Songs Of Immortality

A record that took it’s time to come out and was on top of my wait list last year, was very anticipated and to many surprising collective vinyl re-release of Grimlock‘s Songs Of Self cd and their first 7″; Thirst For Immortality. Songs Of Self was originally released only on cd and as all of Gridlock records are a hell to find anywhere, this new edition is called Songs Of Immortality. It brings Grimlock’s pure crushing metallic violence to another generation of hardcore heads. Knives Out Records has again dropped a real gem for all those, who like their records looking as good as they sound, besides also making an huge favor to the hardcore scene by re-releasing Grimlock material after a long, long time. Wait for this 12″ was quite long, as last year’s record store day fucked most of smaller record plant’s schedules and diy run label’s orders were pushed back in timetables. Big business labels put out all kinds of craphole records, as they’ve realized people buy RSD stuff like apeshit. This only of course makes small business labels suffer as their pressing times are becoming lengthy and unpredictable. Songs Of Immortality took it’s time to come out, but the wait, it was again well worth it.

For those who have never heard of Grimlock, the band originated from Boston, Massachusetts area back in 1994. Musically Grimlock were on their own level even back then as “brutality, heavy as possible” -would be the terms i’d use to describe their music. Grimlock put out relatively good amount of releases during their lifespan. First demo tape came out in 1995 and after it, they steadily toured and put out a release almost early. Thirst Of Immortality 7″ was released also in ’95 and the first album, Songs Of Self cd in 1997. Follow up record, Crusade Of Reality cd/10″ was released also in Europe, it came out in 1998. Year after that in 1999, they did a split 7″ with japanese band Rebirth, after of which, they shortly went into hiatus. Final Grimlock opus, mcd Crusher arrived in 2002, when the band returned to stages to tour. That unfortunately lasted only a year, since in 2003 Grimlock called it quits.

First time i heard Grimlock, was few years after Crusher was released and it hit me right away. Metallic fury combined with one of the angriest voices in hardcore hooked me right away to Grimlock’s sound and it didn’t hurt, that their name was taken from one of the most boss Transformers chracters ever. Staying largely under the surface of larger hardcore audiences, at least in Europe, during years for many Grimlock has become very sought after band, that i totally can understand (i’m missing only the Rebirth Split 7″ and the demo tape from my collection…). Grimlock is truly an amazing band, whose heaviness was in their own level  and that put out extremely great records, still they feel today like a hidden gem in the world of hardcore. Few years back LA’s Ruckus put out their appreciation for Grimlock on the map, as they recorded a cover of Mountain Of Power (off Thirst For Immortality 7″) on a limited Split 10″ with, (their other band) Twitching Tongues. Other than that, i haven’t heard many people even mention Grimlock and was super surprised and happy when i heard from Tonr (Knives Out Records & Providence) that he’s going to release something from them.

If you have read my previous reviews of Knives Out releases, you’ll know that they put special effort in what they do. Grimlock layout features lots of live shots and poster / flyer artwork. Two different versions were available during pre-order process, deluxe and classic. Now already sold out deluxe (that my review is based on) features iconic “24” cut in layout, digital download card, patches, pins and an art book titled; Visuals Of Immortality. The book contains lots of never before seem live photos, in which the records artwork is based on mostly and includes as well a story compiling together Grimlock’s walk as a band. So called normal, the classic version comes with same glorious picture vinyl that deluxe, but with a simpler version of the layout and download card is of course included too. I could go on forever how amazing this package is, i can only say that if Knives Out Records is still a new accointance to you, correct that shit out right now and order some of the most amazing looking records you’ll ever own (hint; Arkangel 10″  is available now)!

Song Of Immortality starts with tracks on Songs Of Self and then goes into Thirst For Immortality. The record kicks in with one of the most vicious songs in Grimlock arsenal, My Sins and it’s right here, where you hear why this band is called brutal, the intensity of this metallic mayhem is unparalled; “World’s closing in, don’t know where to begin. I am angry all the time. I hate, i hate all the time”. Cry Of The Dead, builds up with hard and menacing guitar wall, that continues just by turning into slower and heavier as the song processes on. Eye Of The World, follows up, throwing some speed into gear, but it’s again filled with raging breakdowns, the kind of most of today’s heavy bands unfortunately can just dream about writing of. Processed thrusts again into pure, fierce heaviness and it’s all nothing but crushing riffs after another, ’till the mosh part at the end takes over; “FAKE”. Life (After Silence) is almost of an instrumental mosh factory and as the lyrics comprise pretty much as of the song title only, this song has always had like a intro/interlude feel to me in a way. One of the most well known Grimlock songs ever is probably, 24, it is all pure chugging mayhem and tells about legendary hockey fighting champion Bob Probert; “A gladiator primed for battle. A notch above the rest. Drop of the gloves, never backs down. Made to be the best.”.

