Here To Dissapear


One of the records that i had been waiting to come out for some time now finally saw light of day in last December. Helsinki’s (previously and originally Jyväskylä based band) hardcore heads, Upright, finally got their new 12″ record out. This slab of wax was released by excellent Polish hardcore label Ratel Records and familiar from Upright’s Losing Touch 7″ and Foreseen’s Structural Oppression 7″, Collision Records out of Helsinki. Promises of a new stack of groove ridden dijan-esque mosh anthems didn’t let down as Upright has put out their finest release to the date by adding in new elements into their music. One of the most notable things in this band is that their guitar work exactly ain’t no regular riff work, as Mr. Pekkanen reminds me a lot of Crown Of Thornz original guitarist Mike Dijan, but with his very own distinct style on it. On the new 12″; Here To Disappear, Upright has gone heavier and darker, without forgetting any of that groove and i feel there is also incluences from bands like, Fury Of Five and E-Town Concrete, subtle and even intentional or not, but definitely there. I’ll adress it here still that this ain’t no rap rock or anything whack shit, NYHC still reigns strong as an main element of Upright’s music and bands like Outburst and Breakdown do hear a lot in their music and you could compare them to Subzero as well, since it has always been a band that works with very different styles of parts in their songs (those fucking breakdowns are crushing!). Ok, so now you should have a feel of what to expect when you drop the needle on black, red (Ratel exclusive color) or blue (Collision exclusive color) wax and let the band take you on a ride through Here To Disappear 12″.

On this 12″ Upright offer us six new tracks starting with Isolated that works up an intro right off to that groove-ridden heaviness i’ve been talking about; “Actions speak louder than words“. Flash From The Past has really strong classic NYHC feel, it reminds me of Madball on their better days, but with just heavier riffs that are mixed up with COT styled instrumental guitar leads and Niko’s fierce growling’s urgency that fits in perfectly to the mix. Last of the three tracks on the A-side is record’s title jam, Here To Disappear and every time i listen through this shit, it amazes me how damn heavy this band sounds and songwriting wise these dudes just kill it. It’s one of the things that makes me like this shit so much, it’s not in any way on a regular hardcore on a regular template, they do whatever they feel like and i love it, just listen this song and you’ll hear those melodic, yet heavy as fuck riffs rip it up like no other! B-side doesn’t dissapoint either, The Flipside kicks it with a sick guitar solo and by now you should already noticed that the record hasn’t been recorded in a studio that has polished every little detail of the sound, as Black Floyd’s Analog Lab has done an excellent job with Upright, as it did with few latest Foreseen records, so check them out as well (Upright shares two members with them too, in case you didn’t know)! You can hear everything pretty thorough on this record and the roughness just gives these songs more edge. Outside Looking In moves smoothly between heavier parts into more mosh friendly territory towards the end of the song; “To walk on the wildside, to live and die, outside looking in with no ways to get back in”. Drowning finishes Here To Disappear and it’s pretty cool that they give a nod to one of the finest bands ever from Finland on this track with lyrics, you heard of Down My Throat, right? As i already mentioned probably couple of times, Upright definitely has put out their best record this far and i guess we’ll just have to wait for a full-length or something next? You can check this shit out right here and please support your scene, drop your dimes straight to the band (they got shirts too) or the labels by picking the 12″.

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Bloodlands / Cross To Bear – Split 7″


