Väistä! is without a doubt the best hardcore punk band that has emerged from my town of Turku in many years. Originally masterminded by Alley Gods & Ill Omen -drummer Teemu (aka Roippe) solo project, Väistä! started few years back and has put out two 7″ records, but also grew into a full fledged band during the process. After Alley Gods went into hiatus and Ill Omen was going on/off, around 3/4 years back, Teemu had his project already ready to go on in full blast, at least on idea level. Soon after recruiting guitarist and long time friend Lauri (from Alley Gods) to help tracking what would become Väistä! S/T 7″, he probably never guessed how well this little project would storm over whole hardcore/punk scene. Drawing influences from all kinds of groovy hardcore punk, early 2000’s Boston “bust” hardcore (Guns Up, Mental, Righteous Jams and such) and classic driving rock ‘n roll, combined into “every day man’s problems” -lyrics screamed fiercely in Finnish, Väistä! have developed a proper recipe for how to jam hard and deliver. First 7″ record was an early success and was well received, as second 7″, Sivuraiteilla (Sidetracked), followed soon in an year and it was as successful as the first one. In this point the band had already regular solid line-up (Teemu -vocals, Lauri -bass, Lari -drums and “the mysterious frenchie” -guitar) and they went on playing shows all the time, with all kinds of bands all over Finland. Last summer Väistä! concentrated in writing and recording the record everyone has been anxiously waiting as next chapter in Väistä! discography, the first full-length: Mukaudu (Conform) LP.

Funny fact, we offered to release Mukaudu LP on Killing The Legacy Records together with the band, but as Väistä! got better deal from two local labels, Burst Of Silence Räkälevyt, they decided to go with them. I’m just glad that the guys have the record released and are happy with the deal they did with the label, but as how good record it really turned out to be, i would have been happy to be the one who put it out, haha.

Mukaudu LP is offering us ten new Väistä! tracks, few of these might be familiar to those who’ve seen them live recently, such as; Humalistonkatu and Unelma Auringosta -that was also first single off the record as a video (see below). Record will be on a gatefold sleeve and will be out on couple different colors for the collectors. As an intro to the album starts with Pysäkki 955 (Bus Stop 955), that is an instrumental prelude with violins and acoustic guitar, ending into a buss opening it’s doors and then, it’s time to bust it! Humalistonkatu (that is of course a street name in Turku) kicks in trademark rocking Väistä! groove, it’s a song about drinking out and living the dream in weekends. Unelma Auringosta (A Dream Of Sun) continues and starts to build on the sort of lyrical theme of the album, a worker, work itself and how it affects everything. Tässä Ja Nyt (Here & Now) brings in another old bandmate, as Oskari from Alley Gods steps in to drop lines in this track, giving it a bit of Alley Gods feel of a song too. There has to be a fix for the old school fury too and here it’s position is filling Työläinen (Worker) where the pace is stepped up into old school hardcore bursts, combined with heavier breaks, while in lyrics the common workman is judged by the bosses for being stupid for accepting his own job contract. Mitä Jos? (What If?) starts up with bit melodies in riffing, it’s riding nicely with sick guitar solo and ends up with certified mosh starter breakdown. Ahneel On Paskane Loppu (Greedy Has A Shitty End) features Niko from Upright (who also put an stellar 12″ out a while ago, yeah review is coming too), dropping some raspy growls and it’s weird to hear him singing in Finnish, even it sounds great. Kultasormi (Goldfinger) is not an James Bond song, but an essay about how fat rich people need to make the most money out of anything they are into, oh yeah it’s also an sick punk rock jam too. Totuuden Henki (Spirit Of Truth) throws in hard ‘n heavy riffs that drive even in nice mid-tempo heaviness towards the end of song. Rankkaa (It’s Hard) ends the album with a song about people complaining about meaningless things and it features again some nice leads from Mr. Clezio (the guitarist).

Väistä! have the perfect balance between rock ‘n roll drive and hardcore fury, the mosh artists have not been forgotten and still there is speed and roughness that punk and rock -folks can appreciate. That all put into really great lyrical content (that’s unfortunately only in Finnish), Mukaudu is definitely an record that i recommend every fucking one to pick up! Most of Väistä!’s songs are over in barely few minutes, so even just i picked the records yesterday (mint green and black available), i’ve listened it through already so many times and getting really psyched about these songs, it’s such well put together album. It feels like the record is already over when you put it on and flip in the middle, some would say it’s too short or something, but i find it to be excellent length and just advice you to put the needle back on on continue to jam on this, as this is quite probably the best Finnish hardcore punk LP this year.

Why believe me, go see them live, listen and judge them yourself, here’s few tracks off the album (and their both previous 7″ are found on their bandcamp):

Väistä!  – Unelma Auringosta -video

Väistä! -Bandcamp

Väistä! -Facebook


KTL Fest 2015: Alley Gods


Alley Gods 2015 (Oskari 2004).