Originally released back in 1995 by Pin Drop Records (as Songs Of Self cd is too), Thirst For Immortality tracks portray mosh ridden, heavy jams, that aren’t yet as metal influenced than Songs Of Self. Bring The Pain, Feed My Rage and Mountain Of Power –all still represent very powerful and violent hardcore songs, there’s so many part full of face crushing heaviness. These songs remain as few of my favourite Grimlock tracks, even though this whole record is full of pure fucking excellence. Last track, Thirst For Immortality, acts an outro for the record, originally it appeared on Songs Of Self cd as final track, with all three songs from the 7″ as bonus tracks. Songs Of Immortality brings together Grimlock to many new hardcore enthuastics, or so i can hope at least!

If you haven’t ever heard of this band before, i strongly advise you to let Grimlock take you into it’s jaws and crush you in to pieces, most likely you will enjoy it. For any fans of hokest, agressive and brutal hardcore such as Cold As Life, Shattered Realm, Overcast, (early) Harebreed and such bands. Note, that Songs Of Immortality is very limited pressing on picture vinyl and i’m not even sure how many copies Knives Out has in stock at the moment, so check out their store right away.

Here you can stream through the entire album.

Grimlock -Knives Out Records / Knives Out Records -Website / Store / Knives Out Records -Facebook

Grimlock – Mad Titan -video (from 2002 Crusher mcd)


Witness A Rebirth

It’s kind of weird to see old bands get from “the playing couple re-union shows time to time” to back into stage of full-blown bands, that write new music. In some cases it has worked out perfectly, probably best example being one and only Earth Crisis. Years back, they disbanded for a while, but soon continued, writing excellent new music to this date. LA’s Strife is in same category as EC, being one of the biggest straight edge hardcore bands of the 90’s, but as we know they stopped claiming to be a straight edge band, long time ago when they first broke up. After coming back and writing (by my opinion) not very good album (Angermeans), Strife was around a short time and quit again, playing couple re-union shows during years. Since their last leg of time to time reunion shows, the band seemed to get more serious, so they started writing new music. I’ve been a huge fan of all early Strife records, so while i knew Angermeans was pretty bad record, i thought that they wouldn’t probably anymore go into that direction with their new material, so i was very interested to hear how they would sound. Earth Crisis did the same thing with Slither, otherwise perfect discography was off shot with horrible album, but they as well returned to glory and triumphed after their break-up and so has done Strife. I don’t give a fuck if they aren’t sxe anymore (even it was a big part of the band’s history) and i respect that if they play those songs that distinctly touchs subject of the straight edge, they have some friend who is edge to sing that song (i.e. Force Of Change) and after listening to Witness A Rebirth, the new album, it feels just like it what should have been happening after In This Defiance. They have managed to keep the spirit and direction of their original style very alive with this new album. I really was kinda surprised that Witness A Rebirth really sounded so damn good, cause even interested, i didn’t have any expectations how it would maybe sound. Classic hardcore only how Strife know how to do it.

I strongly courage everyone to check out the new album, it’s best thing (with newer Earth Crisis records and Vision Of Disorder‘s new LP) that an older band, that has made a comeback, has done. Rick Rodney sounds as fierce as ever and everything else is soundwise and songwise in it’s place, it’s classic Strife in it’s finest form. Pick it up if you like it, i’m definitely dropping an order for this sucker right now.

Listen Witness A Rebirth as whole here.


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Symptoms Of Our Time 7″

Second time i cross my path with this relatively young band, from Hämeenlinna, Left Cold, was when one of the labels, of their new 7″, contacted me and asked for a review. I’m really sorry, that it took so long, but here it is! So with that said, i’ll fill you in bit more about Left Cold, since many of you probably haven’t heard of them before. I picked their From The Ashes -tape, maybe couple years ago from some distro at a show. Not 100% sure, but i think it was their first demo or something, anyhow i thought that it showed some promise, they played dark and heavy sounding hardcore, that sounded to be very influenced by bands such as Integrity, Cursed and their alikes. I think Left Cold has been playing some shows there and there, but until this year, they hadn’t gotten that much attention. Their newly released first 7″, Symptoms Of Our Time, on Johnny Park Avenue Records and Face Your Gods, on the other hand, has gotten them some  buzz.