I’m lagging behind a lot, when it comes to great hardcore released in Finland in 2015, so here’s one of those records. Bloodlands is familiar to some of you from their full-length last year called Nihilistic Dimension, if not, you can read more of it here; Bloodlands – Nihilistic Dimension. They are one of those rare bands in our scene today to combine more of death and even black -metal influences into their metallic hardcore, that flirts heavily also with beatdown influences. This time Bloodlands, who are from Helsinki, have coupled together with Pori’s own real metalcore heroes, Cross To Bear. CTB might not ring a bell instantly, but be aware that this is a band that has had majority of it’s members in older finnish hardcore heavyweighs such as; Carpe Diem and Breamgod. Cross To Bear had bit of bad luck regarding their demo / untitled first release, as i understood they lost the original masters of this recording by computer glitch, so they couldn’t release it physically. This Split 7″ is the first official Cross To Bear release, they do fortunately have all songs available from that “lost demo” on their bandcamp. If you’re a fan of real proper metalcore like All Out War, Merauder or dig that mid-european vegan / edge metal like Congress or Arkangel, you should seriously take a notice. You should know to expect some skull crushing heaviness on both sides of this Split 7″, that is second release of Helsinki based punk / hardcore label Aggressive Sportwear Records (first being Paska Sakki 7″ EP).

Both bands on this split offer us two new songs and Bloodlands sets things off with Assault and you could say that the title tells all about this track here, it’s pretty straight forward with faster, even black metal influenced parts into riffing of chugging mosh, with vicious lyrics of violent assault (hence the title, get it?). Experience In Flesh continues into horror / gore-esque themes and starts another round of that death metal mosh, with some samples and nice instrumental parts to give aa break to the devastation. All in all Bloodlands have two solid tracks here, that continue the themes and style portrayed on their full-length. It’s going to be interesting to see and hear how this band comes out on their next releases, as they are already very metal -genres influenced, which direction they are going musicwise. Bloodlands are there on the board on both, metal and hardcore, so this could be recommended also to fans of Misery Index and Dying Fetus (who are obvious influences to their music).

Cross To Bear delivers us first into Mind Control, that offers nothing but pure metallic hardcore, in it’s finest form. These guys know what’s up, they know what they are doing and are doing it extremely well, Mind Control builds up crushing riffage walls, adding in some solos and harmonies. Vocalist Ville also delivers perfectly his trademark screaming and the song is all bound together into tight as nails playing. Worst Case Scenario is the second Cross To Bear track and it continues the barrage of heavy riffs and thick, solid beats that drive throughout the song, ending with brutal breakdown to offer you some serious mosh time. Cross To Bear is your answer in search of real metalcore, how it used to sound way before the whole word became more like a curse word. Below you can check out Experience In Flesh from Bloodlands off the split and Mind Control from Cross To Bear (plus their demo).

If you like what you hear and want to pick up this slab of wax, head over to:
Aggressive Sportswear Records

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KTL Fest 2015: Upright


Originally from Jyväskylä, now residing in Helsinki, comes Upright. These guys are delivering fearless NYC influenced grooves, that are mixed with sick ass riffing, that reminds a lot like bands like Crown Of Thronz, Breakdown and such. Upright is one of the hardest “newer” bands from Finland, so be sure not to miss them!

Straight from the Upright concrete, what’s up guys?

Yoo, we took a summer break after the studio and just took care of all the hassle that goes into making a new record. We didn’t play at all during the summer, now we’re back at it and excited to play a show in Turku.

You are just readying to put out a new 12″, Here To Disappear, care to tell a bit more about it?

Yeah should be out in a few months, but i’m not holding my breath with pressing plants, i think everyone in hc/punk is annoyed that vinyl is so popular nowadays. It’s coming out on Ratel Records from Poland, who I think is the coolest label in europe and on our good friends Collision Records from Helsinki. 12″ six-song EP with a good variety of songs, not one song sounds the same, but as a whole it still sounds like Upright.

What about the new material musically, do you see your music evolved a lot from your last 7″ Losing Touch?

Of course there’s been evolvement from our last release, but the basic idea have stayed the same through the years. On every record there are maybe some spices that come along by the music you’ve listened that time the songs are made, but in the end it’s just metallic hardcore punk. The most important evolution in the new 12″ EP is that it’s better than any of our earlier releases.

Where Upright at the start took it’s influences, i mean NYC is obvious, but what kinda sound you sought after for?