Alley Gods are the guest of honor for this year’s KTL Fest, they have been laying low for a while but while talking breeze with them guys at Oskari’s (AG vocalist) wedding, we kinda made up the idea that they need to do some kinda special show. They realized that Alley Gods is turning 10 years this year, so what the fuck, and they were booked! For those who have not heard of AG before, they are straight up hardcore punk rock band, that used to play a lot shows and put out more records than any of our other bands almost combined, haha (they still put out only few). Poolside Records was as well tightly involved with the band, as they pretty much put the label together to release first Alley Gods 7″. It’s gonna be really fucking something to see Alley Gods back on track on KTL Friday, it’s gonna be like, well, pure mortal combat? Here’s their catch-up’s. 

It’s been a while dudes, good to see you guys back on stage soon, what’s up Alley Gods, how are things in 2015?

It’s quiet mainly with Alley Gods overall, but this show is something we’ve been looking for some time. We’ve had so much fun playing the old songs again in the rehearsals and the songs also bring us lot of great memories from the past also.

Alley Gods is turning 10 -years this year and you are now playing special show to celebrate that, does this also mean that ”hiatus” you have been now for a while will end or is this just a special one off show?

This is a special show to celebrate what we started as dumb kids 10 years ago. We don’t have anything planned in the future so far. We are not going to quit the band, but other bands are taking the time from this. When we feel like it, we wanna do some new songs and play shows again. But we can’t say for sure when it’s gonna happen. So maybe see you again at the 15 years anniversary show with the same songs? Hehe.

You guys are active in other bands, notably Väistä! (Teemu and Lauri) and .45 Stainless (Topi), has Alley Gods’s break been caused by your other bands or have you just taken it easy with AG by choice?

First we took it easy with Alley Gods and then VÄISTÄ! started to take all of Teemu’s and Lauri’s time. .45 Stainless is also active, so it’s a vice versa situation. Mainly we don’t have clear path of Alley Gods now and that is causing the hiatus. Lauri is taking almost all the responsibility now for our song writing process and he hasn’t been active writing songs recently.

10 years is actually quite a long time to be still together as same band in Finland, you pretty much are the oldest Turku hardcore band that is still active out of our generation’s bands (Reckless Crew, Unloyal, Ill Omen, Get Stitches etc.), share some best memories from along the way?

YES! that is amazingly long time for a hardcore punk band, maybe we’re just too dumb to quit? We believe that it’s partly caused by the fact that we were best friends before even starting this band and we still are. Many of the bands that quit have been gathering musicians who are friends or not so well known to each other from the start and the bands are image of a certain time period. If a key member wants to leave the band, you either quit or find a replacement. The Turku scene is not so huge so sometimes it feels best to just quit the band.

But the memories! AH! So many good memories with this band, as well as few bad ones also. We started in Teemu’s parents garage as a punk rock band. When Oskari joined, things got more towards hardcore punk. We moved to one school bomb shelter and from there to Orighetto. Along the way we have been playing mostly in Turku, but also the main cities in whole Finland and two shows in Russia also. The best shows we’ve done are probably in Lohja. Just in a crazy venues like summer cottage or rehearsal room where anything could happen. Alley Gods has always been a real party band. We are not the tightest playing band or the most sober one, but we’ve always had lots of fun. The memories of playing in old TVO venue are of course the best ones also, but it’s hard to point out a specific show. We’ve played there like 1000 times and sometimes even two times a week so you could imagine it’s our home base.

So as expected, AG 10-years show will be something special, can you give us any hints about what will happen when you get back on stage? Thanks a lot guys!

This is something special! We gonna play songs throughout our whole career and from all of our albums: Demo (2006), S/T 7” EP (2009), Correcting wrong opinions-CD (2010) and North state of mind 10” (2011). Also expect some great covers we’ve done along the road! Let’s have some fun in TVO and party like it’s 2000 and motherfuckin 8!!! Thank you and see you soon!!!

Alley Gods -bandcamp

Alley Gods -homepage

KTL Fest 2015: Väistä!


Väistä! stands as command for dodging, or standing aside. That’s how their music sounds like, it comes with full blown volume full of all that good punk rock ‘n roll mixed with hardcore backbone. From known to play drum in Alley Gods and Ill Omen, Teemu, the man behind Väistä!, went and became one of the best frontmen in Finnish hardcore today. Now he sheds a light on what’s up with Väistä!, who have just finished recording their much anticipated full-length!

Väistä! -started as a solo project of Alley Gods drummer Teemu, who did pretty much everything for this band at start, then it turned into a full band, let us know who’s who and what’s up with Väistä?