Hämeenlinna isn’t exactly well know from it’s hardcore / punk bands, so it is even weird to hear band of this style to come out from that city. Left Cold’s first vinyl release, Symptoms Of Our Time is a 4-track 7″, that’s pretty much easily summed as short, dark and heavy. They have four songs on the record and all tracks have been titled with roman numerics. This way to name your tracks is apparently becoming popular, since i’ve gotten two records in a short period of time, that both have done this (see Pigeon Hunt -review). This being only a minor distraction, cause music comes first, as usual and Left Cold have stepped up their game, that’s for sure. I, well defines their new sound, it’s totally different, at least in soundwise, than on the demo tape. They sound so much heavier and darker than before and the same tone is all over all of these songs. They aren’t singing about happy shit either, it’s darkness and chaos, shit gone wrong etc, you know what young men like to scream about in hardcore songs and it’s working out just fine here too. Crossing between atmoshpheric heaviness and raw “holy-terrorian” influenced hardcore, Left Cold have really got their pieces well fit on Symptoms Of Our Time. I haven’t seen these guys live ever before, but will be going to see them actually tonight in my hometown with local hardcore heroes; Broken Ribs, The Reality Show and couple Helsinki based bands, Pigeon Hunt and Lighthouse Project. Hopefully it’ll turn out a good show, we’ll just see how Left Cold will turn out, since the 7″ is pretty short and still leaves a feeling for “something more”, i hope that they will deliver that “more” with their future releases. Fans of all holy terror -related or influenced hardcore and dark crust (His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise etc.), should check out Left Cold.

Left Cold -Facebook

Johnny Park Avenue Records

Face Your Gods

Sleep Therapy LP / Of Malice And Men LP

It makes sense to write about two of LA’s heaviest, Ruckus and Twitching Tongues, in same review since these two bands share most of their members. Both bands feature the brothers Young, who are playing various instruments (in Ruckus: Colin plays drums and Taylor guitar and in Twitching Tongues: Colin sings and Taylor plays as well guitar) and are largely responsible for writing their material and recording their music too. Aside them both bands feature same bass player, other common factor is that both band put out their first LP just a while ago. Twitching Tongues – Sleep Therapy actually originally came out already earlier this year, but the vinyl version’s pre-orders landed just couple weeks ago. Ruckus’s as well first full-length, Of Malice And Man,  had it’s problems too, it was meant to come out through infamous Double Or Nothing Records, but it turned out to be released through Harvcore Records, who did a great job with it. I received both LP’s (bit over) two weeks ago and have been giving ’em a lot of listen lately, both bands are pretty damn heavy in their own way and are no doutb very good in their respective styles.

Sleep Therapy LP

Twitching Tongues caught my attention through Ruckus, since i had gotten into them, on their Human Pollution CD, that was released by german label, BDHW Records. Later i heard that Colin was singing in Twitching Tongues, so i checked it out and turned into liking their stuff quite a lot. It was totally different styled music than Ruckus, drawing inspiration from slow heavy metal, alt-metal influenced hardcore and such kind of shit. Twitching Tongues cross the line between hardcore and metal and they do it with unique style and ambition. Bands like Life Of Agony, Type O Negative and Only Living Witness came to mind then and still do, when listening their new LP, Sleep Therapy. Prior their first full-lenght the band self-released a Demo and a CDS/7″ -single, Insane & Inhumane, on BDHW / Photobooth Records, that featured the demo remastered and two new tracks, plus Pentagram cover – Forever My Queen. Sleep Therapy features 8 songs, including those two from the single, here on the LP they deliver astounding display of how the band has crafted their material, sounding nothing like most of new hardcore (and related) bands around, with still sounding hardcore. I managed to pick the “Type O Negative”-green vinyl as a pre-order package, that included also Type O -nodding t-shirt and the CD version of Sleep Therapy. Additional nice detail on the vinyl was that it was wrapped with a band, that has pressing number stitched into it, mine was 163 / 200.