At the beginning we just wanted to do a band that we saw that Finland was lacking, late 80’s and early 90’s NYHC as main influences, i mean Finland always had good heavy hc bands and good punk bands and we were neither. We are four guys who all love different type of heavy music and we’ve hardly had any limits when it comes to writing music, which is always been a strenght for us. It’s a fine line when you wanna sound different but still the same, you know? You could easily go over the edge, but we have a good sense of what we are doing.

You must have lots of shit happening in near future with record coming out etc, tour plans?

We just wanna hold the record in our hands first before making any big plans, but yeah we wanna tour with it and spread the record all over, because it’s so good i can’t believe it myself. But first we just want to make it to Poland.

JKL cats and TKU guys seem to click pretty well, which is mad cool and Niko was on upcoming Väistä! record dropping some feats (i dont know if this is a big secret?) too, can you tell about that?

I like Turku as a city alot and I used to listen bands like The Stakeout and Hate Unit when I was a teenager. So when you and others booked us to Turku for the first time i was excited straight away. Too bad I never got to visit the original TVO. Väistä! is the best band coming from Turku from recent years and Roippe is one of the best dudes in Finnish hc. When he asked to be a part of the record, of course i was in. Our voices are very different so it sounds good!

Upright – for those who are about to pit, we salute you, see you on next Saturday!


Upright -Facebook

Upright -Bandcamp

KTL Fest 2015: Cutdown


Cutdown stands amongst the few of currently longest standing, still active hardcore bands in Helsinki. They were also pretty much the first band to introduce heavy chugging New Jersey, NY and PA -influenced hardcore here in Finland, that wasn’t very big thing back then. Cutdown has always had their own style and they can easily be matched with bands such as; Down My Throat, Bolt, Morning After and St. Hood, who all are, names in heavier Finnish hardcore, that you just need to know. 

What’s up guys, if i remember one of your first (second or third?) shows was actually in Turku at Beatdown By The Laituri, any recollections of that?

-Hey what’s up! You’re absolutely right, Beatdown By The Laituri (2002) was our first show ever and it still feels like yesterday. That was really a trip to remember. We went through everything from searching our drummer from basements and garages after his hard partying the previous night to sleeping on Kupittaa football stadiums field the night after the show. Good memories!

Cutdown has been around for years already and you haven’t had many line-up changes in the band. Guess that kind of great group dynamics can easily also then be projected into making music too, your new release, Undefeated, was released while ago, was it easy effort to put together?

-There’s been only minor lineup changes during the 14 years of existence. Häkki joined Cutdown to play guitar immediately after that very first show and we’ve had two drummers before Arttu. However, Arttu has been playing drums on all of our releases, so in a way he’s been there all the way since the beginning as well. Jude took over bass duties maybe 5 years (?) ago, when Kalle had to leave the band to take care of top priorities in life. So yeah, the lineup’s been quite solid and it definitely makes some things easier, even in song writing process. Then again, we’ve never been a band that comes up with 20 new songs each year so it always takes time to get anything new recorded and released. If we sometimes managed to come up with a new song in one or two practices back in the beginning, nowadays you probably couldn’t even recognize a song from our album if you compared it to the first version of it. Those just tend to change a lot in the process… But at least most of times during the process, all of us feels pretty same way about which parts and riffs should be changed and which ones are definite keepers. So back to the actual question, Undefeated was definitely not an easy process, as some of the songs took a long time before we were satisfied in them, but the problem wasn’t that we couldn’t come up with new riffs and ideas. It was only that we wanted to come up with better ones. If we used 25% of the riffs and different parts, that were written for these songs at some point, we could easily release two full lengths right away.

In hardcore so to speak, style wise, you have always stayed true to your game, Cutdown just sounds like Cutdown, but do you see the band taking a lot more of different influences, than you took back then when the band started?