That’s correct. I started making songs for the new band first in late 2012. The idea was to do straight forward groovy rocking hardcore punk and sing in Finnish. I had the first batch of songs ready in 2013 January. We recorded Demo out of those with Late, but it never got released. After a while I did 5 new songs and I wanted really to make a 7” EP out of those and gather a real band around this. During the fall of 2013 the line-up was ready: I (Teemu) am doing the Vocals, Late is grooving the Bass, Mr. Bango Rickman doing magic on the Drums and mystical Finnish-English Frenchman Frans Clézio is shredding away his Guitar.

You put out two 7”, where from you originally took influences when writing those records and did it affect a lot that the full band was present when writing the 2:nd 7”?

I always have this idea in my head what would the finished song sound like. What would drums do in specific part of the song, where would guitar solo fit etc. I can’t really say what my main influences are in writing songs for VÄISTÄ!. I’ve always listened a lot of different music, mainly Rock n roll, Pop, Heavy Metal, Rap and lot of different punk and hardcore also. We always work the songs in specific way. I bring the finished song to the rehearsals. I play it through with guitar and tell what are my ideas about the drums, guitar bass, guitar solos etc. Then I start singing to the song and the guys just make the song alive with their playing: They add their own spices to it and make it little by little the final version that it’s going to be. So it did affect in a good way that all the guys were present in making the second 7” and you can clearly hear it. Bango can do all kind of things with drums that I can’t even imagine, Late were first time focused on doing great Bass lines and Frans is basically one of the best solo guitarist I have ever heard.

You have also recorded your first full-length record during the summer, what kinda material will it contain, is the direction similar with your previous 7” ’s?

The direction is quite similar yes, but we all agreed that these song are the best we have ever done. Now it’s a full-length album so there is little more variability within the songs than in the previous EP’s: Some songs are more heavy, some are more rocking etc. We are also so excited about the whole process. The album is recorded via analog tape recorder and by far it seems that it is the best sounding record anyone of us have ever done. So expect it to be released late 2015 / early 2016 and expect it to be a BLAST!!!

Väistä is pretty much the hottest punk rock / hardcore band from Turku for some while if you don’t count bands (also fucking exellent) like Kylmä Sota and Kieltolaki, things have worked out pretty well with you regarding shows and all, in the past Turku bands (specially more ”metallic” hardcore) never got that much shows out of town?

Well first of all thanks for this honour. VÄISTÄ! has been very active from the start and somehow people have really found us. Since the first rehearsals with the whole band, we all felt some kind of ”magic”. Things really worked out and the songs really came alive. I think that people in the audience can feel this as well. Also with a catchy name, Finnish language and our live performances, we have gained the reputation we have now. Some Turku bands in the past have been very active and some not so active. You need the right contacts of course and I think that this has helped us a lot also. We all have been in the hardcore scene for about 10 – 15 years and now when we have a new interesting band, people want to see us live as well. We want to thank all for the support and we want to play more and more so don’t hesitate to ask us to play at your venue!

Do you guys have anything special planned up for the show on Saturday, or is it just gonna be pure hardcore punk ’n roll fuck you!? (You should play Blood For Blood -covers, ok?) Thanks!

Hmm that’s an interesting suggestion. Have to keep that in mind for the future. We gonna play a lot of new songs and couple of songs from the previous EP’s also of course. Expect a in-your-face groovy hardcore punk rock n roll show with a feat from one of the best band in Finnish hardcore scene! We are so thrilled to play again in the best event of Turku: KTL-FEST! Thank you!

Väistä! -bandcamp

Väistä -facebook

Killing The Legacy Fest 2015


I’ve been neglecting the blog quite a lot, there is lots of stuff to write about coming up all the time, but still somehow i can’t find time and inspiration to write more often, sorry about that. Anyhow, we got the annual KTL Fest coming up this month and i’m gonna break the silence with posting introductions to the bands playing this year, few questions and shit, plus of course musical samples. Most of these bands i’ve written about in the past, but we’ll feature some what’s up’s and stuff so you can catch their most recent actions. Soon enough we’ll start with first band of Friday, LONG GONE.

Killing The Legacy Fest 2015 infos:

Dates: 18-19.9.2015

Venue: TVO, Köydenpunojankatu 14, Turku

Tickets: 7€ / per night

Doors open: 20:00, showtime; 21:00


Friday: Long Gone, Satellite, You Can’t Keep Me Down, M.O.R.A., Alley Gods (special 10-years anniversary show)

Saturday: Paska Sakki, Väistä!, Upright, Foreseen, Cutdown

Venue is pretty small so i advise people to come early, the capacity of the place is only 100 people. Can’t wait for this show, gonna be so fucking sick, hope to see everyone there!