Sleep Therapy is truly well knit album, there’s no fillers and new songs work out together beautifully to make it all sound very whole. It doesn’t matter that Insane & Inhumane and Voluntary Confinement re-appear on the LP, cause they sink in together so well with newer songs like, Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle) and record’s starter, I Fell From Grace Feet First. This 8 song LP is, if you ask me, one of this years best hardcore (and related) records, that if you can (like everyone should) listen to some other music than hardcore, too. Just check out Sleep Therapy’s epic conclusion, Arm In Armageddon Part 1: Freezing and Arm In Armageddon Part 2: The Peril Of Our Seasons, it should be enough to impress anyone, who likes good music.

There’s two songs off Sleep Therapy on Twitching Tongue’s Stereokiller site:

Twitching Tongues -Facebook

I Scream Record

Of Malice And Man LP

As you might know, Los Angeles has been the place to follow, when it comes to amazing metallic hardcore lately. Alpha & Omega and Xibalba are just few names who have come and taken hardcore world by storm. But then there is Ruckus, who first hit their chugging metallic mayhem via  BDHW, on their previously mentioned MCD, Human Pollution (interesting trivia, Dwid (of you all know which band), has done the artwork for the mcd). These guys delivered impressive metallic hardcore, somewhere between New Jersey bands such as Second To None, Fury Of Five (Taste The Steel cover was on the MCD) and other metallic monsters like Grimlock (who they would later cover too), Merauder and All Out War. From that standpoint it probably wasn’t a big surprise, that i’m all over this kinda stuff. Ruckus was also featured on Earthquake Split CD with Xibalba and San Diego’s metallic beatdown hardcore monster, World Of Pain, where they delivered some new songs, but it still left me waiting for the full-lenght, yearning for more. With time taken on hassle with labels and shit, they hit up online promo off The LP, which featured some cover goodness (Bad Brains and Agnostic Front) and couple tracks from Of Malice And Man.

Of Malice And Man LP came out through Harvcore and i received mine on same week with TT LP. Limited vinyl version was black this time and i was lucky enough to snatch one of those in the pre-order phase. Ruckus had put in their heaviest tracks this far to the record, they sound just like a band of this style should sound, uncompromising, heavy and rough. Metallic hardcore is huge these days, but these guys have put their influences into pieces and made their own roadmap out of it, thick riffs and overall very tight playing can be heard well on the LP. Previous MCD’s title track, Human Pollution, that did not appear on that release, is first track on Of Malice And Man. Next three songs really raise the gear and let you know that Ruckus “ain’t ta fuck with”, Les Incompetent, Cognitive Genocide and Destructive Criticism present perfectly how these guys roll, heavy riffs, solid menacing vocals and lots of mosh. I’m not talking about anything like mid-Euro ultrabeatdown, cause Ruckus is on totally other level compared to that stuff, there’s so much more variety going on, faster parts pace nicely the heavier ones and there’s still plenty of those crushing breakdowns. Admist new songs they have included new versions of older songs, True Testament (off Human Pollution), Damn Age and Dead Weight (these two were available online as demo-versions, some time after Human Pollution MCD), that have some new kick in ’em too, through new recording and heavier sounds of the LP in overall. Ten songs is pretty good length for hardcore record and Ruckus maintain to keep it interesting throughout the whole record, without any problems. These guys are among my favorite bands from Los Angeles and also on top of current heavy hardcore today, with bands like: Harms Way, Lifeless, War Hound, Bottomfeeder, Ready To Die, Xibalba and World Of Pain.

You can listen couple songs from Of Malice And Man from Ruckus Stereokiller:

Or listen the whole LP here at Blow The Scene.

Ruckus -Facebook

Harvcore Records

Beatdown Hardwear Records

Pick out one or even both of these records, if you like what you hear. Hardcore bands are not making huge bucks, so support the scene and help them out. Go see ’em play if it’s possible, Twitching Tongues is coming to Europe in Summer so i’m definitely trying to catch them somewhere. Ruckus played a tour last year (mostly) in Germany, but i hope next time they come over, they’d play some scandinavian dates too.

Pigeon Hunt 10″

In a way, i have always waited a day to see this band happens. If you didn’t get that, maybe i should be little bit more specific, even it probably doesn’t help a thing. So, i was always expecting a band like this from this great guy, who i’ve known for many years and he used to live in Turku, Mr. Brown. So it was a surprise to suddenly come across a band called, Pigeon Hunt and find out that he’s doing the vocals for them. To make the band even more interesting, PH features members from (now sadly defunct) Endstand, Heads Down and Kylmä Sota, but rest assured though, Pigeon Hunt sounds nothing like the other bands they’ve played in. These guys have been around for relatively short time and still they have already put out a tape and a 10″ vinyl. I’m going to show some insight to the Pigeon Hunt 10″, that was released a while ago through Spelling Trouble Records.

