Bloodlands / Cross To Bear – Split 7″


I’m lagging behind a lot, when it comes to great hardcore released in Finland in 2015, so here’s one of those records. Bloodlands is familiar to some of you from their full-length last year called Nihilistic Dimension, if not, you can read more of it here; Bloodlands – Nihilistic Dimension. They are one of those rare bands in our scene today to combine more of death and even black -metal influences into their metallic hardcore, that flirts heavily also with beatdown influences. This time Bloodlands, who are from Helsinki, have coupled together with Pori’s own real metalcore heroes, Cross To Bear. CTB might not ring a bell instantly, but be aware that this is a band that has had majority of it’s members in older finnish hardcore heavyweighs such as; Carpe Diem and Breamgod. Cross To Bear had bit of bad luck regarding their demo / untitled first release, as i understood they lost the original masters of this recording by computer glitch, so they couldn’t release it physically. This Split 7″ is the first official Cross To Bear release, they do fortunately have all songs available from that “lost demo” on their bandcamp. If you’re a fan of real proper metalcore like All Out War, Merauder or dig that mid-european vegan / edge metal like Congress or Arkangel, you should seriously take a notice. You should know to expect some skull crushing heaviness on both sides of this Split 7″, that is second release of Helsinki based punk / hardcore label Aggressive Sportwear Records (first being Paska Sakki 7″ EP).

Both bands on this split offer us two new songs and Bloodlands sets things off with Assault and you could say that the title tells all about this track here, it’s pretty straight forward with faster, even black metal influenced parts into riffing of chugging mosh, with vicious lyrics of violent assault (hence the title, get it?). Experience In Flesh continues into horror / gore-esque themes and starts another round of that death metal mosh, with some samples and nice instrumental parts to give aa break to the devastation. All in all Bloodlands have two solid tracks here, that continue the themes and style portrayed on their full-length. It’s going to be interesting to see and hear how this band comes out on their next releases, as they are already very metal -genres influenced, which direction they are going musicwise. Bloodlands are there on the board on both, metal and hardcore, so this could be recommended also to fans of Misery Index and Dying Fetus (who are obvious influences to their music).

Cross To Bear delivers us first into Mind Control, that offers nothing but pure metallic hardcore, in it’s finest form. These guys know what’s up, they know what they are doing and are doing it extremely well, Mind Control builds up crushing riffage walls, adding in some solos and harmonies. Vocalist Ville also delivers perfectly his trademark screaming and the song is all bound together into tight as nails playing. Worst Case Scenario is the second Cross To Bear track and it continues the barrage of heavy riffs and thick, solid beats that drive throughout the song, ending with brutal breakdown to offer you some serious mosh time. Cross To Bear is your answer in search of real metalcore, how it used to sound way before the whole word became more like a curse word. Below you can check out Experience In Flesh from Bloodlands off the split and Mind Control from Cross To Bear (plus their demo).

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Archives: Bloodoath – Demo

Pori has always been a fertile ground on finnish hardcore, producing excellent bands, which of most cover very different styles of hardcore. This time we’re going deep back into golden ’90’s, mid to late specifically, when Rauma (smaller town near Pori) and Pori brought the scene a metallic hardcore band in form of Bloodoath. I remember this band’s name on some finnish record’s thanks lists and such, but had never heard anything they had recorded and while visiting Mr. Linden a while back, i found out that the band did record a demo tape, which was the only “official” release they ever did. Bloodoath’s sound comes together from direct influence of bands around that time, in 1998, such as: Carpe Diem, Breamgod, EquityShed and Down My Throat. So except some heavy, metal-ridden, chugging hardcore, that is very straight forward and tough guy sounding. Recording from tape to pc isn’t again top notch quality, but little bit better than on my couple last tape transfers (Endstand and Equity).

Bloodoath Demo ’98 delivers intro plus four tracks and Intro / Left Behind starts off the tape. What particulary like on this demo, vocals are hard and evil sounding and the songs are not that technical or fancy, it’s all pure forward pushing heavy hardcore. There some influence from heavy metal influenced belgium bands such as Length Of Time and maybe some Congress, but not much of melodic riffing that or anything that LOT did a lot. Second song Gone is just plain heavy track, there’s nothing special, but vocals come to sound little bit time to time on chorus of Death From Above’s vocalist Sasu, who is without a doubt,my all-time favourite of finnish hardcore vocalists. Rest two tracks are Die Away and Disguise, both good solid stuff as well and with a promising demo like this, these guys should have done more music, it would have been even harder and heavier for sure. Bloodoath remains as a curiosity for the enthuastics like me, who are interested on their scene’s history. Here’s yet another great, forgotten band from the late ’90’s. For fans of heavy hardcore in general and old Hatebreed, Congress, Breamgod etc. If you have any info, stories, anything about this band, please let me know!
UPDATE 13/11/2011:

Link full download link deleted, i’ll add sample tracks & cover art later.