-Not really, I wouldn’t say that. Of course we still listen to hardcore and you get to hear new good bands and songs all the time, which might give you some new ideas too, but it’s never been about wanting to sound like this or that band. All we really want to do is sound like Cutdown. There might be some small flavours in the sound, that might change on every record, but Cutdown must sound like Cutdown or it wouldn’t be us anymore you know. I’d even say we take less influences from other bands nowadays than in the beginning, after getting better in playing and songwriting and therefore coming up with our own sound. I mean, we really aren’t reinventing the wheel or anything and in hardcore you always sound a bit like that some other band. But also it’s important you have your own little twist in it, so that people can still recognize a band when listening to a song.

Release of the new record in only digital format was still rare, at least in Finland where most of the people are used to picking the cd or LP, will there be any physical release and how you came to the conclusion that digital release was the best way?

-The idea just kind of matured during the songwriting process. There were some plans about maybe doing a split record with some other band and some of those plans almost went through. Also we thought about coming up with more songs for a full length. But we’ve already released two full length cd’s and one 7” vinyl, so maybe this was just the next step? We felt like we just want to record the new stuff as soon as we think the material is ready for it and then to get it released as soon as possible. With a label it always takes months to get something released and you just find yourself sitting and waiting on top of recorded and mastered material, so this was just the easiest and fastest way for us to get it out for everyone. Other reason is, Finnish hardcore has always been a bit difficult to get your hands on, if you’re not from Finland. At least now that obstacle is taken out of the way. Money is not an issue either, as anyone can download it for free. This record is ultimately made for listening, not to be a collectors item that gets dusted on a bookshelf. Will there be any physical release later on? I have no idea, but highly doubt it. If some label wants to put it out, of course we can discuss about it. But even if that happens, Undefeated ep can always be downloaded for free by anyone interested.

What plans you got future regarding Cutdown, new full-length, touring?

-Rock hard and stay young till we die! We really have no actual plans. We’ll just see what comes our way. Extensive touring is anyhow out of all plans as we have too many obligations back home with work, families and kids. Weekend trips are still a definite go and hopefully we’ll get to do a few of those somewhere. Full length… Only time will tell! Surely we’ll start writing new stuff soon again but no one knows when it will come out and in which form. This has been a good way for us of doing the band for 14 years, so why change good habits anymore at this stage.

Any hints what kinda set we’ll be witnessing at KTL Fest, some old classics maybe?

-It’s been almost a year since the last time we played a show, so we’re really looking forward to it! Don’t expect any big surprises, it will be Cutdown on stage instead of some trendy hipsters playing their positive progressive funk pop techno hiphop tunes. You’ll definitely be hearing a bunch of new tracks from Undefeated, as well as some older classics from previous albums. See you all soon!

Cutdown -Facebook

Cutdown -Bandcamp

KTL Fest 2015: M.O.R.A.


Veera Uutinen / Uura Photography

M.O.R.A. have been doing their thing for a while already and are well liked in both punk and hardcore scenes. They were on a short break, but have again activated and put out a new cd/7″, went to tour and have been playing local shows, all this in short time after line-up changes! Suvi fills us in on what’s currently happening in their camp! They will be hitting the stage on Friday at KTL Fest!

Yo! What’s up M.O.R.A., you have gone through a few line-up changes lately, how did they go and how it has affected the band?

The first lineup change concerning our vocalist didn’t go all that smoothly but by going through needless shit we ended up scoring Ulla in the band which is by far the best thing that could have happened! Of course there’s always an “orientation period” when you recruit new family members (well at least I consider the band extended family) but we’re getting there for sure. There’s a lot of good energy going around now and I can’t wait for us to have the time to make some new songs. So all in all it was worth the trouble ‘cause now we’re solid as fuck man!

You released a new cd / 7″ also a while ago called Halveksunnan Aika, how has it been received and do you think does it differ from your first record?