But what i ment with – this kind of band? I was talking of course about little bit different style of hardcore, in vein with (and as a combination of): Some Girls, Panic, Converge, SwitchbladeNeurosis, Swing Kids and Unbroken. Influences are there, all across the board from San Diego to Sweden, with Pigeon Hunt making, turning and twisting them into brand of their own. Modern hardcore, that’s what i would probably call it?

Track titles are here plainly as roman numeric symbols and first song I, kicks off Pigeon Hunt 10″ with short and fast burst of anger. II shows similar influences with first song and it gives off a lot of faster Boston hardcore feel into it, bit like Panic and American Nightmare. Pigeon Hunt just mix it up even more than serving regular hardcore, they have lot of slowed down heavier parts in most of their songs to balance it with their faster parts. There’s a lot of hooks in their riffs as well and you can hear little Converge there too time to time, but not that chaotic or crazy riffs. Towards the end of album, songs VI and VIII demonstrate and deliver a lot of that slower and atmospheric, metallic riffing, drawing them closer to Switchblade, (if you’ve listened to them you’ll realize). Specially i draw Switchblade as very good comparasion to Pigeon Hunt, since at first Switchblade played chaotic, metallic hardcore, very much like Converge, but soon turned into slowing their pace and going deep into doom, sludge and general metallic heaviness, with driving riffs and huge guitar walls. Pigeon Hunt kind of combine very old and new Switchblade together, without sounding like a rip off.  I’ve listened to quite lot to this 10″ after i got it and i think it’s pretty damn awesome. It’s cool to hear yet again very different sounding new band, so i encourage everyone to check out Pigeon Hunt. This 10″ is limited to 300 copies, with 100 on clear and rest on black vinyl, it’s available from the band and Recordstore X, who offer shipping outside Finland.

Pigeon Hunt -Bandcamp

Pigeon Hunt -Facebook

Of Conformity And Death

Kill The Curse seemed to suddenly appear on Finnish hardcore scene and i’d say, that they caught everyone well off their guard. What could be said as a “all-star” line up, KTC features members from Bolt and contains most players from the late line-ups of Security Threat and On A Solid Rock. These guys are and have been in numerous other bands of course as well. Idea for Kill The Curse had already been breeding behind closed doors for quite some time as Guitarist Miikka (Cold Inside, Security Threat, On A Solid Rock) had a vision and idea and he had wanted to do some music with Lauri (Bolt, Homefront). As well he wanted to getback on track also with Kalle, who with they had played together in Security Threat. I think that originally Kill The Curse had a purpose of releasing a 7″ EP or CD, but as usually in Finland, things tend to take their time.  Then in some point, Full House Records stepped in and decided to put out, Of Conformity And Death LP.

Musically Kill The Curse doesn’t differ that much of what these guys have done before and there is many points on the record, when i’ve thought of that i’m actually listening to Security Threat. Kalle has very distinctive voice and some riffs do sound, that Miikka had used some of his “unused xSTx riffs”, for these songs.  This combination bringing Kalle and Miikka together, reminds me a lot of Security Threat, but i’m underlining that KTC does have a  sound of their own, a monster of it’s own. Metallic riffing converges together with that melodic, moodier groove, that is very present on the whole material throughout album. Kalle’s vocals are tight and menacing as ever and have more variety, i.e. like the “spoken” vocals at the end of first track. You could think them as a weird, but compelling mixture of Burn, Cro-Mags, Bolt & Security Threat.

