KTL Fest 2015: Upright


Originally from Jyväskylä, now residing in Helsinki, comes Upright. These guys are delivering fearless NYC influenced grooves, that are mixed with sick ass riffing, that reminds a lot like bands like Crown Of Thronz, Breakdown and such. Upright is one of the hardest “newer” bands from Finland, so be sure not to miss them!

Straight from the Upright concrete, what’s up guys?

Yoo, we took a summer break after the studio and just took care of all the hassle that goes into making a new record. We didn’t play at all during the summer, now we’re back at it and excited to play a show in Turku.

You are just readying to put out a new 12″, Here To Disappear, care to tell a bit more about it?

Yeah should be out in a few months, but i’m not holding my breath with pressing plants, i think everyone in hc/punk is annoyed that vinyl is so popular nowadays. It’s coming out on Ratel Records from Poland, who I think is the coolest label in europe and on our good friends Collision Records from Helsinki. 12″ six-song EP with a good variety of songs, not one song sounds the same, but as a whole it still sounds like Upright.

What about the new material musically, do you see your music evolved a lot from your last 7″ Losing Touch?

Of course there’s been evolvement from our last release, but the basic idea have stayed the same through the years. On every record there are maybe some spices that come along by the music you’ve listened that time the songs are made, but in the end it’s just metallic hardcore punk. The most important evolution in the new 12″ EP is that it’s better than any of our earlier releases.

Where Upright at the start took it’s influences, i mean NYC is obvious, but what kinda sound you sought after for?

At the beginning we just wanted to do a band that we saw that Finland was lacking, late 80’s and early 90’s NYHC as main influences, i mean Finland always had good heavy hc bands and good punk bands and we were neither. We are four guys who all love different type of heavy music and we’ve hardly had any limits when it comes to writing music, which is always been a strenght for us. It’s a fine line when you wanna sound different but still the same, you know? You could easily go over the edge, but we have a good sense of what we are doing.

You must have lots of shit happening in near future with record coming out etc, tour plans?

We just wanna hold the record in our hands first before making any big plans, but yeah we wanna tour with it and spread the record all over, because it’s so good i can’t believe it myself. But first we just want to make it to Poland.

JKL cats and TKU guys seem to click pretty well, which is mad cool and Niko was on upcoming Väistä! record dropping some feats (i dont know if this is a big secret?) too, can you tell about that?

I like Turku as a city alot and I used to listen bands like The Stakeout and Hate Unit when I was a teenager. So when you and others booked us to Turku for the first time i was excited straight away. Too bad I never got to visit the original TVO. Väistä! is the best band coming from Turku from recent years and Roippe is one of the best dudes in Finnish hc. When he asked to be a part of the record, of course i was in. Our voices are very different so it sounds good!

Upright – for those who are about to pit, we salute you, see you on next Saturday!


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Losing Touch

If you follow the Finnish hardcore scene you know, that i’m bit of lagging behind on releases that have come out in few late years, when it comes to posting about ’em. You probably already know about the newest Bolt LP, True Colors and newest Cutdown 7″, Harsh Reality and i will get briefly back on them too, but for what i want to serve you now is another bit younger band, than those two older war juggernauts. In fact juggernaut, is a title fit for Upright as well, these guys (on this recording 3 guys and a gal) originate from Jyväskylä. Known as a home for On A Solid Rock, Rebound, Defend, Presley Bastards, Delta Force II, Security Threat (2/4 of the band) and more, Jyväskylä has definitely made it’s place in Finnish hardcore map. After starting their path in there, recently Helsinkicized band put out in 2012 one of the hardest 7″ records of late few years.

Losing Touch 7″  was released already in 2012, together by Helsinki based Collision Records, Swedish Green Menace and Germany’s Street Survival Records. This joint release was Upright’s first own 7″ and followed also very successful Split 7″, that they did with crossover maniacs, Foreseen (who they share a drummer with). This 4-song 7″ featured all new tracks and the groove, it’s damn right present here strong! Courtesy of that grooving and intense riffing goes to Upright’s guitarist Markus, who i in some point gave a nickname; “Mike Dijan of Petäjävesi” (it’s the town he’s originally from) cause this dude fucking shreds! So as a logical continuation to that, you could hear bands like; Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz, Everybody Gets Hurt, Outburst and Killing Time, when thinking of Upright’s style. I think that generally the whole point of the band from the start was to make hard NYHC with their own flavours, but for what i’m hearing about their new material (since this one  was released already 2 years ago, again sorry i’m lazy and slow), it’s really damn hard stuff and i can’t wait to hear what they got coming up. Back to Losing Touch, as i said, four songs, no fillers, all straight forward hardcore with nice twists and crushing breakdowns. I’ve really grown to like Niko‘s style of screaming, he’s a dude who gives it all out, raw and hard. Lyrically Losing Touch touches more personal issues, than standard hardcore topics. All songs are great, but With Time is probably my favourite out of them, nice COT-esque riffing and that breakdown in the end, just pffft and you’re losing your mind in the pit. So if you still have somehow missed Upright (they’ve toured couple good runs in Europe too), check them out right now!

