar riffing as early TUI songs(such as on the Demo), but has even couple similar vocal arrangements too, they’re definitely not ripping TUI off or anything, but i’ve listend TUI so much that i’ll just spot these kinda things, haha. Anyhow, The Path Of The Wicked is no doubt another solid mosh anthem, heavy yet groovy track, not the best on the EP, but very solid still. Despair is the last track on Return To The Hardstyle EP and features more of that nice heavy duty riffing, but displays also some semi-clean vocals, as for the perfect ending to the EP is towards the track’s end, with menacing breakdown that should crush some bones in the dancefloor. War Hound convienced me with this EP to get into them really hard and i have to say that the more i listen this stuff, the more i get into it.

For your pleasure, they have already pulled off couple tracks from their upcoming record on their Stereokiller -page and as listening those tracks, you can definitely hear a lot more real Biohazard -sound with some Fury Of Five -goodness and a lot less similarity to Trapped Under Ice -sound. So let both of these bands do their own thing, cause both of ’em are doing it well. I’m looking very much to hear more new War Hound, this band is hands down awesome and everyone should check ’em out and show them love. They have put up the Demo up for free download and i’ve linked the mediafire link straight here below, from their Stereokiller page. You can listen the whole ROTH EP on the other link below and still pick the tape too from Born Ill, check ’em out and get into it!

War Hound -Facebook
War Hound -Stereokiller

Oh yeah, if anyone who might read this, has War Hound – Sound And Fury 2011 Fury Of Five -ripoff t-shirt on Large or XLarge, sell it to me. Drop me a email or hit me up on Facebook. Thanks.

NJ State Of Mind; Ready To Die

NEW JERSEY RULES, period. If you don’t know this, you’ll probably never do, but if you know me at all, you know i literally love almost anything hardcore related coming out of NJ. You should see it from my older posts, bands like; Fury Of Five, E-Town Conrete, Second To None, NJ Bloodline, Burnside, Da Real Deal, Shattered Realm, Clubber Lang, The Mongoloids and so on, are just a few of my favourite bands from that area, so i’m pretty psyched about hearing so many great new bands coming outta dirty Jer-Z. Among few new bands, that i really liked are, No Holds Barred, Lifeless, Bottom Feeder and Ready To Die. All of these i heard through, that’s been around for already years and years and someone knows them better as and i have to say that it’s one of the best sites today to put up your band in. To my big surprise it seems that Ready To Die cats enjoyed some Ill Omen -tunes and so i hit ’em up telling i need to hear some more Ready To Die!

Ryan from R2D was kind enough to send me their whole 2010 Demo and since i liked what i heard i thought to spread the word and tell you all a bit more about this new, awesome band. Ready To Die are a five-piece, hardcore band, who deliver their music in very heavy way. Influenced by bands such as; Hatebreed, Blood For Blood, Fury Of Five, North Side Kings and American Nightmare, amongst many others, R2D delivers their music with kind of groove you’d imagine from Fury Of Five, but with metallic heaviness of crushing riffs such as the very first Hatebreed 7″, Under The Knife, had on it. Their sound is really damn heavy, but it’s not still anything you’d nowdays label as only beatdown, yeah there’s parts of definitely crushing breakdowns, but they’re still pulling the music as really heavy hardcore and that’s awesome. You know me, i like myself a lot of bands that are labelled as beatdown (and am singing in one such as), but mostly when pulling only beatdown after beatdown, it’s really boring or really badly made. What i liked about Ready To Die is that there’s tons of heaviness in the guitars, but it’s not boring in any point at all, vocals are tight and angry sounding as the demo is in overall well played. Living In Hell, hits up the 2010 Demo and delivers firmly the sound that Ready To Die has going on in their material. R2D demo features total of five songs and second songFueled By Rage, shows a little bit faster side from them as well, mostly still mid-tempoed mosh, but with faster parts and some nice breaks in there for everyone to destroy dancefloor. Disease, is probably my favorite song on the whole demo, it’s just straight in your face, bit like Living In Hell, but even more desperate and desolate lyrics just back everything up even harder. Growing Cold andDead To Me, are the last two songs and what i can say more, they deliver as the others did, solid good stuff. You can download Ready To Die – 2010 Demo, from below, check ’em out and show ’em love, real deal New Jersey hardcore.

Ready To Die -Stereokiller
Ready To Die -Facebook


UPDATE 13/11/2011:

You can listen the whole R2D Demo through Stereokiller, so check them peeps out from there! I’ll re-up the whole demo later.

Archives: Bloodoath – Demo

Pori has always been a fertile ground on finnish hardcore, producing excellent bands, which of most cover very different styles of hardcore. This time we’re going deep back into golden ’90’s, mid to late specifically, when Rauma (smaller town near Pori) and Pori brought the scene a metallic hardcore band in form of Bloodoath. I remember this band’s name on some finnish record’s thanks lists and such, but had never heard anything they had recorded and while visiting Mr. Linden a while back, i found out that the band did record a demo tape, which was the only “official” release they ever did. Bloodoath’s sound comes together from direct influence of bands around that time, in 1998, such as: Carpe Diem, Breamgod, EquityShed and Down My Throat. So except some heavy, metal-ridden, chugging hardcore, that is very straight forward and tough guy sounding. Recording from tape to pc isn’t again top notch quality, but little bit better than on my couple last tape transfers (Endstand and Equity).

Bloodoath Demo ’98 delivers intro plus four tracks and Intro / Left Behind starts off the tape. What particulary like on this demo, vocals are hard and evil sounding and the songs are not that technical or fancy, it’s all pure forward pushing heavy hardcore. There some influence from heavy metal influenced belgium bands such as Length Of Time and maybe some Congress, but not much of melodic riffing that or anything that LOT did a lot. Second song Gone is just plain heavy track, there’s nothing special, but vocals come to sound little bit time to time on chorus of Death From Above’s vocalist Sasu, who is without a doubt,my all-time favourite of finnish hardcore vocalists. Rest two tracks are Die Away and Disguise, both good solid stuff as well and with a promising demo like this, these guys should have done more music, it would have been even harder and heavier for sure. Bloodoath remains as a curiosity for the enthuastics like me, who are interested on their scene’s history. Here’s yet another great, forgotten band from the late ’90’s. For fans of heavy hardcore in general and old Hatebreed, Congress, Breamgod etc. If you have any info, stories, anything about this band, please let me know!
UPDATE 13/11/2011:

Link full download link deleted, i’ll add sample tracks & cover art later.