Brain Rot – Primal Rage CS

Brain Rot is a new hardcore band from Turku, that i’m very involved with. My mates Samuli (guitar) and Janne (drums) asked me to come try out vocals for their new straight edge band, which i did. Later we added Niko to bass and that was it, Brain Rot was complete. Musically we sound pretty old school and punk, if i may say so, but there’s influences from all over the board from Lockin’ Out -shit to Boston hardcore in general to Confront and Clevo styled stuff. It’s so hard to say how we sound but these comments might clarify something;

“Sounds like Lärm playing Youth Crew hardcore”

“Sounds like Today’s Waste”

We put out couple weeks ago our first demo tape called; PRIMAL RAGE, released as a joint by Poolside Records & KTL Records. It’s already sold it out, but we’ll have more copies later. You can also listen to the whole demo right here;

We’re down for playing shows and got a shirts for sale as well. Check us out on Facebook, as well if you like us. // “Hangman’s Hill” t-shirts available

Band contact:



20140327-130243.jpg Trying heavily to catch up on all great music that has been coming steadily after i put KTL to hiatus. One of those new, upcoming and promising as fuck -bands is Väistä!. They come from my homefront, Turku and feature also a old band mate of mine, from Ill Omen days. Väistä! (Dodge!) did start kind of as a solo project of frontman, Teemu and came into being as he recruited fellow bandmate from his other band, Alley Gods, Lauri to record guitars and bass for the session, that would become Väistä! S/T 7″. After they had recorded the 7″ and it was ready to be released, Teemu got together with some other familiar faces from local scene and assembled a lineup to start playing shows. Combining rocking hardcore, very much alike famous Boston Bust -style and real hardcore punk, Väistä! created a fresh sound of their own. You can hear similarities in bands like The Wrong Side, Righteous Jams, Mental, but as well more punk like another great Finnish band, Ydinperhe, sounds like. As you might guess, they sing in Finnish too, hence the band name. I really like it how Teemu sounds as a vocalist, he’s got a great voice and presence on the stage. Its always a pleasure to watch a band tear it up live, do it with passion and energy. It’s clear that Väistä! took their time to perfect the 7″, as it’s pretty damn tight package, no dead seconds or boring songs, just full on hardcore assault. They got great groove and hard riffing going on throughout the songs and there’s some melodic parts that sink in just great up in there. Väistä! kicks this jam on with straight forward banger, that displays well all elements this band is made of. Ulkonaliikkumiskielto (Curfew) continues, it reminds me lot of older defunct Turku band, Reckless Crew, as they also had big Boston style influence. Another common factor is Lari, who played drums for Reckless, he’s now banging ’em for Väistä!. Lyrically these songs are great too, since i know Teemu well and he’s gotten into lot of topics that i know really irritate him; “Ehkä kaikki pitäis kieltää, että täällä pystyis elää – Maybe everything would be forbidden, so we could at least live here”, as the song is mainly about fearing everything and overreacting on every threat. Nuorisotakuu draws another another topic of the youth of today, who are lazy, drink energy drinks, play Xbox and their parents just give them money and expects nothing of them. Väistä! have definitely turned heads with this 5-song 7″ it’s a perfect start for them. Why make a shitty demo if you can make awesome 7″ as your first release. I’m glad to see that they are getting a lot of shows and hearing them getting only good response from people. Hardcore is a wonderful thing and these guys know how to shred it. Väistä! S/T 7″ is unfortunately already sold out. It was released by the band, but had Räkälevyt and Poolside Records participating also. Pressing was small out of “around” 130 copies. But fear not, as the record is in it’s entity available for listen here.

Väistä Facebook



Turku’s currently pretty much newest hardcore band, Broken Ribs have gone and decided to call themselves now as Bad Rep. With name change they bring also a new release, their first actual, actually. Putting out a demo last year, they have done and written new shit, that’s going to be featured on new tape they’ll be having pretty soon. Demolition tape features bunch of new tracks and one older one, if my memory serves me correctly. These will be available on few next shows and as well straight from the band and quantities will most likely be very limited so act fast. My boys are also hitting the road this week, since they’re playing hometown show in Turku next Thursday and travel to Sweden for a show in Norköping Saturday 10.11. Now you can listen first track off Demolition tape. Them dudes got merch on the board as well, so pick that shit up and support independent hardcore.

BAD REP -Facebook

New blood: Broken Ribs

Broken Ribs – Photo by Niko Kallio

KTL Fest 2012 happened last weekend and it was absolutely amazing, everything went well and altogether it was spectacular weekend. Always trying to add some new blood in the mix, this year we featured Out For Justice from Hyvinkää and particulary interesting case, a new band from our hometown Turku. Broken Ribs, who actually did get their name from the band’s mastermind and songwriter’s physical condition last summer, features familiar faces from long time running scene faces of the Turku hardcore. Having paid time in Anvils Drop and several other bands, Broken Ribs drummer Lari was caught in the mix by man of the riffs, Aku and together they started to make songs and work out a bass player and vocalist. After a while of training and trying out members, they picked local a madman, but generally really good guy, Mikko to play bass.  Vocal front was taken over by Pirkka, known from his work in Poolside Records and vocals for Reckless Crew & .45 Stainless, to name couple projects. This completed Broken Ribs’s quantet and what about the music, yes we’ll get into that in a minute.