Listen Losing Touch here in it’s entitety, as well all their previous efforts (Foreseen -split 7″ and Demo);


Upright -live at Anterok 4.


Upright -Facebook

Recordstore X (Order Losing Touch 7″)

Of Conformity And Death

Kill The Curse seemed to suddenly appear on Finnish hardcore scene and i’d say, that they caught everyone well off their guard. What could be said as a “all-star” line up, KTC features members from Bolt and contains most players from the late line-ups of Security Threat and On A Solid Rock. These guys are and have been in numerous other bands of course as well. Idea for Kill The Curse had already been breeding behind closed doors for quite some time as Guitarist Miikka (Cold Inside, Security Threat, On A Solid Rock) had a vision and idea and he had wanted to do some music with Lauri (Bolt, Homefront). As well he wanted to getback on track also with Kalle, who with they had played together in Security Threat. I think that originally Kill The Curse had a purpose of releasing a 7″ EP or CD, but as usually in Finland, things tend to take their time.  Then in some point, Full House Records stepped in and decided to put out, Of Conformity And Death LP.

Musically Kill The Curse doesn’t differ that much of what these guys have done before and there is many points on the record, when i’ve thought of that i’m actually listening to Security Threat. Kalle has very distinctive voice and some riffs do sound, that Miikka had used some of his “unused xSTx riffs”, for these songs.  This combination bringing Kalle and Miikka together, reminds me a lot of Security Threat, but i’m underlining that KTC does have a  sound of their own, a monster of it’s own. Metallic riffing converges together with that melodic, moodier groove, that is very present on the whole material throughout album. Kalle’s vocals are tight and menacing as ever and have more variety, i.e. like the “spoken” vocals at the end of first track. You could think them as a weird, but compelling mixture of Burn, Cro-Mags, Bolt & Security Threat.

Titanism kicks off the album with heavy, relentless approach, no compromise and no apologies, is the only way i can properly describe how this song sounds; “Tonight, this day, Manifest! Promethean flame! Titanism! Titans, defy all!”. It’s very certain, that Kalle hasn’t lost any of his amazing sound, that was people were introduced to through Security Threat. Curse Of Man follows Titanism and with this track Kill The Curse truly display how they sound, adding best elements of all the bands they have played in. They come together into groove ridden hardcore, that is well demonstrated in next track, Existence Horror. It displays well how Miikka’s riffing is again so well placed and creates a perfect balances between hard riffs and their melodic approach. Lyrically Kill The Curse dwells into depths of man’s existence and it’s horrors and next song, When Ends Turn Into Means continues in sort of same vein, talking about people wasting their times and lifes, serving as a tool for the man. Easily turning into one of my favourite songs on the LP, Becoming A Monster, rules hard  with it’s awesome chugging, melodic riffs, that plunge into even heavier mosh parts, that are balanced with faster parts. Towards the end of the song and they also ask a question: “How could one fight a monster, without resorting to it’s means, without inflicting violence so severe, Without becoming a monster one-self?”. Of Conformity And Death ends with Escaping The Desert, that proves the variety and huge amount of elements, that all build up their influences. Main  riff in Escaping The Desert’s first verse sounds like it could be influenced by some classic swedish heavy metal, Göteborg style, but anyhow this heavy, yet melodic track is a stand out track to close the album. I have to admit that when i got the promo cd in my hands, some number of weeks ago, when gave it some first spins i was truly blown away.  Kill The Curse – “Of Conformity And Death” LP brings Finnish hardcore scene yet another amazing record and a new, very interesting band.

Kill The Curse definitely pack up an album, full of originality. Of Conformity And Death covers many aspects lyrically and musically, bringing it all down to one of the finest hardcore releases i’ve heard this year. I strongly advice you to pick this album and give it a spin. LP, that also includes the CD version of the album, is available from various stores & distros around Finland, but Combat Rock Shop and Recordstore X -both offer also international shipping.

There’s three songs off the album.

Kill The Curse -Facebook

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