Well actually I’m not all that sure how the new record has been received by “the public”, but according to reviews I’m inclined to think its not a complete piece of shit…I think this EP is even more metal oriented compared to our first CD and believe the lyrics and arrangements have gone up a notch as well. But in the end what do I know…

As well you hit the road again little while back, how was that trip, it was your second or third tour by far?

This was our third trip abroad so far. Being on tour is by far the best way to spend your time so for me every trip is a big ass success, no matter what goes on…and by god we did have the reality TV style “drama” thing going on (courtesy of our late singer) at times but that didn’t stop the rest of us from having a great time. It was cool meeting new like-minded people…never mind the free beer, fuck yes! I actually just wrote a tour report for Kancer Country and if Antti deems it printable you can read more about our times on the road from the next issue.

What you are up to currently as a band, any release plans already or are you just hitting the stage as much as often you can at the moment?

We had quite a busy summer so we’re thinking about pacing ourselves for a while, we’ll see how that goes hahah. The goal is to make some fresh songs with our current lineup so Amel and Ulla won’t have to spend all their time doing songs they had no part in making. That’s gotta suck in the long run hahah
So if all doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket we’ll have something new released next year…which we probably won’t since my motto for the band is “doing fuck all since whenever”…but a girl can dream, right?

Thanks a lot!

M.O.R.A. -Bandcamp

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Helsinki Savagery

a3331792435_10 Helsinki Savagery is the long awaited first full-length from Helsinki (duh, of course) hardcore metal crossover thrashers, Foreseen. This record had a long way to be finally released, but it’s almost like an tradition to Finnish hardcore bands, that producing a full-length record takes it’s time to come out. With Foreseen’s case, as they say; “all good things come with time” and if you have followed the band’s career, you’ve noticed it like me, that with every single release, the band has grown. Their metallic hardcore, that originally flirted with influences from crossover and pure metal realms, has turned the other way around into crossover with hardcore influences and with this they have definitely reached into their prime. I really fucking loved the first 7″ (ok, right from the demo tape) and after it released Split 7″ with Upright (who are, if you don’t know, the hardest “newer” band from Finland for some time) and at that point they were still more hardcore than metal. Structural Oppression 7″ offered us newer side of Foreseen, thrash metal influenced mayhem with crazy screams provided by their bass player at time, Dimi (a.k.a. Bon Jovi). What seems really cool is that kids of metal and hardcore scenes both have taken Foreseen into their aim with the new lp and it actually is already nearly sold out on vinyl (European part of the pressing is sold out, USA still should have copies at least in record stores / distros).

Helsinki Savagery presents everything perfectly, what this band has become, unrelentless, fucking tight riffs and speed that matches the great one, yes i’m talking about Slayer, all other (thrash metal) bands can fucking suck ass. I’m not totally putting Foreseen into heavy metal field though, cause there is influences still so deep from hardcore too, that they should be labelled as crossover, if labelling is neccessary. You can hear bands from the Cro-Mags, (from early to their crossover era) Agnostic Front, Leeway and Carnivore in there without searching too deeply and all that has been put together into vicious burst of thrash metal. Vocals sound raw and fit in to the music perfectly, there aren’t not too much of those “cleanish” vocals, that often are present in thrash and crossover, i mean more Carnivore, less german clean sung thrash. I’m pointing out all this cause i really aren’t that huge fan of metal (unless it’s paired with hardcore or punk) at all, i love my Slayer records and some bunch of GOOD crossover and yea some metal too, but i’m very picky. Ok, so if you now decided you hate me, i really don’t give a fuck, since you too love Foreseen, so just read on.