Broken Ribs Demo 2012 dropped out just before KTL Fest went on and even i didn’t get a whole hear of the demo, only couple tracks, i kinda wanted that the first (and often best) impression would be to see them live. They played their first show on Saturday of KTL Fest and i have to say that i was impressed, the music those guys played was kinda matching on the stuff i’ve been hearing Aku and Pirkka talk ages and ages about, it’s all good shit; Mental, Guns Up!, The Wrong Side and Lockinout and Boston stuff in general, yeah there’s also a lot of classic NYHC influence, cause you just have to have some of that in this kind of hardcore. Broken Ribs adds a bit heavier touch on their stuff than classic Boston hardcore, that probably coming from direction of Cleveland, many of the bands guys being avid fans of Ringworm, Integrity, One Life Crew and so on. Also Aku used to play in Get Stitches!, who were fairly metal influenced hardcore band as well.

These guys recorded the demo themselves, with Lari and our common friend Lauri (of Alley Gods -fame) at helm, intheir training place. It turned out to be pretty good sounding and only minus, that’s really nothing, is weird echo in the vocals. When you think that this is their first demo, it’s really good quality overall and four songs is well good arsenal to demonstrate what their style really is. First track, Losing My Mind kicks in from heavy riffing into fast-paced verse, that slows up into a classic moshpart and it’s cool when right before the song ends and guitar hits those melodic chords. Next off, Weight Of The World, is little bit slower, but offers up some nice mid-tempo action and i’m all over this kind of stuff, i like my hardcore most as heavy and straight forward. Two remaining songs Thin Ice and No Compromise prove quite well that these songs are written in good time and rehearsed well and i have to say that there hasn’t been any traditional hardcore bands in vein of late Reckless Crew, Back Against The Wall and TKU Blindside, in Turku for some time, most bands have very metallic approach on their music, so Broken Ribs are bringing some fresh winds to our city. But coolest thing about this is that if you know anything out of Finnish hardcore, you should know by listening from which city Broken Ribs are and this is some real Turku City HardCore for you, my friends. I gotta say that this demo is pretty good and what comes on them performing live, they kicked ass and i’m looking forward to seeing them again. You can download the whole demo below (with permission from the band), or listen it through their Stereokiller -site.

You can listen the Broken Ribs demo at their site here;

Broken Ribs -Stereokiller

Broken Ribs – Demo 2012

For all contact regarding anything;

Alley Gods – North State Of Mind 10″

Welcome back to new and improved Killing The Legacy website. I’m gonna start the new era of KTL with some hometown colours. Alley Gods, who’ve of i’ve written in couple occasions in past years, are again back with a bang. After their start, years back, they pulled off a great a demo, that had following “S/T” 7″ and a full-lenght album couple years back, titled; “Correcting Wrong Opinions”. Our mutual bro’s in Poolside Records have been standing hard on Alley Gods’s side and the brand new 10″, North State Of Mind is also released through PSR and this time they got Räkälevyt (Snot Records, as a free translation) helping them to release the vinyl. Strictly available on black 10″ vinyl + download code -package, North State Of Mind is indeed very different, yet still familiar outing from the AG’s.

With roots hard in hardcore punk, skate punk and hardcore in general, Alley Gods have, how’d i put it, oh yes, matured in a sense. Their main inspirations in the start were bands such as Minor Threat, Pitboss 2000 and alikes, but now there’s new winds blowing. Do not be afraid i’m not saying they have gone pop ‘n punk or anything, but there’s more diversity in song structures and different elements tested. Artwork for first is giving off very japanese-sort-of-feel, the logo, the photo and there’s similar styled photo on back cover as well, luckily there’s the North State -ripoff logo, that turns everything over american, haha. All in all artwork is pretty nice and i really really like the new logo, it makes me thing old japanese hardcore bands and crust bands etc. it’s almost death/black metal, but what i talked about it with Lauri (AG axe-wielder), he told me that it’s something about roots. Musically Alley Gods have been ambitious on their last few records, Correcting Wrong Opinions continued in many way the S/T 7″ ‘s style, but had more guitar solos, instrumental track and all kinds of new shit all over it.

