NJ State Of Mind; Ready To Die

NEW JERSEY RULES, period. If you don’t know this, you’ll probably never do, but if you know me at all, you know i literally love almost anything hardcore related coming out of NJ. You should see it from my older posts, bands like; Fury Of Five, E-Town Conrete, Second To None, NJ Bloodline, Burnside, Da Real Deal, Shattered Realm, Clubber Lang, The Mongoloids and so on, are just a few of my favourite bands from that area, so i’m pretty psyched about hearing so many great new bands coming outta dirty Jer-Z. Among few new bands, that i really liked are, No Holds Barred, Lifeless, Bottom Feeder and Ready To Die. All of these i heard through Stereokiller.com, that’s been around for already years and years and someone knows them better as Pahardcore.com and i have to say that it’s one of the best sites today to put up your band in. To my big surprise it seems that Ready To Die cats enjoyed some Ill Omen -tunes and so i hit ’em up telling i need to hear some more Ready To Die!

Ryan from R2D was kind enough to send me their whole 2010 Demo and since i liked what i heard i thought to spread the word and tell you all a bit more about this new, awesome band. Ready To Die are a five-piece, hardcore band, who deliver their music in very heavy way. Influenced by bands such as; Hatebreed, Blood For Blood, Fury Of Five, North Side Kings and American Nightmare, amongst many others, R2D delivers their music with kind of groove you’d imagine from Fury Of Five, but with metallic heaviness of crushing riffs such as the very first Hatebreed 7″, Under The Knife, had on it. Their sound is really damn heavy, but it’s not still anything you’d nowdays label as only beatdown, yeah there’s parts of definitely crushing breakdowns, but they’re still pulling the music as really heavy hardcore and that’s awesome. You know me, i like myself a lot of bands that are labelled as beatdown (and am singing in one such as), but mostly when pulling only beatdown after beatdown, it’s really boring or really badly made. What i liked about Ready To Die is that there’s tons of heaviness in the guitars, but it’s not boring in any point at all, vocals are tight and angry sounding as the demo is in overall well played. Living In Hell, hits up the 2010 Demo and delivers firmly the sound that Ready To Die has going on in their material. R2D demo features total of five songs and second songFueled By Rage, shows a little bit faster side from them as well, mostly still mid-tempoed mosh, but with faster parts and some nice breaks in there for everyone to destroy dancefloor. Disease, is probably my favorite song on the whole demo, it’s just straight in your face, bit like Living In Hell, but even more desperate and desolate lyrics just back everything up even harder. Growing Cold andDead To Me, are the last two songs and what i can say more, they deliver as the others did, solid good stuff. You can download Ready To Die – 2010 Demo, from below, check ’em out and show ’em love, real deal New Jersey hardcore.

Ready To Die -Stereokiller
Ready To Die -Facebook


UPDATE 13/11/2011:

You can listen the whole R2D Demo through Stereokiller, so check them peeps out from there! I’ll re-up the whole demo later.


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