20 Buck Spin (USA) and Take It Back Records (Germany) put out Helsinki Savagery and it’s released in most possible mediums, that music consumers still use, so you got tape, cd and vinyl versions to choose from. As i mentioned, vinyl is almost sold out worldwide and selling out a whole pressing in a bit over month after it’s release is pretty fucking sick, i think they are considering a second pressing of the vinyl. Take It Back had few tapes still available some time ago (NOT sold out!) and cd is available everywhere so you’ll get this record on one form or another if you are interested. If you live under a rock or just came across Foreseen just now by some accident, the band released a teaser 7″ for their Euro tour 2014, with two tracks off the LP with Death Injection /w B-side Market Target, if tou copped that one you might have a quick preview of what’s to come. Now it’s finally time for some Slam SWAGgery!

Slam Savagery kicks in (your teeth) Helsinki Savagery with furious thrashing and mid tempo riffing as a taste of what’s to come straight into Death Injection, that tells tales of death and drug abuse with very tasty heavy riffing, chorus will make your head bang and then it’s time for some fast rushing in the pit and finally it all ends into gigantic moshpart that again activates the pit, may it be two-step, spinkicks or whatever your style is. The Prowler continues with ultra-speed tempo and sick guitar leads, but also displays how these guys got the sense for great mosh parts and that lovely mid tempo heaviness. Next up is b-side from the tour single, Market Target, that starts with sweet leads in there. By this far you might hear too, that Helsinki Savagery doesn’t sound like overproduced clean modern metal record, but it has very natural sound on all aspects, instruments and vocals, Black Floyd’s Analog Studio has done spectacular job with the recording here (the studio is ran by Carpe Diem vocalist, Tapio Lepistö). I think that on Helsinki Savagery things sound pretty cool, it sounds really like a good heavy / thrash metal record from the 80’s, but without everything that might have sucked in production, i mean sometimes records do sound like they were recorded inside a trash can or something. Back to the action, as for a pure mosh anthem and direct crash course about the influences on this album we got; Bonded By United Blood, that tells quite a bit by just it’s name. As you’ve probably this far realized, these guys can handle their instruments, so Interlude is just pure jamming, readying you for Structural Oppression. This song is old aquintance, if you have followed Foreseen at all, here this is a fresh version recorded again for Helsinki Savagery. Delusion Of No Consequence is another mid tempo smasher and it features some backups from the drum section as Mårtenforcer drops in on the chorus for some growls and for the rest of this track, you got all you need right here, fast part in the middle of song and a mosh-inducing chugging dancefloor sweeper at the end. Ending the record is another older song, again re-worked, Paving The Way, it was originally released on Foreseen / Upright – Split 7″, but fits in rightfully as the finale for Helsinki Savagery.

If something, Foreseen have defined their style to perfection with this record and there is no doubt that it will please equally the hardcore and metal scenes. Helsinki Savagery is one hell of a ride and i encourage everyone to take it, if you loved this band before, you will definitely like what you will hear on this release. Few years back there were only a small handful of hardcore bands who were going after this style of crossover and those who actually succeeded on it, we’re pretty much Power Trip and Iron Age (on and after their 2nd LP), but Foreseen is topping their game 100-0, you really know this when you put this LP on and let that wrecking ball hit you straight intothe face.

Foreseen -Facebook
Foreseen -bigcartel
20 Buck Spin Records
Take It Back Records

Losing Touch

If you follow the Finnish hardcore scene you know, that i’m bit of lagging behind on releases that have come out in few late years, when it comes to posting about ’em. You probably already know about the newest Bolt LP, True Colors and newest Cutdown 7″, Harsh Reality and i will get briefly back on them too, but for what i want to serve you now is another bit younger band, than those two older war juggernauts. In fact juggernaut, is a title fit for Upright as well, these guys (on this recording 3 guys and a gal) originate from Jyväskylä. Known as a home for On A Solid Rock, Rebound, Defend, Presley Bastards, Delta Force II, Security Threat (2/4 of the band) and more, Jyväskylä has definitely made it’s place in Finnish hardcore map. After starting their path in there, recently Helsinkicized band put out in 2012 one of the hardest 7″ records of late few years.

