We Are Thee Vile Fate


Vile Fate – Demonstration Of Maleficium 2016 CS tape is now available in from KTL store. This is a new band that i’m involved in with friends from bands such as Bad Rep and You Can’t Keep Me Down. Recommended for fans of things all occult, dark and heavy metallic hardcore such as; Neglect, Kickback, Death Threat and Harms Way . Order a copy of interested;


Stream the whole demo in it’s entity here;


KTL Fest: You Can’t Keep Me Down

You Can’t Keep Me Down (short YCKMD) have been one of the best bands in Finland for a good while now, they started as a heavy hardcore juggernaut, but have ventured into far beyond all genre obstacles ever since in their music. Having been following them almost right since they started, it’s been great to see these guys become something else, as they have progressed so much with each release. YCKMD has delivered every time they play and they have been frequent guest on KTL Fest in the past and this year we are again thrilled to have them play! Here’s their latests;

You guys have been laying a bit low lately, aside playing sine shows there and there (like that one with MADBALL, which was sick!), what are you guys planning on, is there a new release coming up or something?

We like to slow things down for the summers. Less rehearsing – more relaxing!
But yeah, we’ve got a few songs ready. We have played some of them live on gigs, too. There will be a release once we have enough material and we feel ready to do it.

Cold Dark Mind is one of the hardest records that has come out from Finland for a long time, how people have received the LP and has it affected to the band anyhow, more shows etc.?
Thanks! When the record came out we were just so relieved that we managed to pull it off. It took such a long time to craft it, you know? Songwriting, recording, pressing, all that stuff… All the time and effort put into it was definitely worth it – we are very pleased how it turned out. It’s far from being sold out, so get it if you don’t have it yet!

We guess the record has been received quite well? At least we’ve had more gigs than before. We haven’t really got that much comments on it. Silent approval? (haha)

Apparently we’re big in Russia, because the record was distributed through various MP3-forums just days after it was released. That was weird!

What’s up with Lohja these days by the way, regarding hardcore & punk, is anything happening there aside you guys?

Nope. Very few bands overall around here these days. Or if there is, we don’t know about them! Except for, of course, VÄSSYKÄT!! It’s a wuss punk/pop punk/pussy punk band, same guys as in the old YCKMD, minus Jere. Lineup is: Jukka (loyal chauffeur, merch dude, friend, jack of all trades) on drums+vox, Oskari & Tomi on guitars+vox and Allu on bass.

Do you have any plans for touring in near future, any hints what is the direction the band will be going musically in future?

There has always been talks about touring, but we haven’t really planned anything. It would be quite a feat to arrange everything – and we really suck at arranging things!

TKU-LOHJA for life! Can’t wait to see you smash it up at KTL!

Alright!! Just one more week and it’s ON!

YCKMD -facebook

YCKMD -bandcamp

You Can’t Keep Me Down – Cold Dark Mind LP


I can’t really tell you, how happy i am to see this record finally out! You Can’t Keep Me Down and i go way back, since these lovely lads from Lohja (a place better than it’s reputation) used to play pretty much every show together with us, when we started playing shows with Ill Omen. That was late 2008 or something like that and ever since we’ve been involved with them guys. Other than being awesome dudes, they always delivered musically as well. Starting back with their Brenkkuu & Kostoo (Beer & Revenge) -demo, they played a musical combination of Bulldoze and Skarhead, heavy hardcore, coupled with real deal lyrical blasts. Years later, they took their music into different level, with similar sound and style, but they took everything a bit further on each release they did. They did a Split 7″ with Helsinki’s Third Man Down and after it put out a mixtape style cd-r, This Is My Life, that kinda compiled some of the old and newer stuff. But all this was just a first step, while a real monster, was already brewing under the dark corners and forests of Ojamo.

Cold Dark Mind is the first full length from You Can’t Keep Me Down, on which they took all their previous influences and bought them together as a very detailed and definite package. Combining raw as fuck hardcore into metal’s different realms, answers best how YCKMD sounds on Cold Dark Mind. I’d say that they combine shit like Kickback‘s newer material (Les Passions 150 Meutrieres and forward) that is mixed with some metal, from black to doom and a good bunch of elements from heavy hardcore bands like; Neglect, Blood For Blood and Cold As Life. What’s most important is that YCKMD does sound like none other in Finland and have stepped to the plate with their new album. Doing Just Fine, starts up, chugging guitars, venomous rant straight in the face, featuring quick guest vocals by Matti of Cutdown and is over in a minute. Blame Yourself , lets us hear how YCKMD has always used in a great way backup vocals, as the band’s guitarist Oskari and bass player Allu, both are featured on the record dropping everything from high pitch screaming to lower growls, to back up Jere’s already damn vicious spitting (many people have compared his voice to Kickback’s Stephen and that means business). Party Over, goes on with slightly slower tempo and even heavier riffing, as the mosh part before the song speeds up, will demonstrate. YCKMD has always used a lot of samples on their recordings and don’t break the habit on Cold Dark Mind either, most of them actually do relate somehow about the song, some are just for intro / outro and here we got few outro’s as well, but i’ll leave them for you to discover. Four Seasons Of Loneliness sounds like black metal song title, but fear not, after fast start there’s very Cold As Life -esque slow, heavy riffing in the verse and here again they display nice vocal / backup co-op, then suddenly it all ends into Outro, to calm down things for a while. Abandon All Hope, hits again a menacing level of heavy guitar walls and there is a guest vocal contribution from Piia of M.O.R.A. (who of i wrote about few posts ago) at the end of the song (and a breakdown that should make anyone go how’d you say it, “go fucking crazy”!). Second last song It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday, continues ferociously portraying desperation on lines like; “When i look at myself i don’t see, the man that i wanted to be, somewhere along the life, i lost track” , and it sounds like the song’s instrumental part could be influenced by Kickback song, No Surrender. Finally ending Cold Dark Mind is End Of The Road, that kicks in a very Bulldoze related beatdown riff and it has also few cool references, (intentional or not) on some great songs, like Livin’ To Die (by Neglect). There’s another outro too, but i’m not gonna spoil it for you.

This record’s title, Cold Dark Mind sums up perfectly YCKMD’s first album, lyrically and musically. It all really comes together, heaviness, darkness and anger oozes out of these songs and makes you want to listen to it again and again. For me this is definitely one of the best albums put out this year in Finland. Cold Dark Mind is released by the band’s own Strange Horizon Records and Turku’s own Poolside Records, both parties still having it available. This black vinyl record comes also with a download, if you want it to, cause all records don’t come up with the flyer with YCKMD bandcamp link on it, but you can find it our pretty easily and download the whole record for free. Below you can listen to it right here too, but as i really fucking like this record, i really recommend to support the band and pick it up, they got some brand new shirts related to some of the album’s artwork, available too.

You Can’t Keep Me Down -Facebook

You Can’t Keep Me Down -Bandcamp

Poolside Records


Other than the band and label, you can pick Cold Dark Mind from these joints (both offer internationl shipping too);

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