North State Of Mind provides a good handful of nine songs and as things kick in with Shell, you’ll no doubt hear the solo’s and melodic riffing, i think they should keep doing solo’s cause these, even quite simple, are really nice and bring variety to the songs. Next song Under Pressure, sounds with so melodic youth-crew riff, that it could be a Champion song or something, haha. On the other hand Oskari’s vocals aren’t really what you’d expect from a posi-hardcore singer, so it’s not sounding that much really like it, but the riff is melodic and it’s pretty good. For what i’ve noticed when listening to the album, it has that feel on it, that it’s a quite well knit set of songs, everything seems to be well in place. I know these guys used to have mad fun and play crazy as hell shows, with half of the band crawling on the floor, too drunk to play, so it’s nice too see them (well they started to get serious already years ago, of course) mature with the music, they are serious about this stuff and it’s great.  Lyrically they have also gone more and more into serious topics, not totally forgetting humor, but to me this is the most serious record they have done, it’s about real world’s problems and things that bother them. Top Of The World kicks in as one of the best songs off the 10″, there’s all in place, good groove and they even throw a solo at the end of song. Other favourite of mine is Think You Got 9 Lives?, it starts with slow, but heavy riff with the groove, just to skip up the tempo into steady pace and it features some backup screams by my man Teemu (also from Ill Omen), behind the drumset. Then it’s time for their regular guest spot with Information Asphyxiation, that has Juuso (of Get Stitches!, Unloyal) dropping in and he’s almost doing the lead vocals here, cause i think Oskari’s singing a lot less than him, but it’s all good, dualing vocal ending here is pretty awesome. As the final track Alley Gods present their 10″:s title track North State Of Mind and it’s a curious song because it feels like the song is cut half, it starts up normally and when coming into the gangvocs part, that sounds somehow really weird in there, it’s like Bro Hymn, sorta and then the song just ends, what the fuck? But there’s a final track (i wish it would have been Lauri singing Katri Ylander -cover songs), it’s untitled and acoustic, kinda makes me think of The Phoenix Foundation, for real.

All in all Alley Gods have done a well good record with North State Of Mind, it’s certainly their most professional sounding album. And while i love my boys in the band and support them in as many ways i can, i recommend for all you punk / hardcore punk enthuastics to pick the 10″ and don’t say you ain’t got a vinyl player. Support your scene and check out Alley Gods if you haven’t yet. Here’s couple songs, as exclusive song we’re putting one track here for you that hasn’t been available anywhere online before (Top Of The World). Contact the band through their website to pick a copy or find a distributer.

Information Asphyxiationg (Feat. Juuso GS!)

Top Of The World

Alley Gods @ Stereokiller

Alley Gods -Homepage

Poolside Records

All music is posted with artists and labels permission.

Archives: TKU Blindside – Unreleased LP + Discography

TBS around time of demo; Aba (gtr), Janne (bass), Jukka (gtr, vocs), Mike (vocs), Pekka (drums)

I don’t know about everyone but, these days it seem to be a weird situation in hardcore and maybe even music in general, with kids buying less records, but picking merch and downloading all instead, not even buying record they like from digital stores. I don’t know if i’m somehow old fashioned or what, but specially inside hardcore realm, i’ve always concidered one of the most important things to support bands which you like, help them out by buying their music and merchandise, cause in many cases they’ve paid everything for themselves and put all their money and passion into their music. Other thing that i value a lot, is to know your roots. Reason and history, where they came from, who was there before you and specially the bands, that paved the way for you, your friends, your local scene, your bands and of course, the whole hardcore movement, worldwide. Don’t know if it’s my interest into history in general, but what i’m trying to say here is that, “know your roots” and “practice what you preach”, i think it’s very important to know where you come from and show respect to those before you. That said, you can probably sense how excited i am to unravel yet another chapter of my hometown,Turku’s legacy in our fine Finnish hardcore scene.

Some might remember my post about older Turku hardcore band, TKU Blindside and their demo; From The Streets Of… back in 2007. Known also as TBS, TKU Blindside’s history extends back into 1999 and they went on from there through ups and downs, until late 2002, when the band stopped to play and remained in low profile, but never really quit. But as there might be (should be!), more interested parties, than only me on about;who they were, what they did and what they came out to be, i’ll be capping here together the history of TKU Blinside and their discography, with help of their guitarist / vocalist, Jukka filling in the gaps for me on the history of his band, all that i was not aware about. You might have guessed it, but there is even more important reason on why i’m writing this post, the unreleased TKU Blinside LP.