Losing Touch 7″  was released already in 2012, together by Helsinki based Collision Records, Swedish Green Menace and Germany’s Street Survival Records. This joint release was Upright’s first own 7″ and followed also very successful Split 7″, that they did with crossover maniacs, Foreseen (who they share a drummer with). This 4-song 7″ featured all new tracks and the groove, it’s damn right present here strong! Courtesy of that grooving and intense riffing goes to Upright’s guitarist Markus, who i in some point gave a nickname; “Mike Dijan of Petäjävesi” (it’s the town he’s originally from) cause this dude fucking shreds! So as a logical continuation to that, you could hear bands like; Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz, Everybody Gets Hurt, Outburst and Killing Time, when thinking of Upright’s style. I think that generally the whole point of the band from the start was to make hard NYHC with their own flavours, but for what i’m hearing about their new material (since this one  was released already 2 years ago, again sorry i’m lazy and slow), it’s really damn hard stuff and i can’t wait to hear what they got coming up. Back to Losing Touch, as i said, four songs, no fillers, all straight forward hardcore with nice twists and crushing breakdowns. I’ve really grown to like Niko‘s style of screaming, he’s a dude who gives it all out, raw and hard. Lyrically Losing Touch touches more personal issues, than standard hardcore topics. All songs are great, but With Time is probably my favourite out of them, nice COT-esque riffing and that breakdown in the end, just pffft and you’re losing your mind in the pit. So if you still have somehow missed Upright (they’ve toured couple good runs in Europe too), check them out right now!

Listen Losing Touch here in it’s entitety, as well all their previous efforts (Foreseen -split 7″ and Demo);


Upright -live at Anterok 4.


Upright -Facebook

Recordstore X (Order Losing Touch 7″)

Nihilistic Dimension


Alright suckas! We aint’t dead yet and it’s finally time to bring this shit back for real. Without too much yidda-yadda, let’s dive in headfirst back into depths of Finnish quality hardcore / metal.

Bloodlands is relatively new band, that already showed signs of itself few years back, when this mysterious (they had masks in the photos, duh) group first emerged to the scene. Members from various Lappeenranta, Turku and Helsinki based bands had got together to give their love of death metal and metallic hardcore a new outlet. It is actually totally irrelevant which band’s members they share, what i can say that they are all guys who have been around for years and their music will speak for itself.

This four piece recorded their first full-length roughly year back and after using some time searching for a label, they decided that it’s better to put it out by themselves. Nihilistic Dimension cd brings together love of technical death metal, grindcore, hardest parts of metallic hardcore and beatdown. With so many different influences, you could  imagine that it could sound like “modern metalcore”, that’s mostly known as; a fucking bunch of crap. Fear not, with Bloodlands, there is no shadow of doubt about that, they are concentrating only to deliver straight forward brutality, beatdown parts that will knock over even most of the ultimate german megamosh-riff machines. I hear also there and there similarity to my old band .45 Stainless (a band that sounds like german beatdown, but it’s actually good, heh) and Bloodlands has definitely taken a good competition to make their beatdown parts to be the heaviest they can, is this a challenge for .45 guys then? Mostly songs on the album are still very short and it gives this even more hardcore feel and i like to talk about their music as hardcore; you can clearly hear bands like All Out War, Arkangel, Kickback and strong influence (at least in sound) from H8000 -scene. I also sense influences being drawn from old Lappeenranta metal / deathcore bands such as  (the almighty) Shed and Martyr, but i don’t know if it’s just a style they maybe want to express with Bloodlands, that there used to be more bands like this. In the 90’s there were even more different sounding bands coming all over the country, as Carpe Diem is perfect example of that. Still, Bloodlands is very unique at the moment as this style of hardcore doesn’t really exist currently in Finland and Bloodlines are surely in the frontline on bringing this kinda style back up. In near future we hopefully see more of hardcore and real metalcore hybrids and as some already know there is a new threat rising in the shores of Björneborg (also known as Pori, you know?), called Cross To Bear. Not the get too much out of topic, i’m going to add that Nihilistic Dimension provides all that you want for a nice shot of heaviness, thirteen songs full of violence and brutality, just in 23 minutes. That, if nothing else proves that Bloodlands has dropped a hardcore full-length, ’cause they don’t clock over 25 minutes.

