Swan Song

Swan Song – Coming Up Short 7″


UKHC scene is fucking booming at the moment, there are shitloads of hands down amazing bands and the more i hear, the more i seem to find. London’s LBU (and related)-bands  were always something to me that i really enjoyed. Today things are going full on forward and vibrant all over UK, as new bands seem to come up all the time and it’s not just London bands who are putting out quality stuff constantly. Sidetracked, it’s my every time fault with writing, but fuck it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing and hearing from bands like The Flex, Violent Reaction, XRepentanceX, Unholy Majesty, Day Of Rights and more (these few bands are merely a scratch on the surface), there’s really a lot of really diverse and interesting hardcore happening at UK at the moment and i’m pretty stoked about that. 

One of the newer bands i came across lately, found out to be a new band featuring Honor Amongst Thieves frontman Sheep, who i met first time back in 2006 or 2007 (if memory serves right) back in Sweden at Deadfest (annual hardcore festival in Link√∂ping). Knowing that he knows what is good hardcore, i checked out his new band Swan Song and was very pleased of how they sounded and the key word here is – heavy. They site their influences as Dark Throne, Kickback and Merauder for this band and i can definitely hear them all in there. Usually if someone is playing hardcore influenced by Kickback (and knows anything about anything, regarding hardcore), it can’t go wrong and Swan Song are definitley doing their shit properly. This four song title features churning, heavy riffing with Sheep’s intense screaming, it’s quite a lot different than you might remember him singin in HAT, but the whole game is different here. Deceit kicks off the 7″ titled Coming Up Short and it’s all on brutal and unforgiving, while the influences they sited, i hear bands like Indecision there too riff wise, but they do have very French touch on this one. Consecration follows up with pummeling riffing and chants of desecration, with little of that black metal-esque sound in there too combined into heavy as fuck breakdown. Two other tracks, Control and Dissolution are crafted in similar vein, it’s all quality heavy hardcore for those who enjoy really hard stuff. I’m really stoked about this record, it’s great to hear Sheep doing a new band and the fact that UK is putting out so much amazing stuff is just great! I’m very interested to hear recommendations what i would need to check out!  

You can buy the 7″ & some sweet shirts here; Swan Song -Bigcartel

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