But let’s go back to the start at first, as i mentioned TBS started already back in mid summer, 1999. Jukka, Pekka and Jussi (who was known from Today’s WastexJuryx and also later from Hate Unit and Kieltolaki) had talked with each other about starting a band, to play something in vein of Integrity, but as you will come to hear, it didn’t really sound anything like that. After this they had Mikey to take on vocals and Janne to handle the guitar. This first line-up was originally working under different name and this band started to rehearse around 1999-2000. Name, TKU Blindside, was decided in 2000, as they had to alter the line up after Jussi quit the band, because it just didn’t work out somehow and they took Aba to handle the second guitar, so Janne switched into bass to replace Jussi. They played also their first shows with this original TKU Blindside line-up of Mike -vocs, Jukka -guitar/vocs, Aba -guitar, Janne -bass, Pekka -drums, in spring 2000 at local venue called Sadis. In late summer of 2000, TBS entered Red Five studios to record From The Streets Of… -demo tape, tracking five songs of which four ended up to the demo. Demo tape was released in Jan/Feb of 2001 and it was sold as strictly a tape version. They played shows with the original line up until March of 2001, when Janne stepped aside from bass and after couple tryouts, TBS found Raitanen into bass.

TKU Blindside -2001-> : Aba -gtr, Pekka -drums, Mike -vocs, Jukka -gtr/vocs, Raitanen -bass

“When it came time to record the demo, we already had couple songs, that ended out on the LP. But one reason to record the demo was to document the start of our time with TKU Blindside and it came out to be what it came out.” -Jukka

From The Streets Of… -Demo brought down some real Turku style hardcore, showing off their influences from bands such as; Blood For BloodSheer TerrorBreakdown, Madball and alike. Fallen Right From The Start, starts off the demo, it displays nicely their double styled, Mike’s and Jukka’s vocals, use of background vocals and doubling is present strong, throughout their discography, very well placed. Their brand of hardcore is also well presented here, it’s no bullshit taking heavy hardcore, that’s got quite a lot similar sound with two first Blood For Blood albums; Spit My Last Breath and Revenge On Society. Second song, Watch You Fall -hits up the pace and bursts out the anger once again with venomous rants like; “Your reign of PC-terror across the land, no one can knock me from where i stand” and here you can again hear how cool it’s to have to vocalists with different styles working together perfectly. Watch You Fall -might be more familiar song to someone, cause we used to cover it with Ill Omen, around when our S/T 7″ came out and we did also a record release covers for our 7″ from the TBS From The Streets Of…’s cover-art. I Will Prevail and No Matter What It Takes, are the two final songs of the demo and they continue well in same vein of TBS’s heavy, straightforward, yet not very metal influenced hardcore, that doesn’t lack any groove either. With really good sounding demo like this it was no wonder that they had been in interests of Helsinki based, now days pretty much legendary Finnish hardcore label, Full House Records, for some time already, they had been talking about doing a full-length record.

The band had some problems to work out their rehearsal routines, but still managed to carry on and even the recording of full-length seemed to be in one point very unlikely, they still carried on and got themselves set, ready to hit studio. In august 2002, TBS headed to Sonic Pump Studios to track the full-length album and they laid down 12 songs, of which 10 ended on the master of the lp. It was also sort of means to an end to TKU Blindside, even the band was really excited about the record and everything, it seemed again very unlikely that the release would happen. Mostly due outside distractions, they decided not to release the record. So it ended up that they just didn’t do anything after the decision was made not to put out the record, still same time, no one really wanted to quit the band or anything. They were real good friends and end of TKU Blindside came really from those distractions outside band, work arrangements and life in general.

“We reserved the studio for LP to the end of August, so that when Pekka comes back to Turku on Saturday or Sunday. So we’d have time from there on around a week or so, to get everything trained properly and written ready. This time studio was paying a bit more, so we didn’t have any time to play.

Of all the songs that ended on the LP, we had ready around 5 and 2, almost. That time it was also hot as hell. Some of our guys was working and some, who had time to spare, laid on the beach or something for the day thinking about how things should work out. Then at all night long, we’d play only wearing boxer shorts and all the coolers screming like hell.” -Jukka

Fast forward couple years, into 2003, around winter ’03-’04, TBS started wondering again, if the record should finally be released. They talked about making a complete release on their discography, package including the demo, unreleased lp, extra tracks and live covers. But even they had the package pretty much ready together, it just again got forgotten somewhere and the release didn’t ever happen.

Now it’s been couple years already since 2004 and here we are, talking about the band and their unreleased record, that i’ve heard many to praise as the best Finnish hardcore record, that never got released and more. Thanks to Jukka, Pekka, Janne and Aba, who all i’ve been in contact time to time, during the recent years, seen them and met at shows, talking about TKU Blinside. Finally everyone will have a chance to hear this stuff, as Jukka kindly provided me the master version of TKU Blindside full-length lp some time ago. The Record is untitled, yet it had some name proposals in process, such as; Found A Way -that had something to do with the original cover artwork idea and later when they ment to put it out with the compilation of all their work, there were ideas of name; 3 Year Disease / 3 Year Sickness.