Again we just see that Finnish hardcore scene is rich in diversity of it’s bands and that my friends, if fucking amazing thing. You can check in some tunes from Nihilistic Dimension right here;

And here’s a full live show from Anterok 5;

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To add in the end, there’s lots of good things to come and lot planned for Killing The Legacy in 2015, it will be a new start for us.



First, this writing is fucking late, haha. Sorry guys & girls, i’m doing my best here (for the band).

One Finnish band that i missed big time, when they first came around, was M.O.R.A., straight ‘outta Helsinki city. I had heard couple songs from their Myspace, rehearsal recordings and thought that it sounded promising. Still i missed many chances to see their shows. One time we drove from one show to other same night, from Helsinki to Hyvinkää and M.O.R.A. played there, but we arrived just when they had already played their set. I actually think that there was at least 3 or 4 times when i didn’t have any money, to buy their cd and one point when i tried to trade it at one show with some .45 cd’s, they had already done that some time ago, so no CD again. So it was damn hard to get the cd! After finally seeing them live couple times and playing also a show with them, it was clear that i really liked their shit, so we booked them to play KTL Fest last year (2013). To the point, what we are talking about here is a five-piece, who play pretty damn solid heavy hardcore, very much in vein of New Jersey thugs, Clubber Lang, Helsinki’s own alleyway gauntlet kings Cutdown and legendary, loved and feared Lappeenranta unit Black Betsy.

Having members from very different musical backgrounds (only just even inside punk / hardcore -spectre) brings a lot to this band, their members have played in various very different styled bands; Aurinkokerho, Creepy Crawlie, Confusa and Black Betsy. Then again, what makes M.O.R.A. any different than the bands, who i mentioned what they sound alike? I guess i didn’t tell you, that they got two gals singing for them and that they sing their metallic hardcore with our native language, Finnish. M.O.R.A.’s S/T CD is their first release and has been put out by the band themselves. When i first heard M.O.R.A., training tape rips on myspace didnt really give accurate picture how they would really come to sound, can’t remember the year of that, but its already years back, when they were just starting out. I was really impressed how heavy they sounded on the album, guitar tone is crazy, just as heavy and chugging as you can hope for this kind of hardcore, without sounding too clean. Rurik’s got some dope ass riffs and there’s lots of very “clubber langish” moshparts (anyone who knows how i love CL understands, that it’s just fucking awesome, so lots of parts to wreck shit up to)! Real hardcore always needs to have some roughness in there, to even up sometimes very real clean production, or that’s how i like it at least. These Helsinki guys & girls got a good thing going on and their cd is full of non-stop action. Introduced politely by one and only Handsome Strangler, M.O.R.A.’s intro hits up into Feikki (Fake). There’s no empty or boring moment, it’s straight up in your face all the time, Suvi & Piia deliver distinct voices, other going bit deeper and rasper tone as other puts out just straight, bit higher screaming. Vocal arrangements are great, lots of backups, to almost simultaneously switching singers, great use of two vocalists. Lyrically it’s more about fucked up things in life; fucking up, being betrayed, trying from worse to better, into criticizing modern day “fast-credit loan lifestyles” and being brutalized by security guards, by just looking certain way, lots of very good stuff, shit most of our kind can certainly relate to. I think that i don’t need to explain anything more, since as always, the music will speak for itself.

M.O.R.A. is actually in turning point of their band, since other singer Piia and bass player Katja, are leaving the band. They are playing handful of shows and have recorded some new material with the original lineup, that’ll see light of the day this year. Band will continue, but is seeking new members. More distinct info about all this go to their FB.

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