Titanism kicks off the album with heavy, relentless approach, no compromise and no apologies, is the only way i can properly describe how this song sounds; “Tonight, this day, Manifest! Promethean flame! Titanism! Titans, defy all!”. It’s very certain, that Kalle hasn’t lost any of his amazing sound, that was people were introduced to through Security Threat. Curse Of Man follows Titanism and with this track Kill The Curse truly display how they sound, adding best elements of all the bands they have played in. They come together into groove ridden hardcore, that is well demonstrated in next track, Existence Horror. It displays well how Miikka’s riffing is again so well placed and creates a perfect balances between hard riffs and their melodic approach. Lyrically Kill The Curse dwells into depths of man’s existence and it’s horrors and next song, When Ends Turn Into Means continues in sort of same vein, talking about people wasting their times and lifes, serving as a tool for the man. Easily turning into one of my favourite songs on the LP, Becoming A Monster, rules hard  with it’s awesome chugging, melodic riffs, that plunge into even heavier mosh parts, that are balanced with faster parts. Towards the end of the song and they also ask a question: “How could one fight a monster, without resorting to it’s means, without inflicting violence so severe, Without becoming a monster one-self?”. Of Conformity And Death ends with Escaping The Desert, that proves the variety and huge amount of elements, that all build up their influences. Main  riff in Escaping The Desert’s first verse sounds like it could be influenced by some classic swedish heavy metal, Göteborg style, but anyhow this heavy, yet melodic track is a stand out track to close the album. I have to admit that when i got the promo cd in my hands, some number of weeks ago, when gave it some first spins i was truly blown away.  Kill The Curse – “Of Conformity And Death” LP brings Finnish hardcore scene yet another amazing record and a new, very interesting band.

Kill The Curse definitely pack up an album, full of originality. Of Conformity And Death covers many aspects lyrically and musically, bringing it all down to one of the finest hardcore releases i’ve heard this year. I strongly advice you to pick this album and give it a spin. LP, that also includes the CD version of the album, is available from various stores & distros around Finland, but Combat Rock Shop and Recordstore X -both offer also international shipping.

There’s three songs off the album.

Kill The Curse -Facebook

Full House Records -Homepage

The Phoenix Foundation – No Love Lost


The Phoenix Foundation is yet another band from the punkrock & hardcore scene of Turku city. These guys have been around for years and many of Phoenix’s members have played in local hardcore bands, over and through the years, such as Kieltolaki, Avoid Eye Contact, TKU Blindside and many others. TPF put out their first 7″ back in early 2000’s, around ’02 to ’03, so they’ve already been around for a good time. This unit has also been very productive one, they have put out on various different labels a good number of 7″, Split 7″ ‘s and already done three full-lenghts, that’s maybe even the most productive, as it comes to bands from our city.

No Love Lost is the third The Phoenix Foundation LP and it continues well the band’s die hard DIY ethics, most of the stuff music and merch-wise is done, designed and handled by the band themselves. This record is available on very fair price of 7€ hand to hand and 10€ shipped from Stonehenge Records, who’ve released the LP with Passing Bells (Jallu, vocals/guitar from the band). This kind of dedication to keep the prices low and the quality high, is very admirable thing, or at least that’s what i think. Musically The Phoenix Foundation has a home in punkrock, with wide influences (at least i think they sound like) from The Clash to Leatherface to Hot Water Music, they could be compared to many, but their sound is their own and it’s very unique in Finland too, there’s no band like them here, somewhat close i still could reference them on “local” bands such as, Manifesto Jukebox and maybe more even “hardcorer” version of Phoenix would be always excellent Presley Bastards, as well. TPF’s sound on the other hand, was crafted slowly into perfection, maybe, but it’s a sound very matured. On their earlier day they had rougher sound and more rawer, bit more straight forward sound, but still very melodic and emotional. I regard their second full lenght, “S/T” LP as my personal all time favourite of punkrock records out of Finland, it’s perfect, but No Love Lost doesn’t stay far behind. Ten song LP that The Phoenix Foundation has outed is opus of well crafted melodic punkrock, there’s so many catchy hooks, amazing melodic riffs and to top it, lyrics that fit for it all perfectly. While you could really easily drop this music, specially regarding lyrics, into category of “emo”, but i’ve always thought that this is more of heartfelt storyteller -styled, that a emo kid crying about losing girlfriends and mourning for the loves lost. In reality Phoenix Foundation sings just about those things and many others, but lyrics (written by Jallu) are very well written and don’t feel cheesy at all. Real life produces problems and their stories come out of it. Musically they have written a very strong album and while it flirts a lot too with even pop-like melodies, it’s still punk rock to me and with background that these guys have, it can’t be anything else than punk rock. For every single fan of melodic punk rock, i’m very strongly advising you to check out The Phoenix Foundation. There’s a good bunch of tracks from most of their releases in their myspace -site, even it might not be that often updated, you can check the songs and then pick up the records.

The Phoenix Foundation -Myspace

Stonehenge Records Mailorder (available; Falling LP (their 1st), No Love Lost and couple older EP’s as well)