“Like i said, all in all we were a band of friends. We hung out together all of our spare time and our rehearsals often turned out to a 6 or 7 hour sessions, just because it was so fun to hang out together. We always went to shows together, hung out at bars each other’s place all the time.” -Jukka

Untitled LP by TKU Blindside, first i have to say that i originally heard this album couple years back and i have a cd-r copy that contains (most of) the LP and Demo, that Pekka provided me through our mutual friend. This version did not contain any track titles and some of the songs cut short and as Jukka suspected, that it was probably some unmastered, early version of the record. So i was really excited to hear the final version, with tracks titled and lyrics included! There is no artwork, that was finalized or made for the album, Jukka talked about it that there were ideas etc. but nothing really concrete, anyhow i’m sure that the music will speak for itself. Falling Down kicks off the album with crunching heavy riffing, that quickly turns into a bit melodic part, that throws in some speed in the gear and starts off the song for good, you’ll hear very familiar style on vocals, just working better than ever and TKU Blindside is no doubt, sounding overall a lot heavier on their LP. They were definitely getting into another level with such great recording quality on the LP and were going also into great direction with songwriting, more complex riffs and technically, just more everything on the album. Songs like; True FateWeak From The StartSowing Wind, Cropping Ashes and Closure, deliver just what TKU Blindside’s LP is about, it’s better and harder than ever and most important you can hear that none band in Finland has before and even later delivered so groovy, heavy and streetwise hardcore album that’s similar sounding in this style. Sheer Terror and Blood For Blood (especially Spit My Last Breath) ring true in TBS’s music, but there’s a lot heavier riffing, than either of those bands would do, it’s nothing metallic or nothing beatdown, or whatever, it’s just pure plain punishing Hard Core, nothing else. This album contains 10 tracks, all new material, there’s notes lyrically on material from the demo, and that’s just cool, i like these kind of references and continuing topics / lyrics. I’ve been listening for this album now for many weeks and i have to say that i love it, it’s certainly the hardest album that i’ve heard from a hardcore band, coming out of city of Turku. While the band was around actively for relatively short time, you need to understand that hardcore scene, back then here in Finland, used to be even smaller than now, so you could say that every band counts.

“And this band would have been nothing without these guys. No song would have gotten it’s shape, without the guys who we’re in the band. Playing with this band and those guys, was the greatest thing that i’ve experienced while playing music and it’s pretty fucking unique thing to have. Many have done the same, but i’ve never come across a thing like that again. That’s why i never cared, did anyone like us, it was totally irrelevant, same thing with the LP. Of course positive feedback warmed mind, but the band was the value and the reason, that in the end was the only meaning for me and nothing can make it mean any less.” -Jukka

To end this, what can i say, it’s a real damn shame that things went for how they went with TBS, causing them to enter hiatus and forget the release of this album, because it certainly is one of the best records i’ve heard from Turku city band, but for a Finnish band as well. There hasn’t been actually many other bands, who would have delivered this style of hardcore in Finland, so TKU Blindside really stands out of the Finnish hardcore crowd, them not being as metallic as many others, they should appeal very well into traditional hardcore’s fans. As for where these guys are today;

Jukka played guitar with Helsinki’s finest, Down My Throat (first band he played in after TBS, if i’m correct) and is doing guitar/vocals for heavy hitters, Become A Threat and of course doing guitar in BOLT.

Pekka played drums in Finnish straight edge juggernaut, Security Threat and after they quit, provided his skills to use of Endstand.

Janne played guitar in The StakeoutKnife Edge and Avoimen Haudan Löyhkä and is currently working with new Turku city band, Broken Ribs.

Mikey had also a metallic hardcore band in vein of H800-styled vegan metal / hardcore, called Equity on which he sung for and played guitar.

Aba has been playing in Turku’s melodic punkrock band The Phoenix Foundation right from their start and is still doing his thing on guitar with those guys.

TKU Blindside – From The Streets Of… Demo Tape//2000//D.I.Y. @ Soundcloud

TKU Blindside – Untitled LP //2002// @ Soundcloud

TKU Blindside – Untitled LP -leftover tracks //2002// @ Soundcloud


All links are directed to Soundcloud pages, from where you can also download all the albums, but i’ve included complete package with all TBS material below.

TKU Blindside -Discography (Containing; From The Streets Of.. -demo, “Untitled” LP and extra tracks)

Thanks a lot for all the members of TBS and their close friends, most particulary; Jukka,xPekkax, Aba, Jan and xOllix ((Pekka’s brother) for tattoos and general random stories about the band and the guys, usually something totally unrelated info, haha), for being an inspiration and huge help in compiling together TBS’s material and information of the band. Last but certainly not the least, thanks to the whole TKU Blindside crew, for letting me post their LP and being all cool about it! This is for you, TURKU and like TBS said it best themselves;

“Representin’ Turku Style – You don’t know, what you’re up against!”.